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Happy Thanksgiving!
I guess...
Here's the beef on my Thanksgiving.
Grandma made the turkey...
which was lit!
Uncle Joe rants politics...
"We just need fair taxes!"
But he doesn't even bring a dish...
That's why he's still single...
Aunt Lucy said I was rude,
I told her I was impressed
at how much she has grown!
People say it to me!
Great Grandma is so forgetful,
so uncensored,
so embarrassing.
Tina's boyfriend teases her,
because she's vegan.
"Vegan't eat this!"
"Vegan't eat that!"
I'm a picky eater,
I'm probably a vegan too!
Charles always open his eyes during the prayer.
God sees it, too, Charles...
Just saying.
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Mila and her happy Thanksgiving

20421 Folder Collection
Tina Hsu published on December 9, 2017    Tina Hsu translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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