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Today is November 26. It snowed all day today. The snow is beautiful
the snow finally stopped
My sister and I are excited
My mom doesn't like the snow
My mom has to shovel the driveway
my sister and I get to play I
Put on my hat and mittens
My mom puts on my scarf
My mom zippers my jacket my sister puts on her hat and mittens
My mom puts on her scarf
my mom zippers her jacket
My sister and I go outside
We begin to make a snowman
My mom starts to shovel the snow
My sister, and I make snow angels
My sister, and I throw snowballs it
Starts to snow again, we go inside for hot chocolate
Jessica's first day of School
Today is Jessica's first day of Kindergarten
Jessica and her parents walked to school
Jessica's Mom walks with her to her classroom
Jessica meets her teacher
His name is Mr.. Parker
The school Bell rings at 8:45 a.m.
Jessica hugs and kisses her mom goodbye
Jessica's Mom says I love you
At 9:00 a.m.. Jessica stands for the national anthem
Mr.. Parker calls out children's names
each Child yells back here
Mr.. Parker teaches them about letters
Mr.. Parker teaches them about numbers
At 10:15 a.m.. The students have recess recess is fun
Students get to play and eat
At 10:30 a.m.. The students go to gym class at
11:15 a.m.. The students return to Mr.. Parker's classroom
Mr.. Parker tells the students to sit on the carpet
Mr.. Parker reads the students a story
Mr.. Parker teaches the students a song
the Lunch Bell rings
His first day of school is over. I flower-garden
My name is Anne. I love flowers. I have a flower garden
my Garden is in front of my house my
Neighbor has a garden, too
my Garden has different types of flowers I
Have roses in my garden. I have tulips in my garden. I have
Petunias in my Garden
my Garden has different colors I
plant red flowers, I plant orange flowers I
plant Blue Flowers, I
plant purple Flowers, I
take care of my Garden I
water my Garden Every Day I
Kill the weeds in my garden. I kill insects that eat my flowers I
Love my beautiful Garden oh in camping
The brightfamily went camping on the weekend the bright family went to silent lake
the Bright family left on Friday
They camped for three days
The Bright family brought a big tent they brought a lot of food
They brought insect repellent the bright family had a campfire on Friday
They roasted marshmallows
They sang campfire songs on
Saturday they went canoeing on
Saturday they went fishing on
Saturday, they went swimming
They went hiking on Sunday
the Bright Family saw many Birds they saw blue Jays they saw hummingbirds the
Bright Family saw many animals they saw a raccoon
They saw a squirrel but they didn't see a bear
The Bright Family had a fun vacation my house
I live in a house my house is small my house has two bedrooms
My mom and Dad sleep in one bedroom
My sister, and I share the other bedroom
My house has a kitchen
My mom and dad cooked dinner there every night
My house has a living room my family watches television there every night
My house has a big bathroom
My house has a lot of closets
My house has a basement
My dad has a workshop in the basement
My dad makes wood furniture
My house does not have a second floor
My house has a garage
My house has a big backyard
My backyard has a maple tree
My backyard has a swimming pool
My backyard has a vegetable garden
My family likes our house. I first pet
My name is Sarah. I am 14 years old. I have a pet cat
My cat name is Milo
My cat is black and white
Milo's Paws are white
Milo's body is black
She is very cute
Milo's fur is very soft
Milo was a very small kitten
Milo is a very big cat
Milo cannot have kittens. She is fixed
Milo likes to eat
Milo likes to play outside
Milo likes to hunt for Birds
Milo likes to hunt for mice. She likes her ears scratched
Milo likes to sit in my laughs
Milo likes to sleep on my bed milo is a good pet Jennifer the firefighter
Jennifer Smith is a firefighter
She is one of the first female
Jennifer Works Hard every day
Jennifer Exercises every day
She lifts weights
She wants her muscles to be very strong
She saves people's lives every day
She is very strong
Jennifer is married her husband is a schoolteacher
Jennifer's husband is proud of her Jennifer is a mother she has two daughters
Jennifer's daughters are proud of her too Jennifer is happy being a firefighter
Jennifer is happy being a wife Jennifer is happy being a mother arcs big game
Mark's Favorite Sport is Hockey
He is 15 years old
mark practices three times a week
Practices are two hours long
Mark plays one game a week
Mark is a good hockey player
He plays on Friday nights
Friday night Hockey games are popular
Mark's Family Watches him play
Mark's Friends watch him play, too
There are always many fans
Tonight is the big game
Coaches are coming to watch Mark play
Mark wants to play in the National Hockey League
Mark wants to make a lot of money it
Is very hard to play in the NHL?
