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Okay, so this next one is personally one of my favorites. It's called the Booty Bounce.
I mean, it doesn't get any better than that, right? So, what is it? You're going to turn
towards your right, separate your feet, bend your knees. Now, I want you to think of sticking
your tailbone back. Two times, okay? So, tailbone back, back, back. Then face the other side
and back, back, turn. Yeah? It's the booty bounce. Bounce, bounce, turn around. Bounce,
bounce, turn around. Okay, so take a second. I know, right? Everybody starts to get a little
funny about booty stuff, but I'm telling you, it's fun, it's cardio. You're working your
booty out. You're working your back muscles out. You gotta have a nice booty, right?
So, don't be afraid of this one, right? Just enjoy. It's booty bounce, other side. Booty
bounce, okay? We're going to take it up to speed, follow along. It doesn't matter where
you are, just do it. OK? Bend your knees, ready set? Here we go. And, booty bounce,
other side, booty bounce, other side, booty bounce. Good.
So, to get to the other side, you just switch your feet, yeah? Switch. Booty bounce, switch.
Booty bounce, switch. Booty bounce, stop. Okay? So, I want to show you another option.
if you want to make this a little bit harder for you, you want to add some more cardio,
you can hop between each booty bounce. So what does that mean? So, booty bounce, hop,
hop. And booty bounce, hop, hop. So you can add two hops between each side.
So let's take it up in tempo, give it a shot. If not, stay with that first one, okay? Ready
set, go. And booty bounce, hop, hop. Booty bounce, hop, hop. Booty bounce, hop, hop.
Booty bounce, hop. One more time. Booty bounce, this is the last one, booty bounce, hop, hop.
Okay? So, have fun with it. Enjoy. Again, take this with you on the streets, to the
club, to work. I don't know, don't get in trouble, but enjoy.
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How to Do a Booty Bounce Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout

142 Folder Collection
Caurora published on December 25, 2017
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