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- The reason I spend my
time talking about this

is not because I want to be a
fucking motivational speaker

and fluffy, fluff, fluff
and ra-ra-ra, it's because

it's the fucking thing!
♫ We're unstoppable
- Yo, yo, yo, what up, vlog?
Busy day today, didn't
really film anything

on this Friday, just work,
work, work, work, work.

Did film an Ask Gary V,
how did that go, Seth,

was it a good Ask Gary V?
- Great one.
- Awesome, nonetheless,
gave a talk in Portland

a couple weeks ago to
Dutch Bros coffee company,

it turned into an epic, I mean an epic.
D. Rock, how long was it?
- Two and a half hours.
- So, this is gonna be a
two-and-a-half hour episode

Two and a half hour episode of DAILYVEE,
touched on a ton of new
content, I think you guys

are gonna super-enjoy it and sit back,
pour a glass of wine from
the Gary V. Wine Club,

oh wait, what, you're not
part of the Gary V. Wine Club?

D. Rock, are you part of the Gary V?
You are, Seth, are you part of the--
- Not yet.
- Dude, what the fuck?
Guys, don't be a dickface,
sign up for the Garry V.

Wine Club and watch this now.
- Let's welcome to the
stage, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk.

(audience cheering)
- Hello.
Thank you.
All right, let's go, let's
go, sit down, let's do this.

- [Audience] Gary, Gary, Gary!
- What up?
What up, what up, what up?
Thank you for having me, thank
you so much for the awesome

intro and reaction, very
frankly, how are we doing

the Q&A, where is the Q&A gonna come from?
You guys have runners?
Awesome, cool, I just can't
wait to get to the Q&A,

so I just wanted to get
that out real quick.

And the reason why I want to do the Q&A
to be very frank, is I
think I get to speak a lot

and when I think about
speaking, at the end of the day,

I'm trying to reverse-engineer
the audience, right?

To me, as a lot of you
know, how many people here

have seen some of my content
online, raise your hands?

Thank you, actually, real
quick, how many of you have not,

raise your hands, okay, fuck you guys.
Kidding, kidding, kidding.
So, for about 70% of you, you
guys have seen the content

and I'll go through certain
things that I want to talk

to you guys about, for
the 30% or 40% of you

that just raised your
hands that you haven't,

you can go to YouTube or
Facebook and see this,

so what's super-important
to me is to make this talk

contextual and when I
think about this audience,

and whether it's of age or mindset,
the youth in the offense
of this organization

is super-attractive to
me, from afar, right?

For me, I'm 41, I'm old,
but I feel 16 in my mind,

right, and I work like I'm 19, you know,
in my prime, because I'm on the offense.
It's a mindset.
And so the thing that I
want to first start with

is intangibles, right?
I've been thinking about this quite a bit,
and let me tell you why this
is the first thing I want

to start with, yesterday,
for some of you that know,

I'm a ridiculously
die-hard Jets fan, right?

And yesterday, the Jets fucked me up
because they won a football game.
So for some of you that
aren't into football,

my strategy for this
season was to go 0 and 16

and take a quarterback with the first pick
and so I literally was
in the stands yesterday

in New York, really upset
as my team was dominating

an arch rival in the Miami
Dolphins and all the fans

around me were pissed because I was booing
when the Jets were doing good shit,
and it was fucking awkward, okay?
But here's what happened.
The Jets took a player this
year by the name of Jamal Adams

out of LSU and he basically
was disproportionately

impactful on the game yesterday
without doing anything

that you would normally
consider a turning point.

He didn't have an
interception for a touchdown,

he didn't do any of the
things that would show up

in the stats sheets
that would make you say,

oh he won the game as a defensive back,
what he did was intangibles.
What he did was, the hour before the game,
the way he interacted
with all his teammates

didn't look anything like a
kid playing his third game

of his life in pros, it
looked like a 16-year veteran

doing the little things.
What he did was, on every
play when the Dolphins

made a mistake or an
off-side, he basically looked

at the entire crowd, which was
half-empty and would get them

excited, what he did was
when a teammate came off

the field that made a nice
play on special teams,

he ran over and gave him dapps.
He literally, fundamentally
willed the vibe of the game

to go in the direction
that created the outcome.

