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Chicken parm, one of the most exciting chicken dishes anywhere on the planet.
And the secret behind this one is the flour, egg wash, bread crumb,
and then that crispy texture to perfect a stunning dish.
First thing, trim the chicken breasts.
This is a supreme of chicken.
We've taken out the filet.
Basically, that's the tender.
You don't need that on there.
Lay it down.
Take a knife, put your hand on, and just literally slice into the middle all the way over.
Run the point just to the tip, and then open it up.
That chicken breast is double the size so it's half as thin.
To get it nice and even, parchment paper, one piece underneath.
Chicken on top, parchment paper on top,
and then all we do is literally roll.
Look what's happening to my chicken.
Get spreading out.
And what we're doing now is turning this into a beautiful escalope.
That is now ready for your flour, egg wash, and breadcrumb.
Lay that into the flour.
Make sure you lightly dust the chicken with flour and just shake off the excess flour.
Next, into the most amazing egg wash.
Submerge that down, let it disappear under the egg.
It's going to hold all those incredible bread crumbs together.
For me, bread crumbs are boring.
We zest that up with a touch of salt, a touch of pepper, of smoked paprika.
Just a touch. And, then Parmesan cheese. The Parmesan cheese gives it this really
nice sort of caramelized cheese effect on top of the chicken.
Mix that up.
Watch that Parmesan almost disappear through.
Take your chicken out, give it a little shake, and then straight into your bread crumbs.
Roll it around.
Get a handful of bread crumbs, sprinkle over the chicken.
And the secret here is to make sure
that you cover all the little pieces of exposed chicken.
Here's where we take the chicken parm to another level.
Take your parchment paper, flip it over.
Take out, shake any excess off, lay that on top of the paper.
Turn the paper the other way around.
Lay that on top.
Go back to your rolling pin and then just gently roll.
Now, what's happening now is all those breadcrumbs are sticking right into the chicken.
The secret behind that is to get that done literally 10 minutes before you cook it and those breadcrumbs stay on there.
Water boiling for the spaghetti.
A touch of olive oil, salt in.
Spaghetti into the water.
Let's the spaghetti cook for 10 seconds and then from there,
twist it around as it just starts to bend and then literally twist that into the pan.
That is going to take 9 to 10 minutes of boiling.
Lid back on.
Now we can start cooking our chicken.
Once the chicken is that thin, it doesn't need to be deep fried.
Sometimes, chicken parm gets cooked in too deep oil.
So rapeseed oil, literally a tablespoon.
Get that oil nice and hot.
Lift up the chicken parm and you lay that into your pan.
That's the northern way here that kissing.
Two and a half minutes each side.
The secret now is by the time my chicken is cooked my spaghetti is ready.
They take literally 9 to 10 minutes from start to finish.
Once you've get the color on top,
start placing little bits of butter underneath.
That makes the bread crumbs golden brown.
Flip over.
Two and a half minutes each side.
Turn it once and once only.
From there, take it out onto a platter nice and carefully.
Look at that. Wow.
We top this with its marina sauce.
It's a spoon of this incredible rich tomato sauce right smack bang in the middle.
Then we sit our on top of that, season mozzarella with salt and pepper.
Into the oven we go.
The perfect garnish for this is the most amazing broccoli rabe.
These are young broccoli stems.
They need sauteing very quickly and finishing with
a touch of chili flake and then just a touch of lemon juice for acidity.
A teaspoon of olive oil in.
Broccoli, lay it in the pan.
I want a bit of color on here, really important.
Salt and pepper.
We're just starting to get some color on the broccoli rabe.
You should season it with some chili flakes.
I'm going to drain off my pasta.
As that sits there, lightly season it with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a touch of fresh parsley.
A teaspoon of sauce in the pasta. Don't drown it.
Get some basil leaves and just literally break up the basil leaves.
Now twist it around.
The tomato sauce has sort of stained the pasta.
It's got really nice, fragrant smell of fresh basil in there-- beautiful, ready to go.
Chicken parm, look at that-- beautiful.
Now for the exciting part, plating.
This broccoli rabe is so healthy.
That sits in the center of the plate.
Underneath add a nice spoon of sauce on there.
And then look, the chicken parm goes on the broccoli.
And then you just sort of knit the pasta together.
Use the bowl here and you just lift and turn
so you've got that really nice exciting barrel of pasta.
That sits there.
And finally, a little touch of sauce.
Finish that with some freshly grated aged Parmesan.
That has to be one of the most delicious chicken parms anywhere.
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Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Parmesan Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE F WORD

5168 Folder Collection
藍雲瀚 published on March 22, 2018    陳美瑩 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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