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  • (monkey sounds)

  • Hello

  • I’m a very interesting and intelligent man

  • and today with these baboons and I will be monkeying around teach you

  • a thing or two about English

  • I bet you've never been taught by a monkey before

  • Well be monkeying around

  • To monkey around

  • What do you think that could mean?

  • Tn English, to monkey around is to behave in a silly or careless way

  • Pen

  • To money around

  • like him

  • and me

  • (broken glass)

  • (money sounds)

  • Anyway, down to some serious business

  • the English language

  • what a wonderful thing, the language of Shakespeare

  • language ofuh

  • Please stop talking, I'm trying to teach

  • uh... where as I?

  • uh... yes English the language ofare you eating now? Enough of this monkey

  • business

  • that's right. In English we can call bad or dishonest behavior

  • monkey business

  • monkey business

  • Hello, it’s me, the teacher

  • I bet you didn't recognize me for a minute, what's the matter?

  • what do you mean I'm not taking this seriously

  • I know you are a hard-working student of English don't worry

  • I'm not trying to make a monkey out of You. In English

  • if we're trying to make someone look stupid

  • We can say were making a monkey out of them

  • to make monkey house out of someone

  • The only person around here I’m making a monkey out of

  • is me!

(monkey sounds)

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Monkey Idioms - BBC Learning English

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