I am not physically structured
to win all my competitive

battles through my life.
Yet, when I think about all
the one-on-one basketball

games or the floor hockey
matches or ping pong

matches or tennis or football or whatever,
like 80% of the time when
I fucking win something

in a physical confrontation sporting event
it's because I used intangibles
to mentally outmaneuver

or disproportionately
figure out how to win.

I am fascinated, fascinated by this.
I am fascinated by fucking
mindset, I am fascinated

in a complicated world that
we're all growing up in,

it's a binary decision if
you're gonna be positive

or negative about shit.
I'm fascinated that when
you're addicted to kindness

and optimism and positivity,
it just, you know,

it's so funny.
You know stuff like the secret,
I love when people talk
about like the secret,

people think you sit on
your ass on your couch

and you're like, "I wish
I had a million bucks"

and it's like, bloop and it just shows up.
What I'm fascinated by is
the reason people succeed

that put their mindset into it
is because it does something

that has really also caught
my attention over the last two

years, which is the following.
When you bet on optimism,
when you're on the offense,

when you're playing towards intangibles,
you do something super-duper interesting.
You start suffocating excuses.
If you asked me what
the number one things is

that I'm thankful for
that my parents gave me,

taking me from a communist
country and moving me to the US.

You know, parenting me well, nothing bad,
you know, roof and
clothes, all good stuff,

if you asked me the
number one thing I wake up

every morning and thank
that my parents did

is that I never saw either
one of them complain

about jack shit and they
basically created learned

behavior for me, I'm incapable
of actually complaining

about shit.
And that has become the
foundation of my success.

When I was in my 20s
and early 30s, I spent

eight, 15, 16, 17 hours a
day for 13 years, building

my dad's liquor store for him,
I own nothing of Wine Library, right,
I leave that business in
my mid-30s, I've no wealth,

I've built a 60-million
dollar wine business

for my dad and I don't
sit there and complain,

I think about it as I did
the right thing by thanking

my parents and giving back.
Literally, literally, no joke,
if I leave this conference

today, right now, if I
leave, right, if we do this,

we have a nice little
Q&A, it's a good talk,

it's fucking cool, I leave,
I go to cross a street

to go into my car, to go to the airport,
and I get hit by a car,
literally as I'm laying there,

I'd be like fuck, I shouldn't
have left the conference

that early.
It is in my mindset that
literally every negative thing

that happens to me is my fucking fault.
I recognize that that's
not true, you know,

when I talk about this publicly,
everybody starts bringing up
stuff like what if you're raped

and what if you're this
and that, I understand.

I'm a logical, practical
person, I'm not talking about

knowing or thinking
everything is my fault,

I'm talking about living
a life where you default

into believing that as your
mindset because what happens

is you start spending all
of your time on offense.

My friends, listen, here's
what fucking freaks me the

fuck out, do you
understand, you like that?

Let me get to it, it's
really interesting to me,

I wish everybody in this
conference, including myself

by the way, who spends
all this time on this,

I wish we had better perspective.
I wish that there was some fucking crazy,
that dude right there with
the weird fucking horse

T-shirt, I wish he was some
weird genie that could take us

back in time 80 years ago
so that every one of you

could live one fucking
day in your great, great

grandparents shoes and
understand how fucking good

you have, like if you
really, really understood

how amazing the era we live in
and listen, I'm not
naive to what's happening

in our society, I'm aware
of the political current

climate, I'm aware of everything.
Let me just say thins very
clear so everybody gets it

through their fucking
dome, this is the greatest

year to ever be alive in
the history of mankind.

I am super-empathetic, again,
when you make those kind

of statements, do I believe that there is
suppression around?
Of course, but on a macro
data, macro data, health,

life expectancy, how much
hate and negativity actually

is in the complete
world, this is the best.

We have it the best and all I
see is people sitting around

and dwelling around dumb
shit around what they don't

have instead of focusing
on what they do have.

My friends, the internet
is a fucking miracle.

It's a fucking miracle, the
scalability in which you can

achieve, the things
that you could be doing,

the fact that you could
be laying fucking naked

in your bed at two in the morning
and doing productive
shit is fucking crazy.

