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  • We need one dog team for a road sweep and surrounding area check

  • Leavey, dog up

  • I just don't know why you want to do this. Yeah, I know you don't

  • You don't really connect with people very well

  • Just to you know running away is not gonna solve anything.

  • Hang up that phone! Talk to you shortie

  • Found something

  • Good boy. And we watching this dog are all here.

  • He's the most aggressive dog I've ever treated

  • Does It really need another break. Like he's earned it

  • You're getting a dog. You got this? Think faster. Yeah, I got this

  • You think I'm afraid of you? Lay down, Rex lay down

  • Vehicle approaching Guns up

  • Why'd you join? To get away from my life?

  • Shipping out tomorrow

  • We are so not ready for this

  • Clear! Leavey, check that vehicle

  • Here come

  • Where's my dog? I need to see him

  • You cannot come back to my house like some big-war hero. Back off mom

  • You can't let your whole life fall apart over some dog. That dog saved my life

  • Please just changes classification so that I can adopt him when he gets back.

  • They aren't pet, they're warriors

  • Senators can I just have a moment of your time His name is Rex, he saves thousands of lives in Iraq?

  • What do you say your name was? Corporal Megan Leavey

  • All you had to do is fight You not afraid, you're a marine

  • What would you say to Rex if he were here? I'd thank him for teaching me what love is

We need one dog team for a road sweep and surrounding area check

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