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The book of Romans says,
To confess with our mouth and believe in our heart is all we must do.
Righteousness through faith means we are hence forever saved. (Amen!)
When our Lord comes again,
He will bring us directly into the kingdom of heaven. (Amen!)
We can set aside all things to spread the gospel and shepherd the church.
Such toil and labor is doing the will of our heavenly Father.
We fervently work for the Lord. And we'll spend anything.
That's doing the will of our heavenly Father!
Our Lord will surely bring us into the kingdom of heaven! (Amen!)
Following the heavenly Father's will is following God's words,
His commandments, and His instructions.
If men don't act according to the Lord's word,
their labor has nothing to do
with “doing the will of the Father which is in heaven.”
The Lord Jesus has never said that
if we laid everything else aside and labored for Him,
we would enter the kingdom of heaven.
But the apostle Paul said,
And so, if we act according to Paul's words,
we are following the will of God,
and will enter the kingdom of heaven and be rewarded.
Those were the words of Brother Paul.
How could it be that Brother Paul was mistaken?
Paul is not the Lord of the kingdom of heaven.
Lord Jesus is the King of it.
And only His words are the truth, and the authority.
Only the Lord Jesus can decide who can enter the kingdom of heaven.
If you believe in God, why not follow Lord Jesus' words?
Why do you insist on following Paul's words?
Since Paul's words are recorded in the Bible,
they must have come from God.
Every Christian recognizes that fact.
If we follow Paul's words, we're not wrong!
Do you trust in Lord Jesus or in Paul? Who exactly do you believe in?
In the past 20 years, how much have I suffered? What price have I paid?
Isn't that loving the Lord? Isn't that doing the heavenly Father's will?
You're not doing the heavenly Father's will!
You want to use it to buy blessings into the kingdom of heaven.
You're selfish and base!
Am I wrong to suffer and shepherd the flock for the Lord?
I don't believe the Lord will abandon me!
You exalt Paul's words all the time, but abandon God's commandments.
Aren't you just the hypocritical Pharisee the Lord Jesus talked about?
How dare you lecture me!
He's not my brother!
You reject the truth!
The Pharisees are your brothers.
You are a modern Pharisee!
Why do you always exalt Paul instead of testifying Christ?
Hu Qinjuan, why are you always opposing me?
O Lord…
In every instance, Qinjuan has been exposing me.
In fact, everything she said is true!
I don't have any truth inside me.
O Lord, what way am I to walk now?
Once saved, always saved.
Once saved, always saved.
This is how we'll enter the kingdom of heaven.
But “being saved” only means our sins are forgiven;
we won't be condemned or put to death by the law.
We still sin often and are not worthy to enter!
People are sinful,
but the sin offering of the Lord Jesus is forever effective.
The Lord Jesus has forgiven our sins.
But what does “sin” mean here?
The Lord is righteous and holy.
Would He let a habitual sinner into the kingdom of heaven?
Brother, for those long-time believers
who spend their lifetime for the Lord,
if they reject Almighty God's end-time work,
they still won't be taken into the kingdom of heaven?
Brother Fan, I'm glad you've asked.
Almighty God has given us a clear answer.
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Plan of Salvation | Official Trailer "Stinging Memories"

66 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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