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I have to say congratulations.
You were nominated for two Grammys.
And I also have to say I'm outraged that you were not nominated for Album of the Year or Song of the Year.
How "Shape of .. I cannot believe that that was not nominated for Song of the Year.
I mean...
I think... do you know like... my outlook on it is just some years you have your year,
and some years you don't have your year.
And maybe this year isn't my year.
Well, that song did not leave my head.
But that's the point.
That's where you win.
That's where the validation comes from,
where you actually see genuine people enjoying the songs and stuff like that.
Yeah, yeah.
I'd rather have a lifetime of people coming up to me and saying,
"This song affects me in this way, a positive way,"
and "This song is my wedding song,"
"This song was my first kiss" than anything else.
I think that's where the validation comes.
But thank you.
Well, you're a very well-adjusted person.
So, in "Perfect," the song that you just did,
you said that's your favorite song?
Yeah, it is.
Why is that?
You know what...
It was one of the fastest song that I'd written,
and had just kind of came out.
And it was the first song I wrote for the album,
and I'm still not really sick of it.
I still listen to it and like it.
And we're putting out a remix of it with Beyonce.
It's just come out.
Oh, really! Wow!
Yeah, which is exciting,
which is one of those things...
I did it, and the song came out so long ago.
In the scheme of like, music now, like music kind of goes so fast.
And I was like, "I want to do it as a single."
And then I thought of a way of relaunching it,
and I was like, "Oh, I love Beyonce. Shall I ask Beyonce?"
And in my head, 'I was like, "She's gonna say no."
And then I was like, "Well, you might as well ask."
And she said yeah,
so here we are.
Wow, that's gonna be amazing.
And is it about your girlfriend?
It is. Yeah, yeah.
I'm so happy that you're happy.
So you've been with your girlfriend for how long now?
Almost three years.
That's fantastic.
I'm very happy for you.
Yeah, we went to high school together.
She's... I know,
yeah, she's really cool.
We live together. We have cats.
They're really cool.
We just got a Christmas tree and put that up.
How many cats do you have?
We've got two cats.
But they're both really, really, really strange creatures.
I don't know... It's kind of like they don't have any...
They do have ribs, but they kind of sit like humans.
Like this, they'll sit up like this.
With their legs like... it's really strange.
That's adorable.
Like you'll walk in and they'll just be looking at you like that.
You need to... are you Instagrmming them?
Yeah, yeah. I have. Yeah.
Because that's actually really funny.
They should have their own Instagram account.
They should. Yeah, they should.
Yeah. What are their names?
Calippo and Dorito.
Well, that's why.
You've named them...
Dorito's got like little orange "doritos."
And the other one?
Well, Calippo in England is an ice cream.
Like an iced, iced flavored thing.
Icy pop?
So yeah, I'd call her that.
Hey, tell me what happened to you.
I saw pictures of you with broken arms and things.
What happened?
I was cycling to the pub.
It was my...
You're on your way to the pub?
Or on your way from the pub?
No, no. This is the weird thing, right.
I had two days off. I'd just shot the "Perfect" video,
which I was skiing in.
And I can't ski. So if any time you're gonna break your arms,
like I assumed it was going to be then.
I'd just shot that. And I had two days off in between tours.
I went home and stayed at my girlfriend's parents' house,
and we both got our bicycles and we cycled to the pub.
And I was going down a hill, and my brakes fell off.
Like hit both arms, but then I was like, "It's my only day off, I'm going to the pub."
So I cycled to the pub, drank with all my mates, then cycled home.
And then in the morning, I was just like in so much pain that I drove myself to the hospital.
And then they were like, "You can't drive back."
And the only reason...
And what had you done? You broke your arm?
I broke my wrist ... my this wrist, my elbow and my rib.
On my god, and you lasted all night long at the pub without...
Well, because I'm a quite clumsy person, so I kind of thougt I was overreacting.
I was kind of like, "Oh, the pain will go."
And then it didn't go.
Man, oh man.
Well, I'm glad you're OK.
Thank you.
That's horrible.
That's... and were you wearing a helmet?
Do you know what?
I'll be wearing one from now on now, since I'm pressed.
You should wear a body suit, like what people wear when they practice dogs attacking them?
You should wear that.
It was weird though, because, I mean, once the elbow kind of got movement, it was alright.
But I couldn't cut my own food, wash, open doors.
I was really, really dependent on Cherry for the whole thing.
For how long?
At least a month.
Wow! And then you couldn't play guitar, probably?
No, I had to cancel some tour dates,
which I've never done before,
which wasn't the best thing to do, but I just finished up the Asia tour though,
so I know I can play guitar.
And obviously, for today.
So, I'm good.
You're moving around OK.
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Ed Sheeran on His Girlfriend and Working with Beyoncé

4740 Folder Collection
Ann published on January 11, 2018    Ann translated    Jerry reviewed
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