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These are my "Bad Mom" confessions.
I mean, there are so many.
Be vulnerable.
There was this one time my son was crying so hard
and I didn't know what was the matter--
I didn't know what was the problem.
I was looking at all of his digits.
And I had no idea.
I was like, is he fed.
Is he like-- you know, what's happening?
And I opened up his diaper and one of my hairs
has wound itself around his situation.
Almost castrated the son.
Anyway, that was good times.
That felt good.
Hopefully he doesn't see this.
Happy birthday, Leonard.
Happy birthday, Leonard.
11 years old.
There was another time I want to do like a spa--
have like a spa time with him in the tub.
I think I told you guys this.
It was like, oh, we're gonna-- this is gonna be a coziest,
like, bed time ever.
I'm gonna dim the lights, have candles.
It's gonna be a lavender bath--
Such high expectations.
It was like just high expectations, exactly.
Didn't know that you shouldn't use like a straight lavender
oil, like that it should be diffused.
Oh, so you did know.
Well, because it burns.
Well, they sat in-- yes.
Literally, they like that in it.
It was so relaxing for two seconds.
Then, all of a sudden, it was like, bloody murder.
Literally grabbing frozen washcloths and putting-- anyway
that was a fun night too.
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'A Bad Moms Christmas' Stars Talk Being 'Bad' Moms

11963 Folder Collection
kiki published on November 25, 2017    Jade Weng translated    Jerry reviewed
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