A2 Basic UK 182 Folder Collection
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Oh, where is it?
I'm sure I saved a copy here…
Oh, hey. I’m just searching for
a file I need for a project
I'm working on with some other students.
I'm sure I saved a copy onto my phone
but I can't find it,
and the other project members need to
work on it.
Oh, and that's what we are going
to be talking about today:
collaborating with others.
Now where is that file?!
Unfortunately, I didn't have a copy
of that important document on my phone,
so now I’m
in trouble with the other project members!
I should have saved a copy of the document
in the cloud.
Of course, that doesn't mean a real cloud.
When we talk about the cloud
digitally, we mean a remote server
where we can save and access documents
by connecting to the internet.
That's a really useful tool
for working collaboratively with other students.
Think about it.
If you are working on a project with
other people in different locations,
it makes sense to have
one place where you keep
all your documents and files so that
you can all access them
whenever you need to.
That way, you can all make changes
and work on your assigned tasks
at a time that works for you.
It's great for distance learners!
So, how could that work?
Well, let's imagine you
and some fellow students are working on
a presentation.
If your work is on the cloud
then all of you can access it, and review
your work and make edits.
If you are using word-processing software,
you can track changes
too, so you can see what changes
other collaborators have made.
There are lots of cloud-based tools
for working together. You can use platforms
such as Google Drive
to store your work.
And you can keep these areas
password protected so only the
right people have access.
Other cloud resources
such as DropBox or WeTransfer let you store,
share and send each other large files.
And if you have large
and complex projects to work on,
you can even use cloud-based project
management software.
Some of these platforms will let you do things like:
Leave each other
messages on a message board;
assign tasks to project members;
create a to-do list, so
that everybody knows what tasks
are not yet completed;
create a project schedule with
delivery dates;
store and share large files
that everyone needs access to.
Useful, huh?
Of course some of
these project management platforms
you need to pay to use, but others
have some free functionality.
And of course, many academic institutions
have an online learning platforms
for their students that
will allow you to work
collaboratively with other distance learners.
Ah. That's my project leader now.
I'm in so much trouble!
Let’s hope he's in a good mood.
Paul, hi!
I was just thinking about you.
The document?
Yes, ah, well, there's
a funny story about that…
I'll see you later… got to deal with this…
Paul, it's fine! It's just, well – it's gone.
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Digital Literacy – Online collaboration

182 Folder Collection
Samuel published on December 5, 2017
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