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♪ (French accordion music) ♪
- (FBE) Today, you'll be trying
some Polish snacks.

- Are we trying Polish snacks?
Polish, as in Poland?
- Huh, okay.
I don't think I've ever had
Polish snacks before.

- I'm always excited to try
food from different cultures.

- I feel optimistic
because they're snacks,

so snacks can't be disgusting.
- I'm excited.
I like to try new food,
and I'm starving.

- I'm unfamiliar with
what Polish snacks will be,

so that's why
I'm kind of nervous

because I have no idea
what you guys

are about to hand me right now.
- (FBE) Here is
your first Polish snack.

- It looks like chocolate.
We have this.
- It smells like chocolate,
but it smells like dank chocolate.

- (happily) It's chocolate!
Oh my god! Yes, can I eat this?
- It looks like some sort
of wafer thing.

It's really chocolatey
and then once you bite into it,

on the inside,
it's just super dry.

- It's a wafer!
- Why is it so hard to bite into?
- That is so good.
It feels like
a more natural Kit Kat.

- This seems
a little less processed

and less sugary.
- I like the Polish people.
This is great.

- (FBE) This is Prince Polo.
It has long been Poland's
top selling candy brand.

It is a chocolate covered wafer
with four layers of wafer

joined by three layers
of chocolate flavored filling.

- I can totally see how
this is one of the top selling products

because it's really soft.
And it's easy for everyone to eat.
- I like it.
I'm gonna take
another bite, okay?


- (FBE) Here is
your next Polish snack.

- This looks
a little more interesting.

- It just looks like a giant cracker
you'd feed to a bird.

- It's very seedy.
- It feels sticky too,
so there's maybe honey

or something on there.
- That's gonna be sweet and savory.
I can already tell.
- It kind of tastes
like sunflower seeds.

- It tastes like eating cardboard,
but in the best way.

- Ow!
That's really hard.
It just tastes like oats,
like oatmeal in a bar.

- Ugh!
Maybe it's just because
I don't like nuts like that.

- It doesn't really have
a lot of flavor.

It's kind of just like
you're eating glazed bird food.

- (FBE) This is sezamki,
or sesame snack.

Crunchy and delicious,
sesame seeds

covered in sweet honey glaze.
- (chuckling) Okay.

There we go. I like it.
- It's not too sweet,
but it's still sweet enough

that it fixes
your sweet tooth craving.

- I don't taste any honey.
I just taste the sesame seed.
- If you get lost in the woods,
and this is your only resort,

you can eat it.
- (FBE) Here's
your next Polish snack.

- Oh, yep, here's the crazy!
- This actually looks very pleasing.
- That looks like
some kind of bratwurst,

I think they're called.
- This just looks
like a sausage link.

(sniffing) Actually, it smell--
(pleasantly) Ooh.
(sniffing) That smells really good.
Never mind, I take that back.
- Now, this seems
like a Polish snack.

It tastes like a really big Slim Jim.
- It tastes so good.
- Yeah, it tastes like beef jerky.
Oh, wait, now it's getting weird.
It reminds me of Slim Jims
or something like that.

I hate those.
- Yeah, it's just
a giant stick of sausage.

This is really good.
We need to have these here.
- This would be nice
with some sauerkraut

and mashed potatoes.
- (FBE) This is kabanos,
or kielbasa.

It is a dried sausage or pork snack,
and dried kielbasa has
the advantage of lasting longer

than regular sausage,
while it still retains its full flavor.

- Yeah, I feel like this thing
could survive a nuclear blast.

It's a really strong taste.
It hits you.
- It'd be good for camping
or something,

like when you need food to last.
- It's something I would
literally just chill

and eat behind a computer
or doing homework, just like this.

- I think this is
the best one so far.

This is really good.
You should try it.
- (FBE) Here is
your next Polish snack.

- Is this, like, weird milk too?
All right, this
looks like chocolate.

Oh, it doesn't smell like chocolate.
- So this is like the Poland version
of the sweet bread?

- This could either be really good
or that dark stuff
is something kind of gross.

- It looks like chocolate.
No, that's not chocolate.
- Okay, I know
the bread is vanilla,

but I don't know
what this black stuff is.

- Oh, I can see why it needs milk.
It's really dry.
- It's sweet, but it feels like
it's one of those

weird fruits, like a fig.
I like this.
This is totally something
that I'd eat at night

after dinner as a dessert.
- (FBE) This is makoweic.
It's a poppy seed cake
made country-style.

It's a pasty consisting
of a roll of sweet yeast spread

with a dense, rich
bittersweet filling of poppy seed.

It is commonly eaten
around holidays

like Christmas and Easter.
- Yeah, country-style,
like Polish country?

It's growing on me.
It's pretty good.

- It's a little traditional
sweet bread thing.

- That's actually really good,
poppy seed.

We need to make more snacks
out of poppy seed.

- (FBE) Here is your last snack.
- (gasping)

Oh, yes.
Honestly, just look at it.
It's chocolate.
It's gonna taste good.

You already know.
- It looks like a Girl Scout cookie.
Do they have
Girl Scout cookies out there?

- This is also a British food.
I think this is called a Jaffa Cake.
- Oh, what's this on the inside?
Oh, what a surprise!
- Oh my god, there's jelly inside.
- Oh, that's really good.
I really like that.

You guys are good to me here.
- I swear I had this before.
It was like the Jaffa Cake
in the British snack episode.

- That bursts into flavor,
and it's a little sour and sweet.

This is like cranberry or something.
- I feel like you
could have 30,000 of these

and not get full.
This could be
another full course meal.

- (FBE) This is Delicje.
It is sort of the Jaffa Cake
of Poland,

available in five different flavors,
strawberry, cherry,

raspberry, apricot, and orange.
Delicje are Polish delicacy,
popularized all over Europe.

The combination of fruit jelly,
fluffy biscuit,

and fragile dessert chocolate
is an indulgent combination.

- It's so good!
I agree with the full description.
That's exactly what it is.
- The tartness of the raspberries
surprised me.

It caught me off guard,
but I liked it.

- Just because we had this,
I want to try every flavor.

It's so good.
- (FBE) So which
of these Polish snacks

would you recommend people eat?
- Oh man, I think I'd
definitely recommend the Delicje.

- The makoweic.
- The Delicje.
- The pork stick thing.
- Prince Polo is so good.
That was, like,
the perfect Kit Kat.

- I recommend Delicje.
- I didn't know what to expect
because I just didn't really know
about Polish food at all,

but I liked all of them.
- Thanks for watching us
try Polish snacks

here on the React channel.
- Don't forget to subscribe!
New shows every week.

- Bye, guys.
- Hello, everyone, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React channel.

Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Polish snacks.

Don't forget to hit
that subscribe button

and see what country we visit next.
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97 Folder Collection
Samuel published on January 3, 2018
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