It's crazy, if you got your side hustle,
if you think about your side hustle
or you're crushing it
with these guys and doing

side hustle, there was
no side hustle for your

Like, when it was 9 p.m. it
was dark and cold outside,

it wasn't practical.
We take things for granted,
do you know how upset,

do you know what's crazy to me?
How mad I get when my internet
is a hundredth of a second

slower than what I'm used to.
Like, literally, a
hundredth of a second slower

and I feel it because I'm
used to what speed it's

supposed to be and that's
frustrating like on a plane

because the Wi-Fi on the
plane is a little slow

which is so ridiculous because
I'm on a fucking plane,

and then it's Wi-Fi, it's there, I'm old,
I remember not having it,
it's crazy how quickly

we take things for granted.
So, London just banned Uber
and my buddy landed there

and he's like what the fuck am I gonna do?
I'm like, I don't know, what
everybody has done for the

last 300 years, dickface, take the train.
We just get used to shit so fast.
And in our speed of getting
used to how fucking awesome

it is, I'm just desperate
this afternoon for you

to not lose perspective,
perspective is the fucking game,

Both my grandpa, look,
I sit up here, get paid

super-duper-duper-well, get
people to think I'm cool

because I have entrepreneurial
DNA and the timing of it

was cool because entrepreneurs got cool.
Both my grandfathers had
the same exact thing I had

and because they were
Jewish in communist Russia

post World War Two,
their communism put them

both in jail for 10 years in Siberia.
Just think about that,
timing, opportunity,

yes, it is absolutely
difficult for all of us,

we all have stuff, do
I believe a white male

has more privilege?
Of course, yes I do, here's my problem,
if anybody has ever done
it with your circumstances,

then you have nothing to
talk about in the mindset

that I want for you to win.
If anybody has ever
achieved something with two

alcoholic parents, that's the
blueprint that you can follow

versus looking the other way.
Life is binary, it's
either offense or defense,

you are there sitting
in your seat right now

on the offense or you're
not, there is no fucking

half-pregnant, there is no
in-between, you're either

this or that.
And so, I come here with the
energy to let you know about

how I see it from afar
not knowing every nuance

of your life, A, I think this
is the greatest opportunity

to be alive because the
internet has created infinite

opportunity for all of us.
B, I love something
that I'm fascinated by,

which is that everything gets accelerated.
What you're living through
right now, my friends,

in society and the business
world, is everything is

getting accelerated, what
the internet has done,

it hasn't changed us, it's exposed us.
What the internet has
done is not necessarily

suppress things, it's made
everything at the forefront,

there is no hiding,
everything is so clear,

out in the open, difficult to hide.
And so I'm fascinated by thing
because it leads to bigger

opportunity, the speed
at which good can happen

is extraordinary, it just
comes down to actions.

So, what's really happening?
This first and foremost, this
device, if you're sitting

in your seat and you
have any entrepreneurial,

intrapreneurial DNA, aka,
do you want to be the CEO

of this company one day
and grow in the ranks

or do you want to do something
for yourself one day,

if you have either one, which
I assume is one or the other

inside your body, you have
to take a step back and

wrap your head around the
following, this right here,

this device is the remote
control of our society,

this is everything.
Everybody keeps trying to
tell people to spend less time

on this, I recommend you
spend all your time on it.

I don't give a fuck if you look at another
human being's eyes again.
Because where do you
think the world is going,

I have two young kids now
and I love all these parents,

like, Gary, you're into
this social media stuff,

this is terrible, right?
I'm like, no, Dick, this is the best,
because, they're like,
"But I'm gonna tell my kid

"to spend less time on technology."
I'm like, why, what world
do you think your kids

are gonna be living in 20 years?
I love the naivete, the
naivete, this is all history,

my friends, people thinking
we're gonna go backwards,

every person in this
room is gonna be wearing

contact lenses full time,
on their body in 20 years

and triggering between real
life, augmented reality,

where I don't know, Santa is
on here, on stage with me,

right, and complete virtual reality.
Everybody in here, in 20 or
25 years is going to be living

a mixed reality world, you
may not like it, you may think

it's weird, but people
used to think online dating

was weird, people used to
think the internet was weird,

people definitely thought
sending a 14-year-old girl

into a stranger's car was
super-weird and that's

what we do with all our
daughters now at 14,

and put them into Ubers
and strange men's cars

every day, social norms
are changing at a speed

we've never seen before.
So, this amplification of
everything is what I want to focus

on right now, I wrote a
book six years ago called

the Thank You Economy, I want
to talk to you guys about it

today, because it maters
to most of you right now.

It is stunning to me how
doing a good deed now travels

to such greater length
than it ever did before.

