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  • (Music)

  • In a Wall Breaker's room

  • there is a skeleton and a red balloon

  • and an attack on a Village

  • that will be over soon.

  • There are three greedy Goblins

  • up to some robbin'

  • and two Lava Pups

  • and a ZZZ'ing Builder's Hut.

  • An Archer's Bow and her arrows

  • and a stack of bone marrows.

  • Good night, room

  • Good night, Giants. Outside where you loom.

  • But where's the Wall Breaker's bomb that goes boom?

  • Good night Wizard using the toilet.

  • It's a lovely night. That bomb would sure spoil it.

  • Good night Hog Rider who crashed into the moon.

  • (tired) Hog Rider....

  • That bomb's gonna go off! It's gonna go boom!

  • Good night, Elixir. Good night, Dragon rug.

  • This is insane.

  • Are we all pretending

  • that there's not a bomb in here?

  • I can't take it!

  • I'm ending this my way.

  • Get yourself a new narrator!

  • Good night, Life...Ah!!!

  • Ohhh!!!

  • Ah!

  • Oh!

  • Oh!

  • Ah!


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