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Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man
and today these bees and I are getting together to teach you a thing or two
about English idioms
I bet you’ve never been taught by a
bee before
look at them all
working away
Busy buzzy bees
In English
if somebody's very busy
or is moving around quickly doing lots of things
we can say that
busy as a bee
as a bee
What else do we know about bees?
My favourite
Runny honey, I love honey
In fact, I think it's the bee’s knees
Now, I know what you’re thinking
what are you talking about you silly man
the bee’s knees
In english
if we think that something is excellent
or the very highest quality
we can say it's the bee’s knees
The bee’s knees
like my lessons
they’re the bee’s knees
they may make yummy, runny honey
but never forget
that bees
have a nasty side
You wouldn’t
want one to fly up here into your hat
or bonnet as we call this old-fashioned lady’s hat
how would you feel
if you had the bee in your bonnet
extremely worried
In english
if someone is very worried
or concerned about something
and they talk about it
all the time
we can say they got a bee in their bonnet
to have a bee in your bonnet
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Bee Idioms - BBC Learning English

11417 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on August 14, 2013
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