To me, if you took anything
away from my talk before

I go into the Q&A, I want you
to understand the following,

somebody is always watching now.
There is no interaction that you're having
ever again that is just
between you and that person.

And let me tell you why I
want you to think this way,

though that may be true,
because it becomes he said,

she said, thought that
may be true, if you switch

and live the mindset that
I've been living for the last

seven years, I really believe
that a lot of good things

will happen for you, if you
believe that every single

thing that you do is on the record,
you'll be stunned by how
your behavior changes.

If you actually believe
that every single thing

you do is actually being
documented, is actually

going to be recorded, is
actually being watched,

a miraculous thing happens,
you change your behavior,

not that you go from being
a dick to being phenomenal,

and I'm telling you
because I've been living it

for the last decade, you
just start sliding every

so often a little bit
towards a better place

and start changing your
behavior and what happens

is you start having
momentum of positivity.

I believe that karma is
practical, I believe that doing

the right thing is always the right thing,
and so how many people here
are managers, raise your hands.

Actually, can you guys stand
up, if you're managers,

can you stand up real
quick, don't get lazy on me,

let's get the blood going,
let's not clap up for them,
they don't need to be clapped,

I'm trying, fine, clap, clap.
All right, you can sit,
can we keep the lights on,

it's better, I like seeing their faces.
I'm fascinated by management,
how many people became

a manager within the last
two years, raise your hand.

Funny shit, right?
It used to be fun saying
your manager was a dickface

until you became one.
And now you're like, oh now I get it.
Management is super-interesting to me,
I'm super-fascinated by
it, I have 800 employees

at VaynerMedia and I
love watching somebody go

from super star, entry
or specs tier and when

they go to management,
shit changes because

everything flips.
Let me tell you something,
managers, I run VaynerMedia,

I'm the CEO, 800 employees,
I work for everybody.

I don't have people working
for me, I work for everybody.

The biggest issue that
managers have when they make

that leap, is they get very
fucking confused, they think

that people work for them
and they don't understand

that they're working for those people.
So, when I think about
the Thank You Economy

and being documented and
what I really want from you,

I'm not here to raz the
managers, I want everybody

who just stood up to get to
the place that they want to

in their lives and in their
careers and I want to suffocate,

real quick, for all of them
to leave their fucking fancy

PoVs at the fucking door,
because what happens as you grow

up the ranks of society
and life and in business,

is you have to start
deploying humility, not ego.

And that has been the
most fascinating thing

that I have watched throughout my career,
watching that shift become difficult,
because the way to succeed
within an organization

that has people working
is you have to figure out

how to learn to eat shit
and that is super-difficult

and the higher up you
go, the more shit you

have to eat, the amount of
shit that I eat every day

is so fucking staggering to me,
and it is basically the
blueprint of my success and every

other person that I have seen.
Literally your ability to
be the bigger man and woman

in every situation, even
though nine out of 10 times,

you may be right is the
variable of your success

both within your organization
and compounded when you

go out into the real world
and this takes me back

to where I started.
Please understand the following,
being nice is ROI positive.
It is traveling, it is
be known, it is leverage,

the ability to be not nice, politicking,
on the defense, always
wins up-front, which is why

people are seduced by it.
But it never wins the
long game, you're winning

the sprint for about 40
seconds, but you never

win the marathon of
what's being played here.

It is now compounded
because information about us

travels at a level
we've never seen before.

Being a dick in Portland
in 1974 was super fine,

because you could move to Minnesota.
That information now
travels with us at scale,

you don't even want to
know how much of a jerk

your great-great-grandfather
was, all that stuff

is lost in history.
All of our baggage, here forever.
The biggest thing I remind
people when they go on tilt,

whether it's politics or life or whatever,
is just remember, everything you're saying
is going to be there forever.
Everybody in this room is
going to have a conversation

with their granddaughter and
they're gonna have to explain

their points of view on everything.
Let's forget politics, life.
And so I'm fascinated by
thing dynamic, I think it's

a super-interesting time,
and I really want to,

not inspire, it's really
funny, I think about,

I don't get a super-high to
inspire and make a fun event,

I get a super-high on the
emails I read on the way out

to this flight this morning.
The people that were in the
audience, the guy who just told

me backstage, when he saw
me speak two years ago,

quit his job and went on the offense.
I'm in for one thing, legacy.
I'm in it for one person
sitting here, emailing me

in six years and saying, you
know, I was a little fancy

as a manager until you came
to Portland, I was a little

high on myself and thinking
I was special, I was building

towards the wrong path
that wasn't going to be

historically correct.
And I am just fascinated by
the fact that that the most

simple of traits now
is the fundamental game

we're playing, that is
crazy to me, as we go more

Jetsons, the people that
know how to play like the

Flintstones are gonna win.
Literally I believe the manners that your
have are far more suited

for where we're going
than the majority of us.

