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- Some people say that intuition is a gut feeling.
Others say it's a sixth sense.
No matter what we call it, the truth is
there is not a lot of teaching on this subject.
And much of it is very airy fairy, in my opinion.
Which is why I put together this program.
This course explains what intution is,
how it works, and most importantly
how to use it for the creation of our lives
based on scientific research and my own personal results.
I grew up with divorced parents,
and I got really good at the people pleasing game.
But there's something happens
when we're trying to please others.
I lost my own voice.
I lost a sense of my identity.
And I found that there was really only one area
where I was able to discover this part of myself.
And that was through journaling.
And so as a teenager, I would spend hours
in my room journaling and I was writing.
And eventually this diary became like a diary writing
to God about my life.
And I developed this kind of relationship with God
where I would actually be delivered messages.
Messages like, I'd be in a grocery store
and I would see a woman, and I would be told
to go pray for her grandmother.
And I was a very shy teenager, but because I had developed
this type of relationship, I would go over to the woman
and I would start praying for her grandmother.
And tears would start coming down her eyes,
because it's exactly what she needed in that moment.
And then I would walk away, and I would go sit in my car.
And I would feel this energetic experience in my body.
It was a feeling of worthiness.
It was a feeling of self-confidence.
And I began to determine that this relationship
of these messages and this feeling in my body
was my intuition.
And I acted on my intuition.
And then there came a day where I had made choices
that were not in alignment with my higher self.
Choices that brought in guilt and shame.
And it was this guilt and shame that was attached to me,
and somehow I connected that to my body.
And therefore, I didn't have
a great relationship with my body.
I judged my body,
and that is how I disconnected from it.
And I didn't know if I could ever connect to it again.
Then one day I was dancing,
and in this experience I had connected back into my body.
I was looking at myself in the mirror,
and there was this air of confidence that was coming back.
And it was through this relationship with my body
that my energy started to return again.
And I'll never forget the day
that I was in this dance studio,
and my energy returned.
And it was like, oh my gosh God is back; my relationship.
And I felt that worthiness.
And that's when I deemed
that my intuition had returned.
And when my intution returned, it lead me to write a book.
Which became a message,
and now a program for others
to make the same connection.
The day you were born you received two tools.
You received a body, and you received a life force energy
that animates your body.
I like to call a soul.
And now it's true that every body and every soul is unique.
Yet it is also true that every body and soul can be broken
into the same anatomical parts, the same elements,
and overall the same functions.
In other words, we are all given the same tools
to operate our life with.
They make look different on the outside,
however the tools function in the same way
to create our lives based on our unique intuitive guidance.
Otherwise called, our intuition.
Really this program is more than knowledge.
In this program I share with you the tools
that I use to implement this knowledge
into my life everyday.
Implementation is the key,
because when you trust yourself,
and you act on the guidance of your intution,
a relationship is established.
And what are the benefits of this relationship?
Well, number one, you'll develop a love
for your body and soul.
You will create boundaries and take better care
of these tools.
Number two, your energy will increase
through the confidence and passion it brings into your life.
And number three, you won't have to look outside
of your own body and soul relationship
for the answers that you seek,
because only you hold the answers.
I will break down each component to this connection,
so that you can apply these tools to your life right now.
And the program is simple, each of the lessons
is broken down into four video segments.
And you can watch them here on video,
you can download the audio to your phone
and listen to it wherever it's convenient for you:
in the gym, or in your car.
You can print out the transcripts provided,
or you can read the material.
It's really whatever learning style works best for you.
At the end of each lesson,
there will be three transformative action steps
that you can take immediately
to implement the knowledge and track your progress.
Because if I can do it, I believe anyone can.
So click the link for instant access
to your lifetime membership,
and I hope to see you on the other side.
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What is Intuition

57 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on January 5, 2018
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