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  • here's another immigration quick tip brought to you by Landerholm

  • immigration

  • if you have received a hearing notice in immigration court

  • that means one thing: and one thing only: and that is

  • that the US government has put you into deportation proceedings

  • this is not a fun place to be and you need a lawyer

  • okay I want you to know what to expect

  • in these hearings in your first hearing it will be a master

  • calendar hearing there's basically two types of hearings in immigration court

  • the first as a master calendar and the second

  • is what's called an individual hearing the master

  • is where you go in and there will be a lot have different people

  • in the same room in front of the same judge

  • you might have to wait you know even a couple hours before your case is heard

  • and each person's case might just take five or ten minutes

  • basically your lawyer will be with you will go up the lawyer will talk to the

  • judge basically the lawyer will do all the talking

  • okay and they'll explain to the judge what the strategy is

  • and what our plan is to defend you

  • against deportation okay at the

  • end of the Masters sometimes there's two sometimes there's three

  • right eventually the judge will

  • either order you deported which we hope not

  • or will set the case to an individual hearing

  • the individual hearing is like a trial

  • okay and its it's theirs it's just you that's why they call it the individual

  • hearing

  • and it'll be you your lawyer the judge

  • the government attorney and an interpreter if you're not

  • I if your best language is something other than English

  • those five people will be in a room

  • and for hours we will go into your life

  • your situation to make sure that you are eligible

  • to stay in the united states or not at the end of the individual hearing

  • or hearings the judge will decide whether or not

  • the judge is going to order you deported or whether or not they're going to allow

  • you to stay in the

  • united States this is a very stressful process

  • and I really hope for your sake that you have a lawyer

  • who's trustworthy who's good in who you like to go with you

  • throughout the process for more information contact landerholm

  • immigration

  • your Bay Area immigration lawyer landerholm immigration

  • we fight for your American dream

here's another immigration quick tip brought to you by Landerholm

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