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  • Lord and Lady Braybrooke have guests for afternoon tea, and so I am in the garden looking for

  • flowers to help with the decoration.

  • I'm going to make Victoria Sandwiches, everybody loves Victoria Sandwiches.

  • For these you will need:

  • The first step is to whisk the eggs. You will need to whisk them for a long time to make

  • them nice and frothy and this will help with the rise of the cake.

  • I'm using a copper bowl. But you might need to add a few drops of lemon juice to help.

  • Now that they're nice and fluffy, we're going to add sugar and mix them well together.

  • Now you add the flour, make sure that you sift it, especially if you are unsure of the

  • quality of your flour. And it will also help keep your cake mix nice and light.

  • You can, if you like, add almonds. I would recommend it.

  • Add a little raising agent to help with the rise. And to add a little flavour, I'm going

  • to add some orange flower water. I suppose you could add vanilla or almond flavouring,

  • it depends on who you're cooking for.

  • And now you need to make sure that you mix all of it thoroughly together.

  • As we are making Victoria Sandwiches the sponge cake needs to be baked in a rectangular tin.

  • The first thing you need to do is to line it. So I am going to cover the whole thing

  • with butter. Over every single bit of the tin.

  • Now that you have lined your tin, to get a nice edge to your cake just sprinkle some

  • sugar all the way over it.

  • And now pour in your mix.

  • We want the cake to have a flat top. So give it a couple of taps and then to insulate it

  • whilst it is in the oven, so it can cook more smoothly all the way over, I'm going to wrap

  • some wet cheesecloth or bands, and pin it around the outside.

  • Obviously all ovens are different, so you'll want to keep an eye on it and maybe turn it

  • while it's in there.

  • And it wants to cook in a moderate oven.

  • Now that it's out of the oven and cool, you can cut it into manageable pieces. Then halve

  • these. And spread it with jam.

  • Now we need to present it. So cut it into bite sized pieces and put it on a presentation

  • dish.

  • And there we are, the last sandwich. With some of Lady Braybrooke's favourite flowers

  • from the gardens here at Audley End.

  • Victoria Sandwiches, perfect for a summer afternoon.

Lord and Lady Braybrooke have guests for afternoon tea, and so I am in the garden looking for

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