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  • There was a time when some of the best games around were licensed platformers in purple

  • boxes. That time happened to coincide with my childhood, as it did for so many of the

  • people who cover games for a living. That's why you've read a million leads to reviews

  • of this very game...that all start with the same kind of gushing.

  • "This game was my childhood."

  • "I grew up with this game."

  • I didn't want to do that. I respect it too much. But like a wealthy duck diving into

  • his riches, I think I'm falling into it. When I was a kid, few names meant as much to me

  • as Disney and Capcom. And combined? They were everything I wanted video games to be. Twenty

  • years later, DuckTales Remastered shows me that, to an extent...

  • They still are.

  • Now, if you didn't grow up...solving mysteries and rewriting history, let's reset on Duckburg's

  • duck blur. DuckTales was an animated TV series from Disney. Like, Disney Disney. It was about

  • Donald Duck's affluent uncle Scrooge McDuck, a shrewd Scottish businessman...and a freaking

  • duck.

  • Oh, and there was a video game. That was f*cking quack-tastic.

  • And so, here we are. Nearly a quarter century after Capcom's legendary NES game, DuckTales

  • is back, lovingly and meticulously remade in stunning HD. And by those 2D maestros at

  • WayForward Technologies, no less. They've really gone the extra mile in resurrecting

  • DuckTales, drawing every character by hand and even going as far as bringing in animators

  • who worked on the original show.

  • This every pixel of the DuckTales you remember. The only question you remember it?

  • And if not, will you even care?

  • DuckTales was interesting on the NES for three reasons. One, the strong character appeal.

  • Two, that incredible Capcom polish. And three...the gameplay. DuckTales was made using the old

  • Mega Man engine, and it definitely has a lot of the Blue Bomber's trademarks. The game

  • has five levels that can be played in any order, like Mega Man...and the levels themselves

  • are also non-linear.

  • There's a lot to explore in DuckTales. Hidden treasures, secret paths...and I mean, in 1990,

  • that stuff was kind of a huge deal. But in 2013? Perhaps not so much. DuckTales might

  • not seem like such a huge deal without the right context. It can even seem a little outdated

  • at times, so...if you didn't grow up with an NES, you might not see what's so special

  • about DuckTales.

  • But see, that's the thing. For better or worse, it's a really authentic remake. This is DuckTales

  • to the feather, but with stunning new character art and animation...and one interesting change.

  • WayForward has modernized DuckTales just a giving it an emphasis on story, and

  • dialogue. A good idea, for sure...but kind of obtrusive.

  • You are constantly being stopped for dialogue. And as terrific as the dialogue isuh, Scrooge

  • is actually voiced by the original actor, which is awesomeit can really break up

  • the flow of the game.

  • And of course, that's a bad thing because...the game's so damn good. Even all these years

  • later, DuckTales is incredibly good platformer. And unique, too. Scrooge's pogo-stick

  • cane is still a charming and distinct mechanic, and the draw of searching an environment for

  • treasure is as strong as ever, even 23 years later.

  • There's a charm to DuckTales that's really ageless.

  • You know, there used to be an innocence to gaming...a sort of naivety, it seemed. Even

  • from the companies running it. It was all so new, and so fresh...without all the nonsense

  • that can make today's industry so less appealing. And you can put aside all the things that

  • make this game so great and just enjoy on that basic level. That DuckTales is a game

  • from a time when games were just that.

  • And these days, that's worth more than gold.

There was a time when some of the best games around were licensed platformers in purple

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CGR Undertow - DUCKTALES REMASTERED review for PlayStation 3

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