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Hey guys
it's miss Kaykrizz and welcome to my channel my
experience is that I have been trying to apply for the job of a flight attendant since I was 19 and I finally got my
Dream come true as a flight attendant for an international airline when I become
27 the most wanted position in the flight attendant industry
Which is the Qatar Airways cabin crew position so if you are applying for that then this video is just right for you
This video is going to talk about my tips or the best practices that I have learned through my experience for the first day of
Interview or the assessment day so if you're interested in that just keep on watching
Okay first day of application for Qatar Airways open day expectations
Expect that there will be a lot of people there
Expect that they will not talk to you in a lot or they will not give you
much face-to-face time the most that you can get is a minute or two minutes of their time and
After that you have to wait by the end of the day for a text
Message or a call that you made it to the second day
So how do you make sure that you make it to the second day here are my tips for you?
My number one tip is be there very very early
To beat all those other people who are going to be there as well
you don't want to meet the interviewers when you are already hungry tired and
Stressed out okay
You want to meet them when you are still fresh so the best way to be there when you're still fresh
It would be the first one to be there. Okay. I'm not exaggerating
Especially if you are from the Philippines, you know what I'm talking about
The queue extends outside of the hotel
So make sure that you are there very very early so if the call time is 9 be there at 6:00. I'm not kidding okay
So my next tip is make an impact or make an impact even before you are speaking to them
So how do you do this so you will be waiting on a line like a very long line in a very big?
Conference room the moment that you are on the first line that time wherein you are going to be able to submit your CV
and then you'll be able to talk to them in one to two minutes you should be in the zone
Focus what you should do when it is your time to stand up you have to focus okay?
Wait for the interviewer to call you up
It's your turn to come here because that means that you are respecting their time
You are respecting that they're still doing something and they're not yet ready for you
But when they give you the signal that they're ready for you
Be there
Wait for that signal and when they do make sure that you give eye contact
You are smiling and you are minding your posture
So these three things will show an impact about you even before you started speaking to the recruiter
again, its eye contact smile and posture
My next tip is for you to mind your energy during the interview so to mind your energy during the interview make sure that you
Are happy you are feeling happy of course
you're getting nervous but make sure that your happiness and cheerfulness standsout as a person
Okay, so what do I mean by that the make sure you always smile
I think of happy thoughts as peter pan says right so think of happy thoughts and then
Make it shine through even through even within all the nervousness that you feel because what we tend to do when we're nervous
We tend to have a poker face
And that's not good, that's not a good first impression
Always be the one who is cheerful and keep your energy up, okay, so just
Remember or try to emulate that this is the happiest day of your life, and you will be good to go all right?
Now you are talking to the recruiter
And they will be asking you just perhaps one or two
Questions after the formalities of how do you do today okay so my tip for you is don't
Be afraid to be chatty. Okay. We know we are Filipinos
We are very respectable people we try to respect other people we try not to speak first
But this is not the time for that make sure that you start talking first like how are you?
How was your flight going here? Did you enjoy your stay so far?
It's okay to be friendly like that don't overdo
It just be friendly and at the same time when you are talking to them. They might ask you a question never say anything negative
Negative about your situation
Negative about your current employer because that's a no-no you will never get a call for that or the text for the next day
Day always say something positive. Okay like for example
Am enjoying my current career
But I am looking for a place to grow as an individual as we all are right so
yeah that kind of things. all right, so
That's it sample questions
sample questions to expect in the Qatar airways open day our
First day interview is just two things
They will definitely just ask two things for the past years. This is what they have been asking they're asking
What are you doing right now?
Have you applied to us before so?
Those two are the questions that you have to prepare for it so prepare an answer for that in rare occasions
Very rare they will ask who is their CEO so that's all I know about the interview
but everyone that I talk to
says that's the kind of question they are asked defnitiely if this has been valuable to you
And you would like my tip on this video make sure that you check out my book. It's right here
It's called ready for takeoff where I have more extensive tips for your
Application you can avail it if you are in the Philippines, and if you are abroad you can avail it to amazon.com
If you are in the Philippines. I have a Shopee shop. It's called kaykrizz, and you can also check it out on my
on my
Website missKaykrizz.com , so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video
I will see you on the next installment of this series, and I will fly with you soon!
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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Tips Day 1 |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines)

159 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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