Mark's Parents want him to go to college. They want him to have an education
They want mark to be successful. They want mark to be happy the easter egg hunt
Samantha is going to an easter egg hunt
Tracy is going to an easter egg hunt
The easter egg hunt is at Sydney's house it is going to be fun
Sydney's Mom hid chocolate eggs
Sydney's Mom hid chocolate bunnies
Everybody is here
Everybody has an easter basket
the Easter egg hunt can start
Everybody must close their eyes
1 2 3 go
Samantha finds an easter egg the easter egg is behind a table. She puts it in her basket
Tracy finds a chocolate easter bunny. It's under the couch
Tracy puts it in her basket
Sydney finds a chocolate easter bunny too. It's in front of the television
in her basket
everybody finds lots of chocolate
everybody shares their chocolate
Samantha Tracy and Sydney Love East Joe's first car
Joe is 18 years old Joe works at McDonald's
Joe Saves all his money
Joe has
2,500 dollars in the Bank
He wants to buy a sports car
Joe starts to look for a new car. Joe looks in the newspaper Joe looks in magazines
Joe Finds a car he likes
Joe goes to see the car with his dad
He really likes it
Joe doesn't have enough money
Joe's Dad tells him to keep saving his money
Joe wants this car a lot
Joe asks his dad to help him
Joe and his dad make a deal
Joe's Dad will lend him the money
Joe must work hard
He must pay the money back to his dad
Joe is very happy
Joe Owns his first car summer vacation
Today is the last day of school. It is summer vacation
Grace is very excited this summer will be fun
Grace is going to visit her grandparents. They have a cottage
The Cottage is on Lake Erie
It is a lot of fun
Grace is going to Swim
She is going to play Board games
She is going to talk with her grandparents
Grace is going to have fun
Grace is going to a summer camp
She will sleep in a cabin. She will make lots of new friends
Grace Will learn campfire songs
Camp will be fun
Grace is going to cape Cod with her parents
We are going for two weeks. We are going to drive
Grace will see the ocean
Cape Cod will be beautiful
Summer vacation is fun cleaning up leaves
The leaves are changing colors I see red
Maple leaves I see orange maple leaves I see yellow maple leaves
The leaves are beautiful
It is starting to get cold the wind is strong
Winter is coming
the leaves fall off the Trees on
Saturday, we will clean them up
the whole Family helps
My dad gets the rake my mom gets the garbage bags my brother, and I help too
We Gather leaves with our hands. We make a big pile
My brother and I jump in the leaves. We make a big mess our parents don't mind
Our parents fill our coats with leaves
We look really big
everyone laughs
Playtime is over
Back to work Susan's wedding day
Susan is getting married
Her Fiancé's name is Michael
They are in love they are getting married today
Susan wakes up early
She is getting her hair done
Susan is having her makeup. Done -
Susan looks beautiful. She
puts on her white wedding dress
She puts on her veil
Susan needs something blue
Her Garter is blue
Susan needs something old her grandmother's ring is old
Susan need something borrowed
She is wearing her mother's jewelry
Susan needs something new her shoes and dress are new
Susan Iva penny for her shoe. It will bring her. Good luck
Susan is ready to get married
Remembrance Day
My grandfather fought in world war two my grandmother was a nurse in World War two
Today is November 11th
Today is Remembrance day
Today we celebrate soldiers
Everyone wears a poppy
Poppies are red flowers
poppies remind me of my grandparents
poppies remind me of their sacrifice at
11 a.m.. There are two minutes of silence?
people remember their friends and family
People recite the poem in Flanders field it is a sad poem. It helps us remember
Today we wish for peace in the world
Halloween night
Halloween is fun. My mom buys candy my mom buys potato chips
My Mom buys chocolate bars
for the Trick-or-Treaters
My mom buys me a costume. It is a ghost costume. I am going to be scary
My sister is going to dress up as a princess
She will have a wand
She will have a crown
She will look beautiful
My dad buys a pumpkin it is going to be a jack-o'-lantern
We draw a face on the pumpkin we carve the face with a knife
Our jack-o'-Lantern looks funny
We go trick-or-treating
We knock on the neighbor's door. We say Trick-or-treat our
Neighbors give us Candy
We say thanks we go to many houses we go home our
Parents check our candy. It's safe
We eat lots of candy. We don't feel very good
We go to Bed Christmas Eve
And Melissa are getting ready for Christmas
Ben and Melissa's house has lots of lights on the roof
the lights are many colors
Inside they listen to Christmas music
Ben and Melissa drink eggnog eggnog
tastes good
Ben and Melissa hang stockings on the fireplace
They string popcorn
Ben and Melissa put the Popcorn string on the Christmas tree
They put Christmas lights on the tree. They put tinsel on the tree
Dan and Melissa put ornaments on the tree
They put a star on top of the tree
They get ready for Santa Claus
They leave milk and cookies for Santa
then opens one present
Melissa opens one present they go to sleep
Ben and Melissa wake up early they run downstairs
There are a lot of presents under our tree
They wake up their mom and Dad
Ben and Melissa open their presents
They love our presence
Everyone cleans up the wrapping paper it is time for breakfast
We are having thanksgiving at our house. My whole family is coming
My parents bought a turkey it
weighs 30 pounds
It takes a long time to cook
My mom wakes up early to cook the turkey I
Clean the house with my dad the house smells good
We help mom in the kitchen I
Peel potatoes and carrots my dad makes pumpkin pies
My mom cooks squash. I help my mom make stuffing I
Mix the bread and spices. We make good stuffing it goes inside the turkey
