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Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak, I'm Feifei...
Rob: And I'm Rob. Quick Feifei, shut that door.
Feifei: OK, calm down Rob, what's the problem?
Rob: Well there's something going on in the office -
everyone's shouting and arguing about who broke
the computer - you know, the new one
with all that fancy software on it.
Feifei: Oh yes, that really expensive one.
So you've run away from the situation -
that makes you look very guilty.
Rob: That's true - but the problem is, I am guilty.
But the boss seemed so angry;
I thought it best to... well... sort of...
Feifei: Do a runner!
Rob: If you mean to leave a place in order to avoid
a difficult or unpleasant situation -
then I suppose you're right.
Feifei: I am!
Rob: Oh no, is someone coming? I'll just hide under
the desk while we hear some examples of this phrase in action...
Examples: The new trainee did a runner after the first
day - I don't think he could cope with
the high-pressure environment.
When they started to blame me for the mistake,
I felt it best to do a runner and keep out of the way.
Feifei: So that's the phrase, to do a runner,
which means leave a place quickly in order to avoid
a difficult or unpleasant situation.
But Rob, this phrase has another similar meaning too?
Rob: Yes. You can 'do a runner' from a place
to avoid paying for something.
Feifei: Like a restaurant. Have you done that Rob?
Rob: Of course not! You know how honest I am.
Feifei: Honest? Is that why you are hiding in this studio,
rather than admit you broke the new computer?
Rob: Well, it was an accident. Oh no...
the boss is heading straight for the studio.
I had better dash... see ya.
Feifei: Bye Rob. It looks like he's done a
runner... again. Bye.
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Do a runner: The English We Speak

17101 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 18, 2018    羅世康 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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