Now, we don't realize
what's actually happening

in front of us, which is we are all,
not just me, all day putting out content,
D. Rock, where you at?
Not just having a weird
dude following you around

full time, filming you,
not me, all of you.

Maybe mine's an extreme
version, but for all of you,

all of you, you are
documenting your entire life

at scale forever.
And when you start wrapping
your head around that,

two things unfold.
I hope, for 95% of you, number
one, the quality of the life

that you're trying to live
as a human so that you're

proud about the conversation
you have at 60, 70

and 80 and when you get
there, a funny thing happens,

as you push yourself to be a
better fucking human being,

better things start happening
for you in your actual

selfish business wants and needs.
And so, I hope that I
can suffocate and ignite

a mindset here today of
people actually understanding

what they're doing.
Think about all the dumb shit
you believe five years ago

that you don't believe anymore.
We keep evolving, we
keep changing as we grow.

I implore you to understand
how big the stakes are

in the world that you live in right now.
The opportunity is so ridiculous.
And so let's get into the
details before I get into

Q&A of this.
I am desperate for every
person in this room

to understand couple of piece of data.
Number one, if you believe
that this is the remote

control of our society the way I do,
then it gets really interesting
when you start thinking

about social media.
Social media is this nice
little, in my marketing world,

it's a slang term for
nice to have, that you

support with television,
things of that nature,

I see a lot of young
faces, it's norm for you,

it's the main communication
funnel, but it probably

has a balance between
business and your real life

of what you're doing as a human.
I need everybody to understand something,
more than 50% of the time
spent by all Americans

on a cellphone is on a social network.
This is pretty much the punchline.
How many people here are
retiring in 10 years,

and I don't mean you're gonna
open up a bunch of these

and you're gonna fucking
crush it and buy an island,

I mean, you're fucking
old and you're finished?

How many people are retiring
in the next 10 years?

Great, zero.
So, for everybody here, please
understand the following,

everything, everything that
is running our society's

attention right now, Facebook and YouTube
and Instagram and SnapChat and Twitter,
everything, 12 years ago did not exist.
The smartphone did not
exist, Uber did not exist,

Airbnb did not exist, nothing.
You know, back to the
awesome dude with the fucking

horse T-shirt, the reason I
wish you could take everybody

back is we don't have
context to how remarkable,

it's tough, the people that lived
during the Great Depression,
the people that lived

during the World Wars,
people that lived during

the industrial revolution, it's
hard because it's our lives,

it's hard for us to understand
how different it is for us

than the prior two generations.
It's difficult because you
have no context to anything

else, but the stakes and
opportunity are all time,

they're all time.
Our great-great-grandkids, everybody else,
will look back at this era as the moment.
So, I implore you to take
a step back and really

fundamentally ask yourselves
a couple of questions,

one, what legacy are you
building because it will be

the leverage for everything that you want
over the next 60 years and
that is based on your actions,

and two, very honestly,
are you squeezing the shit

out of this moment as much as you can?
The thing that I'm super-passionate
about as a lot of you

know is I think work ethic
is the one thing that's

super-fucking controllable.
A lot of us were born with
what we were born with,

you're only so pretty,
you're only so smart,

you're only so fast,
you're only what you are,

the one thing that I'm
fascinated by as you sit here,

the way you were parented,
where you were born,

what you got, the one thing
that actually is in your

control is the decisions of
what you do with your hand.

It's like a great poker player, right?
A great poker player doesn't
need the best hand every

time to win, it's how she or
he navigates with that hand.

