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all right red light time to text and
shave and Whittle and flush thanks for
getting here so quickly
what I'm sorry you're in a Prius I just
assumed you were my over
I don't know what that is unaccounted be
and Joe uber it's like a cab accept it
feels like a game because it from your
phone anyway I'm late for a meeting can
i just give you twenty bucks to drop me
off about 20 bucks just to drive across
I mean I should be an overdrive tight
i'd like to be an older driver okay sure
welcome aboard alright don't need to
fill out a form all right yeah of course
named Peter Griffin criminal history
this section is optional i will skip
this and done you go
yeah none of this really matters all i
need to know is do you have a car a
phone and a face
it's my dogs cast oh and i know you
didn't match but I am quick to anger
okay great now get out there and try to
kiss as many ladies as you can
the record is 60 in a month you sir are
officially an uber driver I got back up
everybody I got where you headed to the
great just a couple errands and we'll
get your day
that was one bitch of a crash
anyways what time's your flight it's in
20 minutes oh boy I can't make it 20
minutes i'm gonna call you a lift me up
get it hope you like the offspring
hey what's up i'm just going to Quahog
okay would you like the AC on or the
windows down about both who pretty great
right it is it really
thank you just person
no problem hey you ever gonna hottub
when it's snowing outside
hey pal where we headed again just go
down this dark alley
what the hell stoner this is what we do
to / drivers in this
stop stop the sound of your hand again
it is excruciating you can't apply a
phone to become a cab driver is I have
to go back where
where did you get that Judd Hirsch
I was a boy no more than 11 and 12 on
the side of the road and what I had
pulled up next to me said I reminded him
of him when he was my age I was just a
boy askin corn didn't know what it meant
course we were all husking corn back in
the like John and you burned my car when
I was telling my fake get her story
how have ya that's like this
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Family Guy - Peter becomes an uber driver!

146 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on January 10, 2018
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