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  • You guys might know me as the person who knows a lot about Minecraft.

  • Maybe to you I'm the guy who breaks Minecraft as hard as it can possibly be broken.

  • Whatever the case may be one thing is for certain:

  • I like knowing as much about the game as there is to figure out.

  • It's what's allowed me to push the limits of Minecraft

  • and discover things like the Sky Far Lands that I discovered a couple of months ago;

  • and while I'm not explicitly breaking the game today

  • I will be showing a version of Minecraft that I originally thought was lost forever:

  • "Minecraft 4k".

  • And no, I don't mean Minecraft in 4K resolution that'll be hitting the Xbox One X.

  • I'm talking about another kind of 4k.

  • So let's go ahead and let's get right into it.

  • So, "Minecraft 4k".

  • What the heck am I even talking about when I say Minecraft 4k

  • if I'm not referring to the Xbox One X version?

  • Well, I'm talking about this.

  • This is the original Minecraft 4k.

  • It's a version of Minecraft developed by Notch for the Java 4k contest

  • where the goal was to develop the best game possible while only taking up 4 KILObytes of storage.

  • That's for the whole game!

  • To put that into perspective Minecraft 1.12 is right around 10 MEGAbytes for the jar file alone

  • or around 10,000 kilobytes!

  • So what does this version of Minecraft have that the others don't?

  • Well, honestly: nothing!

  • If you're looking for some form of intrinsic value out of this version of Minecraft you won't find any.

  • But here's what you can expect out of a version of Minecraft that, again, is only four kilobytes.

  • When you spawn into the world you can immediately tell that there is no form of proper land generation.

  • Instead (to conserve file size) the world generates a random assortment of a couple of different blocks

  • such as dirt, grass, bricks, wood, stone and of course air.

  • In fact this is the actual textures file used within the game. This is it! (actually it's a comparison of Minecraft 4k's and Minecraft Classic's block textures)

  • But actually you can only build with one of these blocks: the grass block.

  • The game itself lacks any sort of options menu

  • or any options at all.

  • Moving around in game is another adventure all on its own.

  • Well, the game itself is very clearly three-dimensional,

  • you can only move along one axis unless you jump while moving.

  • And if you want to move the mouse around

  • you put the mouse on the side of the screen that you want the camera to move in

  • and it just kind of glides in that direction.

  • Again, keep in mind: all of these decisions were made with the idea of consolidating Minecraft into just four kilobytes.

  • So while none of these decisions seem practical in the traditional sense

  • for the sake of conserving disk space this approach certainly appeared to work.

  • Ending off this video

  • the last thing I want to cover is how to build and the limitations of building.

  • To destroy blocks you left-click and to place grass blocks you right-click on other solid blocks.

  • But let me get into that point real quick:

  • the whole world is a fairly small box surrounded by what I can only describe as "invisible bedrock".

  • Even if you dig all the way down or try to build on the world invisible walls: that won't work.

  • Also, be careful while you're walking around.

  • If you hug the edge of a block you can't even jump around, at all!

  • You really have to be sure that there's air on all sides of you.

  • All things considered, this is certainly a pretty interesting version of Minecraft

  • if you give it a chance and you see it as more than just an extremely watered-down version of Minecraft.

  • For the limitations required to put a three-dimensional game like Minecraft into just four kilobytes

  • it's certainly pretty interesting.

  • If you want to try out this version of Minecraft I'll leave links in the description down below.

  • But also note that it's fairly unstable

  • and will just straight-up freeze up if you tab out of the window.

  • But... yeah.

  • Anyways guys, that just about does it for me for now.

  • If you enjoyed this video, please consider leaving a like on it,

  • because it would really help out myself, the channel and the video quite a lot.

  • So anyways guys, I hope you all enjoyed,

  • my name is AntVenom and I bid you all farewell.

  • Thanks so much for watching.

You guys might know me as the person who knows a lot about Minecraft.

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