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  • OK, lovely people, we're going to do the most incredible, breakfast or brunch, Scrambled Egg Omelette,

  • with a beautiful tomato salad finished with some basil, and an amazing chili sauce.

  • And I'm going to be bigging up my pan from Jamie Oliver by Tefal range and showing you how damn good it is!

  • Let's get going.

  • First up, I want to do a beautiful simple tomato salad.

  • Just slice up the tomatoes, about a centimeter thick.

  • So we want to celebrate shape, colour and of course flavour.

  • What I want to do is mix up the tomato on the plate, try and change up the colours.

  • How beautiful, what a lovely celebration of ingredients!

  • Just sprinkle some lovely sea salt and just a little bit of pepper.

  • And then also a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Just a few basil leaves. Like that.

  • So that is your basic tomato salad.

  • Now I want to contrast that with omelette like you've never seen before.

  • But to go with it, I want a little chilli sauce.

  • Any chilli's you like, have a look down here.

  • We've got red, green, yellow, scotch bonnet.

  • But what I want to do is I want to remove most of the heat. I want the flavour of the fruit, I want it to be amazing.

  • So I'm going to take the ends off the chili. Like that.

  • And then I want to run the knife, down the middle.

  • And I'm going to remove the white membrane and the chili seeds,

  • and that's the really really hot part, we don't want that, OK?

  • And then all I want to do is finely slice the chilli's like this.

  • Now this chilli sauce you can use on anything with pasta, with salad, on cheese likes mozzarella, feta cheese.

  • You can put it on roasted, grilled, steamed fish.

  • And if you make it, it'll last for about 4, 5 days easily in the fridge.

  • So when it's nice and finely chopped, chili in.

  • Pour in some nice oil.

  • About 3 or 4 table spoons goes in, and then the juice of 1 lemon.

  • So lemony, hot chili sauce.

  • We definitely need a nice pinch of salt in there.

  • Mix it around.

  • OK it is time for the most important bit of this recipe.

  • Were going to make a Scrambled Egg Omlette, so what does that mean?

  • We want the kind of shape of the omelette, that silkiness, to cover and wrap up really curdy, gorgeous, juicy scrambled egg.

  • So 6 eggs go into this bowl, a little drizzle of milk, just a splash.

  • So whisk up the eggs with a little pinch of salt.

  • Into the pan we're going to go with some butter.

  • As soon as that melts, we're going to go in with the egg.

  • And then I'm going to use a spatula just to go around the sides.

  • And just slowly mix around those curds.

  • Cover every part of the pan and be breaking it up.

  • And you can be quite fast.

  • And then as it starts to firm up, and get to that point where it's setting, I want to put a little bit of cheese in the middle here.

  • And we're going to take it off the heat, and you can see, just look at that texture.

  • You've got omelette on the bottom, scrambled egg on top, then we're going to use this to flip it, like this.

  • And we're going to use the pan just to kind of go like that.

  • And what's going to happen, the omelette just goes to the edge.

  • Now when it goes to the edge like that, just get this and fold it back. And you'll get that wonderful shape.

  • And then we don't want to overcook the eggs because eggs are really sensitive.

  • So we're going to hold it like this. Go over to our salad like this, and turn it out.

  • Straight onto our salad, look at that!

  • We get our knife and we go down, come down look!

  • We're going to cut deep into our omelette and just splay it open like that, look at that!

  • Then we get our chilli sauce in the depths in the most silky, perfectly cooked omelette like you've never seen before.

  • Finished with a few bits of basil on top.

  • And brothers and sisters, cmon! Who wouldn't love that, with hot toast, a cup of tea, happy days.

  • The whole point of this, is you get that lovely silky blonde outside, the lovely scrambled inside.

  • And then you hit that up with the chilli sauce and the tomatoes.

  • Cmon, let's do it.

  • It's so good.

  • It's a really wonderful technique.

  • And I believe, you need a pan that doesn't have hot and cold parts, you need even cooking, right?

  • It needs to be non-stick, you know you just wipe that out now, don't even bother putting it in the sink. Just wipe it out, it's good to go again.

  • And if you want more information on these pans and all my other ranges, then click the link in the description box below, take care!

OK, lovely people, we're going to do the most incredible, breakfast or brunch, Scrambled Egg Omelette,

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