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extraordinary things about
history's most extraordinary position
is the fact that this man's music
exerts to make that the defection for us today
against which we tend to make your much of your treatment in the obviously last
two centuries
this music and absolutely no effect
another musicians with the public
the strange thing about
copies of doesn't of conception of the
misunderstood genius who was years ahead of his time he was certainly
misunderstood but
not because he was ahead of his time
larry because according to the musical disposition of that day he was
thread if you put the one i just played was
already becoming is old-fashioned inbox time missus
it would be if one were to sit down start writing symphonies in the manner
of max treated today
and baucus he grew older not only made no attempt
reconcile his father temper
in fact withdrew into what must have seemed to his contemporaries shirley is
maddening nostalgic for the glory speeches
bc was
greatest nonk
and one of the supreme examples of back independence of the artistic conscience
stands quite outside collective historical process
the age of fox speaking in a very general sort of way was fucked we can
now call the age of reason or
perhaps an age of reason they're bt been quite a lot of them it was fundamentally
an agent which man struggled against
fear against
predetermine the sea
was engaged in which he asserted
confidently the wonders of science and a few minutes she says
both times an age of
who breached defiance for the call
but its most poetic
it was still a major which
wonderfully tivities science and the proverb
genius man could co-exist
i think magical mystical
fearful rights
and so the arc to the poetry of the music of the vote
at its best is such this feeling of compromise
this conciliation between the will live now
begin extra vote
even during the like sebastian bach this vibrant spiritual compromise which keeps
such anguish in purpose and passion to his music
became for other artists of his generation ever more difficult for cheap
and slowly but surely
and logically explainable unpredictable became the basis of
and by the time of his death
the world was a very good
place from that into the cuban born
because the world twitch
longed to be logical world for young men
for young life
what bob died
was not heat but by the his sons who are considered to be the masters of music
masters of the music so very different from average their father had known
tane composers like
the teenager joseph haydn who are soon to lay the groundwork for
a new musical style in which all of this scientific optimism all of this
naively logical philosophic
papa bear generation would find it covered parking and our conviction
the aim would be
not the communication of man
dot but
rather of man with men
exposed traits of sebastian bach which
parallel music p
realization of the incredible richness and
indefinable complexity of the
human state could find no place
to become an aging which the focus of musical activity had moved from the
church to the theater and which
the newark would
rationally reflect a rational world in which will be required to
deal with probabilities
not to participate in the streets
this is not to say that the aspirations transcends human condition would be
forever lost art
certainly it's the essence of
beethoven's work
for instance if we feel and struggling to strike beyond the
realization of human potential
but the grand juror beethoven resides in the struggle
rather than in the occasional transcends cheese
and it might perhaps
never again be possible for us to home
more than a glimpse of that inordinate state ecstasy
but sebastian bach
never put the question
for new age
new musical for
the symphony
and the sum up it would be
instrumental performance versus aggressive new humanity builds
express itself
these reforms which were
based from a really upon the simplification and the clarification of
the system of what we call
total harmony
and talese forms came to hold a conception of the role of the musical
they used fifteen other something which
just was permeated every facet of the work is a bit inbox music
was something unique something singularly eventful
something belonging to the moment
this was also the age in which the concepts of fearsome active who musical
architecture became paramount for box arms with the most
essentially an isolated event related propelled into a relationship really
with other
seems other isolated events five
the divisive
what's called monica modulation right
the family ties of one key to another
and these family relationships with the background against which
this new
musical architecture built its
i'd like to sons wasn't
really searching for a concise harmonic
definitions of it
relationship of themes
his harmony his sense of architecture was immensely complex
infinitely which is another sons really in front of the kind of
adventures that have existed in the musical language since
just wild over the sixteenth century
which connects us to get in touch on bergamot twenty
eg while his son's music with
it's smacked
of pleasure it's measured
form seems to related somehow to the probabilities operation electricity
with all its internally undulating
harmonic motion with all its vast
linear competition
seems to suggest somehow be suspended perpetually
transient unknown
what does it come to expect great surprises musical bachmann comes across
creek moments indescribable technical achievements but one has not played to
in the course of our work anymore but any pronouncements which school work is
not in
inbox the sickest constancy of the country
the continuous line of development the certainty of motions to come to expect
essentially prabhakar
was a means of
expressing that state of the leaflet which
experience could be making guide which only the obstructionism
temptations room could
unusual to come existence
gingrich however the necessity defend against
these temptations provoked the drama of human life
if use these
temptations and the
constant effort which is required to expelled them with which the
text of the content of
the title of this cantata which russell bliss by the same with this in a moment
fetus should have booked as soon get roughly translates as
stand firm against signal
and it's very probably by parking self
certainly gets music realizing he's given an intensely urgent and
uh... very open in court is one of the most striking in all of bucks from
monica arsenal
effect coming as it doesn't the beginning of work it's just
and both of the other movements of the scanned copy or
for that wonderful
torturous art
