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My name is Dave Timko, I’m the owner of Sky Dive Kauai, we do tandem skydiving, it’s
an instructor on the top, student on the bottom, no experience necessary. We’re on our honeymoon
and it’s his birthday - it’s my birthday and I’ve always wanted to jump out of a
plane. I’m getting ready to go sky dive on Kauai, and I’m totally stoked. A little
nervous, it’ll be good though. I’ve got some jumping beans in my belly. Who’s excited?
Ready, set! I like it to describe sky diving like a five year old kid on Christmas morning,
where they can’t sleep all night and they’re excited, and they come out and their eyes
are wide open and they go rip through the presents - that’s what we do with 80 or
90 year old people. We recreate that euphoria that a child gets on Christmas morning. There’s
no falling sensation, it feels like you’re floating on a bed of air. It’s not crazy,
it’s spiritual, beautiful, it’s a euphoric high. This is nuts! Yeah! Oh, everybody should
do this, it’s not scary, it’s so much fun. It was absolutely one of the most amazing
things I’ve ever done in my life. That was the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Welcome
to the sky. Everyone’s gotta do that. I was so nervous and Enzo was amazing. Thank
you Enzo! There’s so much beauty you see going up, and then coming down. You go over
the canyon and they’re pointing stuff out the whole time. What a smooth landing, you
are awesome. This was absolutely amazing, absolutely amazing. Just feels like you’re
a bird up there, it’s unreal. That was amazing! So awesome. Holy cow. You feel like you’re
a kid again, it’s just pure joy. It’s pure joy as you’re falling to the earth
and you’re looking at the ocean, and all of a sudden - poof! And then you float, and
it’s quiet on the way down. It’s amazing. And if you’re going to do it for your first
time, why not do it on Kauai. It’s warm, the ocean, the view, you can’t get much
better. We can take anyone from 18 to 90. We do have a perfect safety record, I don’t
hire an instructor with less than 6000 sky dives. This is our passion, this is our love,
it’s not even work for us. This is probably the coolest job I’ve had taking people up
to experience my passion and my love. Our phone number is 808-335-5859, also skydivekauai.com,
they can find us on our webpage. Welcome back guys! Yes! Oh my gosh, that was unbelievable.
Thank you!
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Sky Dive Kauai Activity Spotlight - KVIC-TV, myKauai.com

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姚易辰 published on August 9, 2013
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