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China belongs to the CCP! Belief in God? Not in China!
Faith in God? Where's your God?
If you want to believe, believe in the CCP.
You can't believe in God or do good works. Not in China.
The government is being so severe.
Even if their way is the true one, who would dare seek it?
As such, faith in Him is faith in this book.
They feed you lies and you just believe them! That's ignorance, isn't it?
But how can we not interfere?
We can ignore whatever the government says.
I heard the same things from our elders too. Are they also lying?
You're too muddle-headed!
If you can't see the pastors and elders' true nature,
how can you hear the Lord's voice?
It would seem that the preaching of the "Eastern Lightning" is indeed profound.
Why is it that we can't read Almighty God's words or hear their tesimony?
Who knows what tricks they're playing! (That's true.)
The words in this book are far too powerful.
If this word is preached among believers who seek out and love the truth,
they will all acknowledge this is God's word, that it is God's voice.
But after they heard about the Lord Jesus' return,
they desperately sealed off the churches
and kept the flock from seeking the true way.
A lie repeated ten thousand times becomes the truth.
They're the ones blocking our path to the kingdom of heaven!
Why do they resist God with their preaching? Why do they condemn Him?
That's the most evil and vicious way
that the religious pastors and elders resist God.
Aren't they exactly the same as the Pharisees
leading every one of us towards hell?
I don't agree with your statements!
Faith in God means faith in the Bible.
If we stray from it, we aren't believers.
Is the Bible able to take God's place?
Which one is greater, God or the Bible?
I feel so ashamed.
Belief in God within religion can save us? Thinking like that is a daydream.
I really wonder why can't some people understand after so much fellowship?
Is your faith in the Lord Jesus or in the pastors and elders? (Right.)
The force of the antichrist is like an invisible snare,
one in control of the whole religious world. (Exactly.)
Thank the Lord! The truth is finally out!
It's Almighty God's words that brighten and fill up our hearts.
It really is Almighty God
who's saved me and rescued me from the snare of Satan finally.
Yes. Thank God.
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Welcome the Return of the Savior | Official Trailer "Break Through the Snare"

58 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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