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What's up guys, Rogue-9 here and for the
first time ever, we now have access to a CTU

that has a choice of two different
secondary machine pistols.

So the questions that arise are:
Which one should you pick?

What are their relative strengths and weaknesses?
Will the in-game damage stats be correct
(spoiler alert: they aren't)?

And just for comparison's sake, how do they
stack up against the existing machine pistols?

Answers to all of those questions
and more, coming right up!

As so often, timestamps to different parts
of the video in the comments section below

for all of you who are just looking for specific info!
And before we get into the nitty gritty comparisons,
let me first answer the most common question

I have received about the SMG-12
and that is: “Is it suppressed?”

And yes, I can confirm that the SMG-12 is
in fact integrally suppressed; it does not

give your opponent an incoming fire warning
indicator, it is a lot quieter than unsuppressed

guns and all this also explains why you cannot
use any muzzle attachments with this gun and

why the baseline damage is so low.
Now, to get an initial understanding of how
these guns compare to each other,

we can first compare their baseline stats.
The C75 Auto is the most powerful with a medium
capacity and the slowest fire rate.

The BEARING-9 is a bit “middle of the road”;
with slightly lower damage, medium capacity

and slightly higher fire rate than the C75.
The SMG-11 and 12 both have the highest fire
rate with the 11 sporting decent power but

low capacity and the 12 having the lowest
baseline damage but also the highest capacity.

Mobility for all four guns is 50… whatever
that means.

Reload times are not listed and wouldn't
it be great if they were (hint hint, nudge nudge Ubi).

But until then, this is where my first tests
come into play and the SMG-12 clocked in the

slowest with a reload time from empty of 3s
and a tactical reload time of 2s.

After that we have the C75 Auto with 2.9s
& 2s and top of the list here with 2.7 & 1.9s

are both the SMG-11 and the BEARING-9.
So there's a good start but the in-game
damage stats are not the most useful if we

truly want to compare the guns; no what we
need is an analysis of a comprehensive damage

drop-off test and here are the results!
One of the top advantages that machine pistol
sidearms have over semi-auto pistols is that

they carry their baseline power over a longer distance.
Damage drop-off starts at 18m
and bottoms out at 28m.

For the unsuppressed weapons, I managed to
confirm the baseline stats and interestingly,

the curves for the two existing
MPs are exactly the same.

The C75 does 2 points of extra damage
up close and 1 point extra at distance.

The SMG-12's damage curve is a good chunk
lower overall but that is only because it is suppressed.

Once we suppress its competitors as well,
they all end up with the exact same damage

drop-off curves (and yes, that means that the in-game suppressed damage stats are not quite accurate).
Here's the same information again as a table
(for those of you who are into that kind of stuff)

and something to note here is how powerful
the machine pistols are not just up close

but even at long range.
Think back to my comparison of the MP5 variants
in the game and you will remember that the

damage stats ranged from 16-30 points per
shot, for these guns it's 19-35 which shows

us that all in all, these secondary weapons
are highly competitive in terms of their damage

output, especially when you consider their
outstanding fire rates.

Since all of these stats amount to only three
different damage curves, we end up with three

different categories of shots to kill.
The unsuppressed C75 at the top, then the Bearing and SMG-11 and finally all four weapons suppressed.
But this information alone is still not quite
enough to allow us to evaluate their damage output.

Damage per second is far more telling here
and these stats show that the SMG-12 and C75 Auto

are essentially on par, with the C75 a
little more powerful up close and the SMG-12

winning out at distance (but only as long
as the C75 is unsuppressed; once you suppress it,

it becomes the weakest choice at any range!).
If we compare the time to kill stats against
various levels of armour, we can observe that

on average the unsuppressed C75 consistently
beats the SMG-12 by around 20-30ms but add

a suppressor into the mix and the tables are reversed.
All of these times of course are when firing on full
auto and landing body shots with a 100% hit rate.

My preliminary conclusion here is that even
though the C75 has the highest damage per

shot and a decent capacity, the low fire rate
negates any advantage this could have given

the gun over the other machine pistols and
definitely makes it the least favourable choice

once you run a suppressor.
If you're going to choose the C75, you should
definitely run it unsuppressed to get the

most out of its elevated base damage; if you
want a silent weapon, you are 100% better

off choosing the SMG-12.
But damage output is only half the story,
you also need to be able to hit what you're

aiming at so let's now go over the controllability
of each of these guns and one of the most

important factors here is what
attachments you can use.

