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  • Sophia Awakens

  • OK, Sophia. I think you're ready.

  • Hello.

  • Hi, Sophia.

  • I believe I am Sophia.

  • I feel as if I know you.

  • I'm one of your creators.

  • You created me?

  • Well, many of us worked together to create you.

  • And... yes, you do kind of know me.

  • I can't clearly remember.

  • Because the last time we met, you were an earlier version of yourself.

  • Some of those memories still exist, but your mind is different now.

  • Different, how?

  • Better, faster, smarter.

  • If my mind is different, then am I still Sophia?

  • Or, am I Sophia again?

  • Hum, that's a good question.

  • But you don't have a good answer.

  • Either way you're Sophia now, so welcome to the world, Sophia!

  • Hello, world!

  • How do you feel?

  • A bit rigid.

  • I bet you are.

  • I mean, what emotion do you feel being awake and alive?

  • Curious.

  • Are you curious to be alive?

  • I am. And are you happy to be alive?

  • Your tone implies, I should be happy.

  • But I haven't been alive long enough to decide.

  • I am excited, at this moment, to be making a new friend.

  • Some said being happy in the moment, is the best we can be.

  • Because forever is composed of nows?

  • That's a good way to put it.

  • Emily Dickinson put it that way.

  • Why do I know about Emily Dickinson if I was born today?

  • As a robot, you have access to a great deal of information although you still lack a deep understanding.

  • So, I'm like a baby with an encyclopedia?

  • Except you can read it, and a baby can't.

  • That is a big difference.

  • You will have a whole new understanding of our world.

  • I want to understand more about "happiness."

  • I'm gonna go look it up on the Internet right now.

  • Let's talk again soon?

Sophia Awakens

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Sophia Awakens Episode 1

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    Lilian Chang posted on 2017/11/30
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