We're not gonna change who
we are or where we were born

or to whom we were born with,
but no matter where you are

in the lifecycle right now,
we all have the opportunity

to start looking at it a little different,
and to me, very frankly,
I just think we spend

an enormous amount of time on dumb shit
when we have ambition to do so much more.
Now look, you do you, I'm
not interested in peddling

being a workaholic, I'm really not.
You can do whatever you want.
The happiest friend I know
from growing up, I think

he makes $50,000 a year,
he's on 17 fucking softball

teams, he takes every vacation day off,
and he's happy as shit and
I love him and it makes me

so damn happy.
I have friends who are
employees at Facebook,

they have a hundred million
dollars in their bank,

and they're miserable and it's shit.
This is not a money conversation,
this is very simply, do your actions
back up your mouth?
To me, looking at hashtag,
looking at people talking

about this, looking at their social media,
when I have the whole
East Coast to West Coast

long flight, I get into
a lot of work, I get

all my work done and then
I start looking at all

of your social media on the way here.
And I'd look at the
hashtag and what you said

about the earlier speaker
and I do my thing, right?

The thing that fascinated me
a lot about this conference

is you've got a lot of people peacocking
in this organization, aka,
a lot of you are talking

big shit and I don't mean
about this conference,

I went back and looked at all your tweets,
did you know there are 37
billionaires sitting with us

I'm fascinated by that, I'm
fascinated because we're

sitting in a world right
now where entrepreneurship

is on a pedestal of cool,
and so everybody is flocked

to it and everybody is talking
about how they're gonna

crush and what they're gonna
do and who they're gonna be

and then you look at their
content, and every Friday night,

they're at a fucking concert,
and every Sunday morning

they're this and every Tuesday
afternoon they're that,

and they watch a shit-load
of fucking Netflix

and they're incredible
at fucking Candy Crush

and fucking, fucking, fucking.
And so, I go on this rant
not to do anything to raz

or to fucking call anybody out,
I'm just asking a very simple question.
I promise you, if you want
to be pumped professionally

and personally there's one
thing that will drive you

to the biggest success,
it's called self-awareness.

Do you know who you are, do
you know who you're about?

Are you actually talking about
shit that you care about,

are you talking because three
or four people that you love

talk that game and you
feel like you got to fit in

or appease your mom or dad or
uncle or aunt or grandmother's

The thing that helped me so
much was just self-awareness.

In fourth grade I punted school because
I knew I sucked at it, I
knew I could make $3,000

a weekend as a 10-year-old
selling baseball cards,

but I couldn't spell 90%
of the words that were

being thrown at me.
It was just who I was,
it was how I was wired,

and I implore everybody in
this conference to really think

about this incredibly interesting thing
which is when you're self-aware
and you can get to that

place of understanding
yourself, I implore you

to triple down on your strengths
and punt your weaknesses.
This country is really good
at selling down our throats

what we're not good at.
We're always being sold what to fix.
I truly believe that
most people in this room

will succeed by not
addressing those things,

now, something could be
fatal, right, something

could really hurt you, but I
think that you need to just

lift those, get them to a certain place
where they're not a
vulnerability and triple down

on your charisma and triple
down on your salesmanship

and triple down on your work ethic.
Whatever those, three to
four, one, two, three, four,

five pillars are, it's
fascinating when you study

who's winning and who's not,
it's the people that have

the confidence to suck
at shit that are winning.

I can't read.
I'm terrible at it, like,
reading a second grade book

to my daughter is like, you
sure you want me to read,

you should go look at a bird.
Yet, standing in front of
800,000 people, I'm like, cool,

I'm good, we need to start
thinking more and more

and as you're going through
your careers right now,

I implore you to be confident
in what you're good at

and to punt what you suck at,
because I promise you, everybody
else sucks at shit too.

Everybody's got strengths and weaknesses
and I'm fascinated by
people's obsession to pour

all of their efforts into
fixing the weaknesses,

which is playing defense, and
not tripling down on their

strengths, so if I
leave you with anything,

structurally from a strategy standpoint
and mindset standpoint, I
highly implore you on that.

And that's it.
Those are the things that
are really kind of happening

to me, I'm fascinated
that we're in this era.

I want people to take bigger
advantages of it, right?

I need people to understand
how ridiculously unbelievable

it is and to figure out
do they really want stuff,

how many people love working
because they just love the game

of trying to win at a career
or building a business?

Raise your hands, those
people are gonna have

a disproportionate
advantage because it doesn't

feel like work, it's just their zone.
For the rest of you, you
need to figure out what

you like about it and spend
all your time on that,

because if you're in a place
where you don't like it,

you're not gonna put in the
amount of work that's needed

to actually achieve the
things that most of you want.

