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I’m a very interesting
and intelligent man
And today I’m getting together with some of my feathered friends
To teach you a thing or two about English idioms
i bet you've never been taught by a bird before
you might think that birds are not very clever
And so
not very good teachers
and you’re right
look at them
their heads are tiny
And a tiny head
means a tiny brain
in English we call someone who isn't very bright
bird brain
something I've never been called
another thing you may have noticed about birds
Is that they can fly
which is very clever considering they’re bird brains
Nor imagine the view a bird can get when it’s flying
Here’s a bird in the sky…and here’s the ground
Marvellous! They can see everything!
So come on! What do you think the idiom ‘to have a bird’s eye view’ means?
Thats right
it means to be able to see very clearly from a high place
what's that you said
I got some very interesting information
Would you like to know who told me?
Didn’t you see
a little bird told me
I can use this idiom
when I want to give you some information
but i don't want you to know who told me
some very interesting information
about you
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Bird Idioms - BBC Learning English

1653 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on August 14, 2013
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