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The Lord Jesus we've been expecting has come back!
From God's word and utterance, we recognize that
Almighty God is Jesus who has returned in the flesh.
O Lord Jesus,
You've really come back!
I'll bring more brothers and sisters before You.
May God lead us and give us wisdom and power.
It's really incredible.
She has such a firm foundation,
but she is deceived by the “Eastern Lightning”!
Even Li Mo has been deceived.
It seems that this “Eastern Lightning” is not simple.
She is irredeemable.
She has to be expelled.
She's worked for years but could still betray the Lord.
Such a person should be expelled!
Humph! Even if it is false, we can make it true.
How dare she take our people.
Not so easy.
Endless, eh?
I tell you, if you continue talking nonsense,
believe it or not,
I'll make you stay in prison for several years with just one call.
You come to preach the “Eastern Lightning” again.
What cheek!
No matter how right their fellowship is,
I won't accept it.
I've never suffered like this since I was born.
Wanna leave?
No way!
What are you doing?
Do you want a beating?
You want a beating?
We won't show mercy to people like you!
We'll hand you over to the police in a while.
No one is allowed to touch her!
I brought her here. Today I must take her away!
In the end, God will bring those who can be saved,
that is, those who love the truth,
into the pleasant destination.
We can't judge any more, nor can we refuse.
We must make a careful investigation.
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Taking Up the Cross for the Christ | Official Trailer "Mission of Love"

50 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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