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- Are you doing "Pitch Perfect 3"?
- Yeah, yeah. - Wow, really?
[cheers and applause]
That's fantastic. - Yeah, this pitch will be back.
- And when will that happen?
- Well, we'll film that next year.
- Mm-hmm. - And in the meantime,
I've got this great romantic comedy coming out
called "How To Be Single."
That'll come out on Valentine's Day.
- Good for you! - So all the single people...
- Working like crazy. - Will really enjoy that.
- Yeah. [cheers and applause]
- Um, you have been posting some pictures that I have to--
I need time to ask you about these.
- Okay. - So let's take a look.
[audience laughter]
I don't even know how you would want to try something like--
That--I would never try that.
- Okay, well, it all started over the summer,
'cause I was on vacation.
- Uh huh. - And this is actually in Ibiza,
and it's called flyboarding.
- Yeah. - And apparently,
like, you can die.
[audience laughter] Because it's pretty dangerous.
That's why I was wearing a helmet.
But you're jet-propelled into the air by water jets.
- I've seen this, but-- - Yeah, it's incredible.
- It seems very, very frightening in how they could
just let someone do that.
You must've signed a million papers.
- Uh, I didn't. I think it was Spain,
and they're like, "Whatever."
[audience laughter]
"Do you want a drink?" And I was like, "Sure."
And I'll go out and do this.
But I didn't actually know I was being photographed at the time,
'cause I thought I'm, you know,
in a strange country, on holidays,
and then now I got the new nickname White Legs Wilson.
- Uh huh. [audience laughter]
[audience laughter]
- I don't like that nickname. - That's, uh--
And that's a--so that's a paparazzi shot.
- Yeah, 'cause I was just concentrating on not dying.
- Right. [audience laughter]
And then you're on a camel someplace--where is this?
- Um, that's in Dubai.
I went there,
and I didn't know that it's not good to go in summer.
'Cause it's very hot there?
- Yeah. [audience laughter]
- I was like, "Why is there only five people at the hotel?
This is awesome."
- What month did you go, like-- - Um, July, like--
- No, but that's winter there, isn't it?
- No, that's still summer. - But I went--
I went in June, and I thought that I was getting off easy
'cause it was like 110, and they were like,
"Oh, you should see it in the summer."
- Oh, well, it was like 150. - Yeah.
[audience laughter]
- It was like way hotter than when you were there.
- It is hot. It's very, very hot there.
And--but the people are lovely, and they watch the show,
so hello, everybody in Dubai. - Yeah, hi.
They're big "Pitch Perfect" fans, actually.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Probably bigger than my fans.
- I mean, you have a lot of fans as well,
but I don't know.
[audience laughter]
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Rebel Wilson on Pitch Perfect 3

12820 Folder Collection
kiki published on November 25, 2017    Jade Weng translated    Jerry reviewed
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