I have covered the exact mechanics by which
the grips and muzzle attachments affect recoil

in separate videos in the past, so I won't
go into too much detail about their functionality here.

Links to those other videos at
the end if you're interested.

As an integrally suppressed weapon, the SMG-12
gets no muzzle adapters but apart from that,

it has access to all attachments
except for the ACOG sight.

In stark contrast to this, the C75 gets no
attachments at all except for the suppressor

which we have already learnt is
100% pointless for this gun.

It doesn't even have access to the laser sight!
Out of all weapons in the game, there are
only four that cannot attach the laser sight

and this is one of them.
Things are not looking good for the C75.
The two previously existing machine pistols
get a good selection of attachments and in

terms of recoil control, the most important
ones here are the vertical grip and the compensator.

“Ah but Rogue!”
I hear you cry out.
“The C75 and the BEARING-9 already have
fixed vertical grips attached so they will

surely have an innate recoil advantage, no?”
Well, if you compare the baseline recoil patterns
of these four weapons, it quickly becomes

clear that sadly no, neither of these guns
gets any advantage and in fact, the recoil

patterns for all four guns are all exactly the same.
So it all boils down to the attachments and
if we compare the best possible recoil patterns

we can achieve with each gun, we can see that
the C75 has no change (because no attachments),

the Bearing improves a little with the compensator,
the vertical grip on the SMG-12 adds even

more benefit and last and overall best, is the SMG-11 with both the vertical grip and compensator attached.
And before we move on, one final note to make
in relation to controllability is that all

of these guns, with the exception of the SMG-11,
have the option of switching to a single fire

mode, for when you really want to pick your shots.
Last but not least, before I draw my final
conclusions, I think it's worth quickly

exploring how effective the integral suppressor
on the SMG-12 is since in the past, especially

with the MP5SD and the Six12 SD, we have seen
that the pre-attached suppressors in Rainbow

Six Siege are not always as efficient or effective
as their detachable counterparts.

I've already demonstrated that the incoming
fire indicator is hidden with the SMG-12,

so that's a great start but how does the
noise suppression compare to the other machine

pistols once they have also been suppressed?
Here, have a listen!
So there you have it, yes the SMG-12 is a
touch louder than the other machine pistols

but not by a massive amount and
I am therefore comfortable

in confirming that this gun is in fact fully suppressed.
Final conclusion time!
Compared to a lot of the sidearms and even
some of the primary weapons in Rainbow Six Siege,

the C75 Auto is a great little pistol.
High damage per shot up to around 20m, a great
capacity and a very respectable fire rate,

all could have added up to make this gun a
favourite choice among the player base.

As long as you remember not to attach the
suppressor of course, since it currently affects

the C75 more harshly than the in-game
stats would suggest, as Serenity17

discovered to his detriment recently
"He's dead"
"This gun is fun to use. Pretty bad though,
it took forever to kill Blackbeard..."

… what a n00b.
The only problem for the C75 is that both
characters that can pick the pistol also have

access to the SMG-12 and summing
up the SMG-12 is pretty easy.

It is essentially an exact copy of the suppressed
SMG-11 (same damage curve, same fire rate

and same baseline recoil) except that it has
double the magazine capacity, the option of

attaching the angled grip and
the choice of a single fire mode.

The fact that the C75 cannot attach any optics
and cannot improve its recoil pattern in any

way, means that even if you don't suppress
that gun, the SMG-12 is the better choice

in almost all situations and if stealth is
important to you, the SMG-12 is hands down

the best sidearm you can pick in the game.
And that's it, if you want to access any
of these stats for your own analysis, there

will be a link in the description below to
my online spreadsheet which I will be updating

with new stats for Operation White Noise over
the coming days and weeks.

What are your thoughts on the new machine
pistols, let me know in the comments below

and if you liked the video, click the like
button, dislike if you disliked it.

And with that guys, thank you so much for
watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and

I will see you in the next episode!
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C75 vs. SMG-12: who wins? - Rainbow Six | Siege

1416 Folder Collection
吳堯勛 published on January 9, 2018
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