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Okay guys
So we are here at the climactic love scene in the movie, right?
Spiderman is taking Gwen Stacy at the top of the Brooklyn Bridge for grand final romantic kiss
and we want this kiss to be really memorable.
Are you guys all set?
Yeah, we are ready.
Alright, alright.
So go ahead!
Take your place on the bridge here.
And let's roll the tape.
Spiderman kiss take one.
Music up!
What did on that webbing say?
I couldn't really make out the handwriting.
It says I love you Gwen,
and I will follow you wherever you go.
I love you too, Peter.
Besides, they got crime in England right?
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
No I loved the way you guys played that.
I just feel like the kiss was a little off.
Oh really?
I thought that was actually pretty hot.
Okay well.
Maybe that's try one that's just a little more natural.
Oh, natural.
We got you.
I love you Gwen and I am gonna follow you wherever you go.
I love you too, Peter.
Besides, we got crime in England right?
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Guys, maybe just give us a kiss, you know, just like you do in real life.
Because that is obviously not like how we normally kiss.
No, no, no.
I mean yeah.
I mean who kisses like that in real life.
Okay, great.
I am just gonna keep it rolling okay?
So do me three kisses in a row,
and remember just kiss like normal people kiss.
Alright, yeah, normal.
You got it, Mark.
Great thanks.
How did normal people kiss?
I have literally no idea.
Just try something, just do it.
I am sorry. You said what?
What? What?
No I just heard you are whispering....
Oh we are just saying...
We were saying uh...
Just like get ready for normal kiss.
Yeah, all aboard the kissy train.
That normal kissy train.
We gonna be normal.
We are about kissing.
Everything you are saying worries me.
Alright, that's try this and...action!
It's just...okay.
I love you too, Peter.
Besides, they got crime in England too, right?
No, guys, common, that's try it with passion, alright?
Okay, besides, they got crime in England too, right?
Guys! Guys,Breath! Guys, breath!
Stop sharing air!
Stop sharing air, guys!
Common, this is supposed to be romantic.
Oh, oh, oh, okay, romantic.
No, yeah, I got this. I got this. I got this.
Okay, come here.
Besides, they got crime in England too, right?
Yeah, I am gonna call a cut on that.
Guys, I don't understand what's happening.
I mean, you kiss in the first movie, right?
Well, did we?
Yeah, I think we have tape.
Play back!
Yeah, see, we had stunt double.
Yeah, wow, I guess I just block that out.
I mean, I don't know what to try next, you guys.
How are you doing guys?
Hey! Chris Martin!
Hey! Good to see you!
We are thinking about using a Coldplay song in the movie.
I am sorry this taking so long.
We are just having a really hard time with this make out scene.
Well, I could give it try if you like.
I love it, but it's up to the actors.
Thank you so much!
That's really fantastic!
Yeah, it's gonna work.
Everybody love this.
Andrew, just use it.
This is perfect, right?
Chris, do you need a script?
No, I am fine but I could use a wig.
Oh sure, that's find a wig.
Here you go.
I don't think...
Oh, this look so good.
I love it.
Wait, wait, wait!
Let's roll! Let's roll the camera.
And... action!
Now you listen to me, you beautiful spidery man.
The great power comes with great responsibility.
And our responsibility right now is to make sweet sweet love.
So why don't you go ahead and show me that beautiful little tongue?
Come to papa!
Is that... is that how people kiss?
No, Emma.
No one has ever kissed like that before.
And they never will again.
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Spiderman Kiss - Saturday Night Live

10798 Folder Collection
Katharina Yang published on November 27, 2017    Katharina Yang translated    reviewed
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