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  • Emily: Hi it's Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to another vegan nugget. Today

  • I'm honored to be joined by my friend and mentor Gary Yourofsky, who has graciously

  • agreed to be here and answer questions that you, the Bite Size Vegan audience, have sent

  • to me. I'm going to be releasing this interview in a series of videos, so be sure to stay

  • tuned to the channel. Gary I just wanted to thank you so much for taking time out of your

  • busy schedule to be here and answer some of these questions.

  • Gary: Anything for you Emily.

  • Emily: Thank you.

  • Emily: When you are trying to educate about veganism and you come up against someone who

  • is either actively combative, or just does not seem to want to hear what you are saying,

  • is there a point at which you walk away? And how do you know when it's that point? Especially

  • if it's someone that may be a family member or a close friend?

  • Gary: Family members and friends are the toughest people to talk to when converting anyways,

  • so I would not waste too much time on them. Believe it or not, even though I've converted

  • some say hundreds of thousands of people now worldwide because of my videos being passed

  • around on YouTube and Facebook, I've had virtually no success with friends and family members.

  • Give me a crowd of strangers, I could rock the house, I could convert people that I've

  • never met, inside of 45 minutes. Friends and family members though, they're the toughest

  • people in the world. Don't spend too long with them. Give them a chance, everybody deserves

  • a chance, I give everyone a chance when I walk into a classroom. But after my speech,

  • if you start saying the same dumb things and stupid questions, I'll cut you off after a

  • few and say you know what man you need to go home and relax. You need to think about

  • what I said. Your foundations are crumbled, and you need to rebuild those foundations

  • later on and take a break. So I don't even spend too much time with people who are being

  • combative. Now I'm fortunate, because most of my crowd is not combative, so I get to

  • talking to educate. But those are the people I'm looking for. And I've become a great psychologist

  • over the years, lecturing the 60,000+ students. I walk into a classroom and I'm like good

  • person, bad, good, bad, on the fence, on the fence, uh oh trouble, and when I see those

  • troublemakers, in fact I won't even call on them when they raise their hands. I know who

  • the troublemakers are. Now sometimes professors get involved in the Q and A and they call

  • on them, so it turns into a little chaotic scene, but I avoid those troublemakers altogether.

  • I've been doing this for 18 years though, I'm a little tired and I don't want to fight

  • anymore, I don't. I'll fight for the animals, I will preach for the animals, I will die

  • for the animals, they can put me in jail for the animals, but I don't want to fight anymore

  • this is so simple to me that I'm looking for the people who are understanding the messages.

  • I lay it out throughout the speech, and I want to have a discussion with them about

  • it, and help them make the conversion. Because that's really the toughest part of converting

  • somebody, is to explain to them, okay where are you going to eat from now on? Where are

  • you going to shop from now on? So once I get to those questions I just, that's where I

  • want to be and help people make that conversion.

  • Emily: I think something that a lot of new vegans struggle with sometimes is non-vegan

  • friends or family which we spoke a little bit about. But I've had some people ask, do

  • you have any non-vegan friends, and if so, how do you navigate that friendship?

  • Gary: Yes I do. My oldest and dearest friend Darren of 35+ years is still in my life. Although

  • we've drifted apart over the last few years but I've drifted from everybody. All the violence

  • in the world, all the evil in the world has made me a misanthropic recluse. So my entire

  • goal in life after I'm done preaching is to get back home, get back to the hotel, I don't

  • hang out with too many people. But you don't have to be vegan to be in my life, you just

  • have to be honest and truthful. Like Darren looks me in the eye and says Gary come on

  • man you're right about everything, animals don't deserve this. I'm too lazy to switch,

  • what do you want from me? Now I despise his laziness, but I love his honesty. Because

  • if you're honest with me that prevents a fight from happening. The fights happen with non-vegans

  • when they start lying about what's going on. Animals don't feel, animals can't think, God

  • says it's okay, I need my protein that's the only way. Now we're going to have a fight,

  • because those are just complete and utter lies. It's absolute stupidity to be saying

  • things like that. So if you can avoid saying that to me, you don't have to be vegan to

  • be in my life. However, tough to get into my life at this stage in the game.

  • Hey guys, it's Emily. I just wanted to let you know that there's a bonus part 2 of this

  • video in which Gary talks about his one rule for eating with non-vegans. You can check

  • it out by clicking here. I've posted it over on the Bite Size Vegan Patreon page, but as

  • a public post so you don’t have to be a patron to watch. But, while youre over

  • there, you might as well take a look at the awesome perks that you get for being a member

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  • I can keep veganizing via video and spreading the message. before we return to the interview

  • to close it out with Gary, now that you've heard his perspective on how he deals with

  • non-vegan friends and family and those who are a bit combative, I want to hear your experience.

  • If you're vegan, I would love to hear how you interact with non-vegan friends and family.

  • And if you're a non-vegan out there, I would love to hear your perspective of your interactions

  • with vegans and if there are approaches that you've found more effective versus more off-putting.

  • So let me know in the comments below and now we'll return to close things out with Gary.

  • Emily: Gary I just want to thank you so much for giving us your time and I've been asked

  • on behalf of so many of my viewers to just thank you for everything that you do. So thank

  • you so much.

  • Gary: Thank you. Keep on. Everybody pass her stuff around, it's tight stuff. Honestly,

  •, share it.

  • Emily: Stay tuned to the Bite Size Vegan channel for more installations of Gary's interview.

  • I'll also be posting bonus footage of questions that don't make it to the channel, into the

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  • so that you never miss a nugget. Now go live vegan, and I'll see you soon.

Emily: Hi it's Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to another vegan nugget. Today

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Dealing With Non-Vegan Friends and Family | Gary Yourofsky Interview

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