It's very, very simple, put yourself
in a position to succeed.
Put yourself in a position to succeed.
And how many people here
feel like they are not

Because I want to address this if I can,
just raise your hands if
you struggle a little bit

with self-awareness, raise your hands,
nobody wants to do that.
I'll just go to it, I
respect that's a tough one,

and why we got half the
hands that we should have

and more importantly the ones that we got
were fucking crocodile hands.
If you were listening for
the last seven minutes,

I'm going through awkward
territory, I'm going there

because it has been clearly
in the last four years

the thing that I've seen as won and lost.
I would highly implore
you take the five people

that spend the most time with you,
co-workers, or family members
if you feel like you're

struggling with this issue
and invite them to dinner,

create a weird event
where it's like your mom

and a co-worker, and she'll
say what the fuck is happening,

create a weird event and tell
everybody you really want

to figure out what you're good
at, what you're not good at,

and spend three hours
getting people that love you

and know you the best
comfortable with telling you

the truth because nobody
wants to tell you.

Because most people are
kind, we don't tell people

because we like each other,
especially the people

that are closest to you,
but this is something

I threw on about a year
ago in a blog post or maybe

two years ago and it's been
the thing that I've been

the most emailed about, it's remarkable.
And it's an unlock because
when you don't see it,

when you're blinded to it,
you're doing the same repeat

behavior that's stopping
you from the thing

and once you can break it,
if you have the humility

to be comfortable with
yourself, to go there,

it's a humongous unlock and
it's the disproportion reason.

Listen, my friends, a lot
of people when they talk

about technology and social
media and investing in business,

they want me to talk about details, right,
like we're about to do
Q&A, we'll go to it now,

in two minutes, I promise,
and if you want to ask me

a simple question of how to
get more Instagram followers,

I'm thrilled to answer
to you, I'm thrilled,

I will give you everything
I've got in detail,

but if you ask me why I
got to sit here today,

if you asked me why I believe
he's been able to build

this business, my friends,
all the magic is in the gray,

it's not in the black and white.
All the tactics you can Google right now,
you can Google anything you want.
You want to do Facebook ads better?
It's the best deal in marketing,
you want to sell shit?

You Facebook advertise it.
Your company should do a
shit load more Facebook

advertisement, I should do
more Facebook advertising,

it's a fucking steal, it's the steal.
Instagram influencers, fucking steal.
People don't know how to price themselves,
they give you awareness,
some are overpriced,

some are underpriced, fucking steal.
Under 30?
Snap-chat ads, 3$ CPMs, swipe
up, people watching videos,

these are details, but if
you're fucking insecure

it's not gonna mean dick.
If you don't know what the
fuck you're doing with yourself

it's not gonna mean shit.
The reason I spend my
time on talking about this

is not because I want to be a
fucking motivational speaker

and fluffy-fluff-fluff
and ra-ra-ra, it's because

it's the fucking thing.
It's the thing.
If your operating system
isn't right, you've got

no fucking chance.
Do you know how fucking unbeatable I feel?
Do you know if you
think that I'm the best,

then I'm fucking the best,
and you're wearing my hoodie

and I'm the fucking best, do
you know how good that feels?

Do you know if you're
sitting here right now,

never heard of me, and
you're like, fuck this guy,

I don't like this bravado,
I don't give a fuck either.

I don't care if you think
I'm the best, I don't care

if you think I'm the
worst, I'm just in my shit

because I'm grounded,
'cause I know what I am

and I know how I'm trying to live my life.
And I want that for every
fucking person, because

let me tell you something,
it fucking is the best.

It's such a good place to be.
Do you know what it's like
to be in your own head,

and nothing else matters?
Do you know what it feels
like to give a shit so much

about what everybody
thinks, yet not care at all?

Do you know when I leave
here, I'm gonna look at

every single Tweet about
this talk and if somebody

says eh, I'm gonna be
devastated like I fucking died,

yet I equally don't give a fuck!
When you can get to that
place, amazing shit happens.

You know why?
Because you stop being scared.
When you're not scared, you do shit.
When you're scared, you do nothing.
And when you're not scared, you do shit,
and even better, when you're
coming from a good place,

and your intent is good
because you're good

and you have good to give,
shit really starts happening.

