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  • Hmm, Gatsby, is it?

  • I've been hearing about your vast, newly acquired wealth

  • and your attentions to my wife.

  • So I thought I would have you over to my equally

  • large and fancy but imperceptibly more

  • classy mansion for an awkward dinner.

  • And Nick, have you met Jordan?

  • She plays golf and is what kids will someday call a Duff.

  • Hey, yeah, nice tam o' shanter.

  • I'll drink your finger bowl if you don't want it.

  • STEWIE (VOICEOVER): In the book, I actually

  • go on a few dates with Jordan.

  • We're going to skip all that.

  • Anyway, like I was saying, you're

  • a trash, because you earned your money a little bit more

  • recently than me.

  • What are you getting at?

  • I'm saying I invited you over and sat you next to my wife

  • to say, stay away from my wife!

  • You know what we should do?

  • Let's all drunk-drive into Manhattan and get a hotel room

  • and have the same conversation we're having here.

  • I'm starting to think this isn't a very good book.

Hmm, Gatsby, is it?

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Jay Gatsby And Tom Buchanan Argue | Season 15 Ep. 7 | FAMILY GUY

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/01/05
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