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>> [Announcer] From Denver,
Colorado, it's the Cube

covering Super Computing
17, brought to you by Intel.

(techno music)
>> Welcome back, everybody,
Jeff Frick with the Cube.

We are at Super Computing
2017 here in Denver, Colorado.

12,000 people talking about
big iron, heavy lifting,

stars, future mapping the brain,
all kinds of big applications.
We're here, first time ever
for the Cube, great to be here.

We're excited for our next guest.
She's Susan Bobholtz, she's
the Fabric Alliance Manager

for Omni-Path at Intel, Susan, welcome.
>> Thank you.
>> So what is Omni-Path,
for those that don't know?

>> Omni-Path is Intel's
high performance fabric.

What it does is it allows
you to connect systems

and make big huge supercomputers.
>> Okay, so for the royal
three-headed horsemen

of compute, store, and networking,
you're really into data center networking,
connecting the compute and the store.
>> Exactly, correct, yes.
>> Okay.

How long has this product been around?
>> We started shipping 18 months ago.
>> Oh, so pretty new?
>> Very new.
>> Great, okay and target
market, I'm guessing

has something to do with
high performance computing.

>> (laughing) Yes, our target
market is high performance

computing, but we're also
seeing a lot of deployments

in artificial intelligence now.
>> Okay and so what's different?
Why did Intel feel
compelled that they needed

to come out with a new
connectivity solution?

>> We were getting people
telling us they were concerned

that the existing solutions
were becoming too expensive

and weren't going to
scale into the future,

so they said Intel, can you do something
about it, so we did.
We made a couple of
strategic acquisitions,

we combined that with some of our own IP
and came up with Omni-Path.
Omni-Path is very much
a proprietary protocol,

but we use all the same
software interfaces

as InfiniBand, so your
software applications just run.

>> Okay, so to the machines
it looks like InfiniBand?

>> Yes.
>> Just plug and play and run.

>> Very much so, it's very similar.
>> Okay what are some of the attributes
that make it so special?
>> The reason it's really going
very well is that it's the

price performance benefits,
so we have equal to,

or better, performance
than InfiniBand today,

but we also have our switch technology
is 48 ports verses InfiniBand is 36 ports.
So that means you can
build denser clusters

in less space and less
cables, lower power,

total cost of ownership goes down,
and that's why people are buying it.
>> Really fits into the
data center strategy

that Intel's executing very
aggressively right now.

>> Fits very nicely,
absolutely, yes, very much so.

>> Okay, awesome, so what are
your thoughts here at the show?

Any announcements,
anything that you've seen

that's of interest?
>> Oh yeah, so, a couple things.
We've had really had good
luck on the Top 500 list.

60% of the servers that are
running a 100 gigabyte fabrics

in the Top 500 list are running
connected via Omni-Path.

>> What percentage again?
>> 60%
>> 60?
>> Yes.

>> You've only been at it for 18 months?
>> Yes, exactly.
>> Impressive.
>> Very, very good.

We've got systems in the Top 10 already.
Some of the Top 10 systems in
the world are using Omni-Path.

>> Is it rip and replace, do you find,
or these are new systems
that people are putting in.

>> Yeah, these are new systems.
Usually when somebody's
got a system they like

and run, they don't want to touch it.
>> Right.
>> These are people saying
I need a new system.

I need more power, I need more oompf.
They have the money, the budget,
they want to put in something new,
and that's when they look to Omni-Path.
>> Okay, so what are you working on now,
what's kind of next for Omni-Path?
>> What's next for us is
we are announcing a new

higher, denser switch technology,
so that will allow you to
go for your director class

switches, which is the really big ones,
is now rather than having 768 ports,
you can go to 1152, and that means, again,
denser topologies, lower
power, less cabling,

it reduces your total cost of ownership.
>> Right, I think you
just answered my question,

but I'm going to ask you anyway.
>> (laughs) Okay.
>> We talked a little bit
before we turned the camera on

about AI and some of the
really unique challenges of AI,

and that was part of the
motivation behind this product.

So what are some of the
special attributes of AI

that really require this
type of connectivity?

>> It's very much what you see
even with high performance computing.
You need low latency,
you need high bandwidth.

It's the same technologies, and in fact,
in a lot of cases, it's the same systems,
or sometimes they can
be running software load

that is HPC focused, and
sometimes they're running

a software load that is
artificial intelligence focused.

But they have the same exact needs.
>> Okay.
>> Do it fast, do it quick.
>> Right, right, that's why I said
you already answered the question.
Higher density, more computing,
more storing, faster.

>> Exactly, right, exactly.
>> And price performance.
All right, good, so if we
come back a year from now

for Super Computing 2018,
which I guess is in Dallas

in November, they just announced.
What are we going to be talking about,
what are some of your priorities
and the team's priorities
as you look ahead to 2018?

>> Oh we're continuing
to advance the Omni-Path

technology with software
and additional capabilities

moving forward, so we're hoping to have
some really cool announcements next year.
>> All right, well,
we'll look forward to it,

and we'll see you in Dallas in a year.
>> Thanks, Cube.
>> All right, she's Susan, and I'm Jeff.
You're watching the Cube
from Super Computing 2017.

Thanks for watching, see ya next time.
(techno music)
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Susan Bobholz, Intel | Super Computing 2017

38 Folder Collection
alex published on January 6, 2018
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