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Hey Guys it's miss Kaykrizz and welcome back to my advice Channel Where i give A lot of Advice
But People wants to be A flight attendants so today's Video is going to be answering the Question why
Do you want to be A flight Attendant or
Cabin Crew
Pretty Easy Question
But why is it that A lot of You Guys Are Requesting it from me
I'm Kidding
okay, so the Proper way to answer this Question
Honestly Is
To be Professional About it, We all have our Own Reasons why, We do things, why we
We aspire for Things and why
Do We want things okay so in A job Interview this is not the Place
Where you will tell your most Deepest Secret and Deepest Desires and
Hopes of your Heart to the recruiter
Okay, so this is a place of Business and This is where They need to know your Motivations why
You are Applying to them why, what is your Motivation what will want to meet you for the Job and why
Or, why a place and why, they Just want to know why I'm There okay very Nosy but yeah it is one of Those Things that
They Frequently Ask and it Is one of the things that most of you are
Discombobulated Or Confused on how to answer it okay so that Classic I want to be A flight attendant
Because I want to Travel the World and
You know go on Tours for free it's Totally out of the Window Forget about that A lot of People Already
Answer it that way so don't answer that way, okay, please please don't answer that
That overused
Line That You want to Travel the World and See the World for Yourself While you are doing it for
Okay, so that's not Gonna Work
What you need to do Though is you need to look at this as a transaction this is a Business Transaction
You Are there Offering your service okay and They are There trying to see if You are a good fit for you
So that is how you Should Look at it and how Should I answer it you Should Think in your mind
Why There They are Asking me This Question
so the Reason that They're asking you this Question is they want to know if You have any Idea what the flight Attendant Is
So Make sure that on your answer you Incorporate that that you know What flight Attendant Does They
Don't just Travel the World They
Don't Just Take Selfies on the Eiffel tower and Things like that so Make sure that you do more Research
On what A flight attendant Does and Number Two you Focus on what you Can bring to that Table
What Can you give them what Can you offer Them not what you Can Take from them
Okay so now Let's answer this Question
So this is what you Guys Have been waiting for let's Forward it to that
I always wanted to become A flight attendant
Ever Since my first Experience of Flight as a Kid I remember my first
Flight and it has Made Such an Impression for me that I have always aspired to become part of the flight Attendant Team
Even Though I very much Enjoy the current Job I am Now Looking for a job that is Hands-on
Challenging Spontaneous and Something That will Help me Grow as an Individual and I really Think that I have the
Qualities That Is needed in The role of A flight Attendant but I really love working with People
if you will
Let me Choose
With Working in Front of A computer Or working With People I will Definitely Work With People I love it When Everyone is working
Towards The Same Goal and Achieving the Same Thing and Afterwards Celebrating Together as well so
Aside from that I really loved I understand and I know
That The excellent Service is the Bread and Butter of the
Airline Industry Because
Every Airline out There Can offer the Same Thing Maybe at
A, lower Price but if you
Offer Them the Best Service that Is that Would Make an Impression with them just Like it did When I was a child
They will Always come back and
Be loyal to your Airline and I am very much Ready to become a part of that Team that Would Make that Happen
To Make That excellent service happen for your Company give it a chance
I am Here and I'm Ready and I'm Ready Take on the Challenge of Being A flight Attendant crew Thank you
Okay so guys that is how you answer the Question you don't know how Many Takes like to get the test
so Anyways that is it guys if You want to know more you Would also notice that the answer that I
Used on this Video Is very much like the Same answer I have here on the on the Book that I have written on
This Book I have written Different Types of Questions and how to answer them
Basic Questions As
Well as Airline
Specific Questions That They will Definitely ask you
During your Flight Attendant Interview so this Book is now Available on Amazon Make sure that you Check it out it's Called
Ready for Take Off Eight Steps eight proven Steps to get your dream Job as A flight attendant
and if You are in The Philippines you can get a copy on this Through my Website
If You Have a Credit Card and if You don't you can get it Through Shopping at. Ph it's an App Based
Shopping App Where you Can order This There and Yeah
We will ship it to you Every Sunday and This IS for 549 and this comes with free Shipping
Nationwide so Make Sure You Check that out and
If you like this video Make sure that you give it a thumbs up
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who you think Would Benefit from this kind of Video as, well as subscribe to this Channel Please
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Would Be informed if I have new Videos
That Are Coming Up and
Yeah that's it and that's all for today Thank you Guys for Watching and I will see you Guys on the next Video fly with you soon! bye!
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Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant? |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines)

697 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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