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  • These are the Flash episodes of the Villainous series created by Alan Ituriel

  • These shorts were uploaded in 2012 on the page

  • I'm telling you Mr. Black Hat! I can't, I can't even sleep well!

  • The boy is a brat,

  • he taunts me!

  • The other pirates taunt me!

  • I'm the joke of the Seven Seas! Yarr!

  • I see.

  • And this, will last forever!

  • Forever!

  • Later he tells me, "I don't want to see you in Neverland."

  • "I want to kick you in your Neverland!"

  • (grunt)

  • And he was also responsible for the...

  • "IhaveahandIdon'thaveahandbecauseIhaveitbroken"?

  • What?

  • Yes...

  • And you tell me he also flies?

  • Yes! It's horrible!

  • A devil that flies!

  • It's only a matter of time until he becomes a pigeon and ends up filling my boat with poop!

  • It's horrible, horrible!

  • What can I do, Mr. Black Hat...

  • (zap)

  • hmm...

  • That gives me an idea...

  • Oh, yes? What?

  • Hello sir. How are you feeling?

  • (sneeze, snake hiss)

  • AH!

  • Keep those dirty cookies out of my evil face!

  • What is my diagnosis, Doctor?

  • Well, I've investigated many things about this "evil flu",

  • but there doesn't seem to be a cure, sir.

  • And I don't know what to do.

  • There's no cure!?

  • Wait a minute...

  • if we're talking about the "evil flu",

  • that means it thinks evil thoughts...

  • So the only way to get rid of an

  • evil flu... is by passing it to someone else!

  • What!? No, wait! (scream)

  • Hello 5.0.5.! Do you know where...

  • What is all this?

  • Are you trying to make a party?

  • (laugh)

  • I didn't know you celebrated Christmas.

  • Christmas?

  • No, no, I'm celebrating the end of the world!

These are the Flash episodes of the Villainous series created by Alan Ituriel

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(HD) Episodios Web Flash de Villanos

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/01/05
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