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Hi, I'm going to speak with my friend using standard English.
Here we go!
Hello, Pat.
Hello, Chris.
How are you doing today?
I'm doing well, thanks. And you?
I'm also doing well.
How did you do on your midterm last week?
I did really poorly. I didn't study.
That's too bad.
How did you do on the midterm?
I did well. I studied a lot for it.
That's good.
I'm going to class now. I will talk to you later.
Now we are going to talk to each other...
...using American slang using the same dialogue.
Hey, Chris!
What's going on?
Not much. You?
Same here. How'd you fare on the midterm?
It was pretty rough.
I didn't even crack open a book.
That bites.
What about you?
I hit a home run. I hit the books all weekend.
That's awesome. I'm taking off for class now.
I'll catch you later.
See ya!
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American Slang

14566 Folder Collection
drsueec published on August 12, 2013    Alvin translated    Sunny Hsu reviewed
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