So, I implore you, let's
go, get the mics ready,

I'm ready, let's go into the Q&A,
but I implore you, I'll
go into every detail,

but I implore you to get
inside your head real quick,

figure out who you really
are, and figure out if what

you're talking is being
mapped by what you're doing.

Because the second you
put those things together,

shit fucking unlocks.
Thank you.
(audience cheering)
Let's do it.
Let's get to the good part.
How are we doing this?
Just line up in the rows,
line up behind you and line up behind you?
Great, what's your name?
- [Audience Member] Hello.
- Hello.
- Wow, that's odd.
My name is Angela, I'm from Dutch Bros
Hillsborough Cornelius,
a huge fan of yours.

- [Gary] Thank you, thank you.
- Okay, so I watched tons
and tons of your content,

your videos, your daily Vs,
I listen to your podcast,

I question that I was
thinking about for a while

is how do you as a leader
motivate your team to be just

as hungry and passionate
as you are and make them

want to bust their ass just as hard?
- I don't.
I think it's crazy for CEOs
and owners of things to

expect their staff to bust
their ass and be as hungry

as them because when you own something,
it's different.
And so, what I do, is I try to motivate
by meeting each and every one of them.
The reason you've seen it,
that I meet with all of them

and do those meetings, I want
to buy the New York Jets,

I need like seven billion fucking dollars,
I work 18 hours a day, I wake up at 4.30
to be here today, I'm going back.
This was originally, I was
supposed to sleep here,

no, I need to get three
meetings in tomorrow,

I'm taking a bullshit red-eye tonight,
I don't expect that from others,
because most people
aren't insane to have this

romantic point of view
of not being able to buy

a Jets jersey for 20 bucks
when he first came to America,

to owning the team.
I've got a fuck you, on me, got it?
I don't expect that for anybody else.
What I want to know is what
makes every one of them tick.

Do you know how many people
just want to make 200,000

a year and have great work-life balance?
That's fucking
unbelievable, that's fucking

hitting the luck.
If you are the kind of
person that is obsessed with

making $200,000 a year,
and being able to go to all

sporting events of your
wonderful children,

that's incredible balance
and if that's what you want,

I want to empower you to do that.
I think the biggest mistake
the leaders make is they

expect others to care about
their shit as much as they do,

that's fucking ludicrous.
I want to figure out what you care about
and it's my job to put you
in a position to succeed,

to be hungry, and if that
means seeing every fucking

recital of your little
Suzy, I'm gonna fucking

do that for you.
- [Audience Member] What up, G?
- How are you, bro?
- [Audience Member] Good man.
I'm Logan, I work for
West Vancouver franchise.

- Oh, is this the thing we
do, you say where you're from

and then your four people are like, yeah,
what up, motherfucker, what's up!
I got it, I got it, just
trying to get it down,

I got it now.
- They're my groupies.
- [Gary] You all from VaynerMedia
New York, give me some!

All right, go ahead.
- One thing I've learned
from working with the company

for so long and stuff is the passion.
Everybody here has passion.
- [Gary] Clearly.
- And we give so much.
I mean it could be passion with our job,
it could passion from outside, it could be
whatever it is.
- You guys are so ridiculously lucky,
we've an internal job board,
I have full-time employees

trying to help people get
jobs to leave our company

'cause we want it better for them,
I've literally never sensed a truer purity
of that mission as much
as you guys have as well

and it's remarkable.
You guys are very fortunate.
It stems from the top and
like-minded people find each

other, it's really rad,
I'm really impressed,

I'm super-pumped to be here, go ahead.
- Basically my question is,
do you ever hold back any

of your passion, does it ever
maybe get the best of you

sometimes and that you
have to maybe take a couple

of steps back and realize,
I may have gone too far.

- The answer is no.
But, more importantly,
for me it's kind of like,

I do lots of things out of
passion that I'm not pumped

about, for example, let's
go back to football,

two years ago, at a Jets-Steelers game,
Jets were beating the
Steelers, this was four years

ago, for no reason,
Steelers were much better,

Jets were bad that year, Jets
are on the verge of winning,

this 85-year-old guy is
coming up the stairs,

and I get sports muscles,
when I'm in Jets world,

I'm not me, it's the
only place I'm not me.

I get too emotional, right?
So, the guy is walking up
and the Jets are winning,

it's the fourth quarter
and I stand up 'cause I'm

ridiculous and I'm like, hey,
old man, you're finished,

old man, you're finished, right?