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  • Thank you for seeing us on such short notice Mayor West.

  • No problem gentlemen. May i call you "gentlemen"?

  • yeah.

  • Now you say the spy is located somewhere in Quahog?

  • That's right. We need you to set up some roadblocks to help us contain him.

  • Do you have any clues regarding the identity of the spy?

  • It's a little tricky, sir. See, the operative is completely unaware that he's been programmed,

  • and the only way to activate him and discover his identity is by saying the phrase

  • "Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet!"

  • (Speaks in russian)

  • It's him!

  • I haven't been this....

  • ...Since i

  • I don't I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing,

  • ehh but...

  • Oh there's track star Wilma Rudolph.

  • Obviously, she had something to do with the gag, but I didn't hear the setup, so I don't really know the context

  • Hey, I wonder what Peter's up to!

  • Okay, so we got to come up with a name for our improv group.

  • Anybody got anything? Um...

  • How about the "Jokeridge Boys"?

  • eh not bad. oh wait how about "Funny Side Up"?

  • No, no, no. Guys, guys, we got the name.

  • It's Improv-de-Colon- the-Truth-is-Ad Libbed.

  • What about "Deliveries in Rear"?

  • Oh, yes!

  • No, no! No, you can't just jam jokes in for no reason! It has to be organic to the situation!

  • What the hell you being so frigging comedy Hitler about?

  • I was in three improv groups in college, Peter. I was in Improvidence, I was in the Wackadamia Nuts, and I know I'm dating myself here, but Three Smile Island.

  • My point being that I am the only experienced member of this group.

  • I can already tell this is not gonna be fun.

  • How do we know where to start looking?

  • The tracking beacon I shot into Mayor West's ankle will allow us to locate him.

  • WOW Those are the Russian people?

  • I mean, granted, you do think of bears on unicycles when you think of the Russian people

  • but they're all bears on unicycles?

  • Bears on unicycles, every one. So what do we do now?

  • We're undercover USA agents in a hostile foreign territory.

  • We just got to make sure we don't do anything that makes us stick out.

  • Hey, they're not bears on unicycles!

  • You are under arrest.

  • Time to use this costume, (laughs) 'Cause we're in Russia!

  • Here are the American spies we captured, Mr. Prime Minister.

  • Oh he was "Putin" us on, huh? (laughs) Right?

  • What do you think of that? Chevy? Right?

  • That would have passed for funny in one of your movies, right?

  • Okay, moving on.

  • Gentlemen, let me put your minds at ease. I know why you are here, and I mean to help you.

  • (laughing)

  • terrific.

  • The truth is the reactivation of a Cold War sleeper spy would be an embarrassment to my government.

  • On the scale of our 1981 failed Czechoslovakian occupation outpost, which was penetrated by Bill Murray,

  • Harold Ramis, and their ragtag band of misfit soldiers who didn't even graduate!

  • They slept through the graduation ceremony and somehow managed to come out of the manhole wearing clean, pressed suit, as you say.

  • So the long and the veiny of it is, you're gonna help us out, right?

  • I will provide you with transportation, passports, food, supplies, everything from "A" to backwards "R"

  • Wow! Thank you so much for your help, Mr. Putin.

  • Would you like to see Russian cutaway gag?

  • Yeah sure

  • Here is Russian cutaway gag.

Thank you for seeing us on such short notice Mayor West.

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Family guy in Russia. starring Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

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    Jin Wang posted on 2017/12/29
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