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I’m a very interesting
and intelligent man
and today
These arms and I will be teaching you
some idioms in English
I bet you’ve never been taught
By an arm before
They're not very happy
Mr Bean
Was supposed to be signing autographs
canceled at the last minute
They’re up in arms
In English if people are angry about something
we can say they’re up in arms
They’re up in arms
I’m not surprised
Mr Bean is a genius
I’d give my right arm to meet him
In English
if we want something very very much
We can say ‘I’d give my right arm to do it’
Maybe i should have given
My left arm
to see Mr Bean
ah that's better
I got my arm back
From Mr Bean
excuse me a minute, there’s my phone
Hello, yes. It’s my boss.
Oh no, not that.
Oh it’ll be so embarrassing, they’ll all think I’m an idiot. Oh do I have to?
In English if someone is trying to persuade you to do something
That you don’t want to do, you can say
He’s twisting my arm
I can’t believe he wants me to
sing and dance for you
I’m not an
I’m the teacher
oh well
here's the boss
Up and down the alleyways, all around the town, left and right and up and down
Cha cha cha
De de de de
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Arm idioms - BBC Learning English

3401 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on August 15, 2013
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