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Confidence is sexy
A guy who can sweep you off your feet without a moment's hesitation is every woman's dream
However, there are also shy guys out there who are waiting to be noticed, but how do you know if they like you?
1 - He looks at you when you're not looking
Shy guys typically don't want to be caught looking at you because confrontation is not their forte
Instead he resorts to admiring you from afar
Engaging with someone you like is terrifying and shy people are often afraid of being rejected or judged so they rarely open up
Consequently it's hard to tell when a shy guy actually likes you, however once in a while
You may pick up on signs like subtle eye contact which indicates his interest?
2 - He tries to talk to you, but looks very uncomfortable
A shy guy usually stays within his group of friends
So when he leaves them to approach you, chances are he likes you, he might not have anything to say or appear very awkward
But it probably takes him a lot of bravery
3 - He treats you differently
As mentioned before shy guys will rarely approach you unless they're interested in you
When a shy guy likes you he'll go out of his way to get your attention, or do favors for you.
He'll treat you differently from how he treats others, whether it's grabbing an extra cup of coffee for you, or bragging about you to his friends
4 - He opens up
Introverted or reserved guys usually keep to themselves and rarely share personal details with others
If a guy like this starts to open up to you, that means he likes you and isn't afraid of being judged by you
He'll reveal hidden interest in personal details he doesn't like to share with others.
You're special to him and he wants you to know that he trusts you
5 - He seems annoyed when you talk with other guys
Since trusting others is hard for shy guys, when he opens up to you, your bond becomes special to him
When you talk to other guys he may feel insecure and get annoyed
He might even start distancing himself in fear of getting hurt or losing you
6 - He shows interest in things you do
A shy guy rarely steps out of his comfort zone
so if he starts getting involved in something you like
chances are he likes you
If you sense that this is the case and you like him to, be sure to encourage him to do those things more
7 - He tries to talk to you over the internet
Shy guys feel a lot more comfortable communicating over the web
because then they feel like they won't be judged for how they look, talk, or express their body language
If you notice a shy guy communicating with you over the internet often he's probably interested in you
If you like him as well, and want to move the relationship forward try calling him or meeting up
8 - His friends tease him when you're around
Guys to who are shy will often keep their feelings to themselves
But their close friends can usually tell what's happening?
If you start to feel that his friends are acting strange when you're around him, they probably know something is up
So you should confront them about it
9 - He seems interested in you, but never really makes a move
Shy guys are often too afraid of rejection to put themselves out there and make a move on a girl
They'll talk to you and show signs of interest, but they're likely to wait for you to make the first move
10 - He stands up for you
Have you ever been in a really embarrassing situation
and suddenly a guy you weren't exactly close with tries to save you
Chances are that guy had liked you for a while, and showing his interest with a bold act of courage
This isn't easy but he wants you to know that you are worth the risk and definitely worth fighting for
11 - He remembers little things about you
A shy guy will remember the small details about your life
Like the name of your pet hamster you had when you were five or your favorite pizza toppings
He'll try to downplay it when you say "Wow, you remembered!" because he doesn't want to make his feelings obvious
But at the same time he'll feel proud that you appreciated it
12 - He tried to act more social than he is
Shy guys will sometimes try to act as social as possible to get a girl's attention
To show her that he's not that shy
If a guy who usually keeps himself suddenly tries to become a social butterfly around you he's interested in you
13 - He's confident at first, but then stops talking to you
Often guys with shy personalities will come off as confident and personable at first
However once he gets comfortable he might start second-guessing himself and distance himself from you
shy guys are full of mixed signals and confusion
14 - His body language
Pay attention to the way a shy guy expresses himself with his body language
If he's fidgeting with his hands, can't stay still, or won't make eye contact when he's talking to you, chances are he likes you
15 - He tries to talk to your friends and get closer to them
Shy guys will usually try to engage your friends in conversations, and try to become closer to them to gain your attention
their goal is always to make you notice them in subtle ways
A guy that likes you will suddenly start asking your friends about you and leave hints with them
16 - He genuinely cares about you and listens to you
It's really hard to get a guy to pay attention to you
much less listen to what's going on in your life
So if you have a guy friend who really cares about you, listen to your problems, and gives you great advice
There's a chance you might like you, but is too afraid to say anything
Which of these signs have you had personal experience with or displayed before
Let us know in the comments below
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16 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

506 Folder Collection
Polly Lee published on November 5, 2017
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