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We all srarted as one team.
We all wanted to be super heroes for the same reason.
You are a traitor tweek, and now you are with a group of SUPER TRAITORS.
This was started by you.
We aren't the ones who walked out of fucking franchise Mysterion!
Why would the Freedom Pals help us?
We sent a spy. Someone in our group
who pretends to want to switch sides and join Freedom Pals.
Somebody who they don't know very well.
All is fair in love and war, Freedom pu…pussy
You fucking animal!
You've got the problems New Kids
Whatever you did last night got a lot of people's attention. Bad people.
If you need information, just know you can rely on… Call girl!
Who the fuck is that?
So I guess any fucking asshole thinks they can be a super hero.
We' re goona rip you apart!
Dude, Mysterion is pissed at you, New Kid.
Hello, Toolshed.
Toolshed is a gadgeteer class visionary archetype.
AND a buttfucking traitor.
Eric, you must listen to me.
get out of my head Timmy.
Your franchise is going nowhere.
Face the truth, Eric. You guys are kind of douchebags.
He just called us douchebags, in my mind.
He DID?!
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[ENG Sub] South Park: The Fractured But Whole - E3 2017 Trailer: Time to Take a Stand - Ubisoft SEA

331 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on December 26, 2017
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