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O God! Today You've shown me how mighty You are,
and You've shown these demons Your wondrous deeds.
They see that Your life force can exceed any force!
The Church of Almighty God must be abolished!
But the state grants us the freedom to believe,
why do you arrest us?
It's the freedom of a bird trapped in a cage.
Though its wings are not bound,
when it flies, it's still in the cage.
Tell me! Who are the upper leaders of your church?
And the church's money? Where is that?
Oh, still quiet? Then don't you expect to get out alive!
Keep pouring!
She just miscarried!
God …
I never thought that the CCP would be capable of doing something this terrible!
I can barely stand it anymore!
Just as God's word says,
We'll give her an injection that will make her start to hallucinate.
This will make her go insane.
Even after she gets out, she'll lose her belief in God.
If we do this, then it has to be done in secrecy. No one can know.
They all just want to make you crazy,
so that you can't believe in God and lose the salvation!
Now let me recite one more passage of God's word, all right?
Maybe her God saved her?
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The Love of God Saved Me | Christian Movie Trailer | "A New Life Out of Tortures"

47 Folder Collection
John published on November 24, 2017
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