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  • - Hey, it's Chaim with The Verge.

  • I'm here at CES 2018 with the Bellus3D Face Scanner.

  • They were at CES last year with the prototype.

  • Now they have a finalized shipping product,

  • which is up for pre-orders.

  • It's a $500 attachment that you clip

  • to the top of your Android phone or tablet,

  • and it takes these super fast, super realistic,

  • super high-def 3D scans of your face.

  • It's sort of creepy.

  • It's sort of unreal valley,

  • but if you need 3D face scans of yourself

  • and you don't have an iPhone 10,

  • this seems like the best way to do it.

  • They're currently working to add face ID-like features

  • to the device.

  • So you can actually use those face scans

  • to authenticate, and it works pretty well,

  • at least here on the show floor,

  • and they're actually partnering

  • with a company called Spectrum

  • to actually embed this into future Android phones.

  • So, you might not have face ID on your next Android phone,

  • but you might have a Bellus scanner,

  • which looks like it's almost the same thing,

  • and, at the very least, if you have this and a 3D printer,

  • you can make some incredibly creepy Halloween masks

  • for your next party.

  • It still doesn't do things like hair or glasses so well,

  • but if you just need a print of your face,

  • this is really fast, really intuitive,

  • and it just works really well.

  • The Bellus is available for pre-order for $500

  • from their website.

  • They're hoping to ship next month,

  • which is actually two more things

  • that's rare from a CES gadget, a price and release date.

- Hey, it's Chaim with The Verge.

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This 3D selfie camera is shockingly accurate

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