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Hi everyone, I'm
here to tell you

guys about our new monthly
segment called the IoT

Developer Show.
My name is Martin Kronberg,
and I will be your host.

I'm a technical
evangelist here at Intel.

And for the past
few years, I have

worked to enable
developers in IoT

through workshops,
webinars, hackathons,

all kinds of really fun stuff.
In that time, I've seen
some really amazing projects

and met some really
amazing people.

Each month, we will talk
about IoT technology,

show cool demos, and talk
with the creators behind them.

We want the guests on
this show to inspire you

on your IoT journey.
You can expect our first episode
of the Intel IoT Developer Show

next week.
If you want to help spread
the word, share this video.

And don't forget to subscribe
to the Intel Software YouTube

See you guys next time.
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Introducing the IoT Developer Show | Intel Software

57 Folder Collection
alex published on January 6, 2018
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