close relation and suspension
spock always reserve
on which he felt
being either passion
today i have
strong style
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and are
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you know i'm not
as the
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constantine dean
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decent candidates and spending off
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seeing as how does the financial arctic part
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ten days
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and martin he died
on loan
monday evening
it's too easy
great length on the descriptive qualities
bach's music
despite the fact that they are much evidence
ever since the great
box revivals of the late nineteenth century an incredible amount of effort
misplaced scholarship has been
extremely dramatic connotations of almost every instrumental in boca motif
which occurs more than once in his work
in fact in the most active years of fox research at the beginning of our century
cantata xams passion music were subject to much the same sort of
microscopic analysis as was the like most of technique of faulkner's ring
fortunately we've now learned
i think to except
pictorial aspect approx writing with its proper context
it was a
important part of his musical thinking and one thing which many of the
characteristic motives of is instrumental style
adopted into his vocal lighting and and vice versa
but there is a very real danger to be phased in
overstating it
differences what applies the dramatic into the opening phrase of the cantata
number before
you can say that the retention of that dominant
just what exactly is called depicts the tension and
discord struggle for the souls purity
but its product resolution
portrays the state contention for two weeks
spirituals etc
this is a possible analysis
it would be possible to save what have the malice to say it that
the great tension of the opening committee
dozens of sacrifice in the nuisance of bothering the struggle wildly
comically solution of since the east
i don't think block subscribe to that view but it does indicate that it's
extremely dangerous to apply what to expect
have applied that kind of
dramatic pieces of music
because the fact remains
for all the
passion of his own
for all the conviction of his own theological position was
its first musical achievement be concerned
first and last an architect the constructor of sound
and what makes him so
est will be valuable to us is that he was beyond a doubt greatest architect of
sound who ever lived
the box music
provides us
with the grand summation of all techniques
but the great masters of north european music since
in the early renaissance
at the very end of a long line of german ducts
flemish masters
who fright
create or modify caliente yet of what
surely at one time seemed b
shrunken limits of
major mine internet again
early seventeenth century
box harmonics thinking belongs to that
concept of from the university which
all of the anxious transition of musical history have been involved this entry
into the forest for
in which these feeding system of finality first food victorious over the
complex relations of mogul
certainly all of the electric melodic techniques that sparked used reception
those which
had been developed and in some cases perfected by the great masters of the
lichtenstein's effect box many advice as his vast resources of
you've been kemon we're simply techniques that required the widest
possible harmonic references techniques which
necessarily find the stringent economy
eighteenth-century to melody a challenging but
infuriating discipline
one of the problems which gives box work it's extraordinary poignancy is the fact
we could practically see him struggling to testing the limits of his incredible
linear imagination
in order to stay
turned even to save the
disciplining harmonic progressions tune-up
dropped as a german stands between the
michael tendencies
early though music that of the north of the dot shinde
from its tradition
in which the talked a couple styles the melodic development support where
essentially based upon vocal correct the site's
and that is a sense of italy in which the florida
diversions instrumental style where
allowed to create their own sources of technique
brock somehow managed to coordinate bo
approaches to the art of music
we find him
is earlier years writing fumes that except x like this one
means that this was the quake impossible to attempt the same
here's a few which papo
they're yours deaths
if you can see that not only the demonic stylist infinitely more complex
but also that
it would be possible to sing this music concededly knew you invoke
effect all of the tendency six where rapidly crystallizing
in the musical are box time where the exact
baptism accepted by that
example and
by this one
morris exam
by no means all the box writing business
intends to risk
part of this is the act
yudofsky instrumental principles of the italian concerto style he brings to them
a certain
stability he certain shermanesque
they come in his hands is vital and as purposeful is that happiest of the
offshoots of the reformation v german car out
if that sounds just vaguely familiar that uh... is not media correla played
in fact
reduced weeks harmonic
basis is
opening up the first theme of the fifth
ruttenberg concerto
it's robert remarkable i think that even here in this most sophisticated most
attended the forms
box david concerto
with finding the structural
killers of his writing that same
purity in clarity of thinking which marks the great sources
german carell writing
by the way this abn
don't get it on which i could
trade that few is
in case you're wondering uh...
droppings active general and not exactly a hot critics and a lot of canada thinks
it's articulate and and that was about the cause of tumors
that same thing by the way up the
clearly i think the great differences in how money thinking that it's just
between park and
is more progressive
fifteen blunders costly back-and-forth
across the he center axis of
d major which is to keep the work and it's time to get a conclusion coming on
something else happens to the late
plan the box sons would concoct
bearded opting
for them the satisfaction of musical structure wasn't getting through to
begin in termination in achieving
it wasn't for now if you could
simply the
joyous essences b
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Glenn Gould talks about J S Bach

446 Folder Collection
johnyang8781 published on November 11, 2017
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