We put on nice clothes. I set the table my dad carves the turkey
My Mom makes the gravy our relatives arrive
We say thank you for all we have we eat and eat. It is a good thanksgiving
learning how to drive
Amy is 16 years old she lives in a small town amy is learning how to drive
Amy's Dad is giving her lessons
Amy's Dad name is Howard
he has had three lessons a
Me and her dad argued during the lessons
Amy's mom is giving her driving lessons
Amy's Mom's name is Jane
Jane has given a me a lesson
Jane has decided to stop giving amy lessons
Jane and Amy argue during the lessons, too
Amy's parents call a driving school
Amy is going to get lessons from a professional
the classes cost
$300 for ten lessons
The lessons are very good
Ami learns how to drive
AmI gets her license housework
There is always housework to do when you live in a house
You have to wash the windows so that you can see outside the floors and the carpets need to be vacuumed
The floors also need to be washed and some of them need to be waxed the furniture has to be polished
The bathroom has to be kept clean
After you have a bath you need to clean out the bathtub
Laundry needs to be done regularly or you will run out of clothes to wear
The clothes go into the washing machine, and then they have to be dried in the dryer
Sometimes we hang the clothes out on the line to be dried some of the clothes need to be ironed
You have to buy groceries and put them away
Meals need to be made
You can't let the dishes pile up in the kitchen
The dishes have to be washed and the counters need to be wiped
the stove needs to be cleaned and
Sometimes the refrigerator and the cupboards need to be cleaned out
You can dust the furniture and sweep up the dirt
You can make the beds the beds have to be changed too. They need to have clean sheets put on them
There are just so many things to do
Household chores take up a lot of Time King outside
Today, I was working outside. It was a sunny day, and I was very hot I wore a hat on my head I
watered all the Plants I
Readed the flowerbeds I cut back all the plans that were growing too Big I
Gave some of the plants plant food. I cut the lawn I raked the lawn
I filled up the birdbath with water I
Swept the sidewalks and the past I
took out the garbage I
filled the car up with gas I
Washed the car. I hung out the clothes on the clothesline. I washed down the lawn Furniture. I
Washed all of the windows on the house from the outside
I was so tired, so I had a glass of Lemonade I
Talked to my neighbor, and I helped her trim a tree
I planted some bulbs, and then I went into the house. I was exhausted
Daily schedule, I wake up every morning at 7 O clock I take a shower. I eat my breakfast I
Usually have toast or cereal I brush my teeth. I put on my clothes
I catch the school bus I ride to school in
My class we have math and English before recess
At recess time the girls skip or walk around and talk
the boys play in the playground or play baseball
After recess we have physical education and geography
We eat lunch, and then we play outside
when the bell rings we line up to go back into the classroom after
Lunch we have history and science
At recess we play ball again
Some of the girls play ball too in the winter we build snowmen
if it is too cold, we stay indoors and talk to each other after
Recess we have music and health
We get out of school at 3:30. I?
sometimes walk home with my friend or I take the bus I
Have a snack and change my clothes when I get home if it is raining. I watch television
if it is nice outside, I play with my friends I
have supper at 5:30 on
Some night. I help my mother to do the dishes
after supper I do my homework I
wash my face and hands and brush my teeth I
Change into my pajamas I go to bed at 9 o'clock
Breakfast is very rushed at our house
My brothers and sisters and I have toast or cereal
We also have orange juice on
Weekends my mother makes bacon and eggs for us
My father just has a cup of coffee for breakfast
My mother packs a lunch for all of us
We usually have a sandwich a piece of fruit and a drink of juice or milk
My favorite sandwiches are egg salad Tuna
roast beef and ham
My brother always wants peanut butter and Jam sandwiches
My mother sometimes packs a treat for us
Today we had cookies with our lunch
At suppertime the family sits around the table and talks about what they did all day
my mother makes good suppers
We sometimes have spaghetti
My mother makes a roast of beef with potatoes and vegetables quite often
She makes many different dishes out of chicken. She makes soup or stews
She also makes casseroles
My brothers and sisters and I have milk with our dinner
My parents sometimes have wine with their dinner
sometimes we have salad before our dinner I
Set the table for my mother I put all the forks the knives and spoons I
Also put out glasses and fill them full of milk or water
For dessert we sometimes have ice cream cake or pie
My mother says that it is better to have fruit because it is better for you
Tonight, I ate a peach for dessert
My favorite fruits are apples peaches plums and bananas
After supper my mother always has a cup of tea with sugar and cream in it
After dinner, I help my mother with the dishes
Usually she washes the dishes and I will dry them seasons there are four seasons
Winter is the cold season
It snows in the winter
The winds blow and ice forms on the water
We play hockey on the ice we play in the snow after
Winter is the spring
That is when it begins to get warmer
Trees get buds on them
Flowers start to bloom it rains a lot in the spring the spring is followed by the summer
It can get very hot in the summertime the sun Shines brightly we go swimming in the summer
We spend a lot of time outdoors?
many people go on vacations in the summer
We get a summer vacation from School
Summer is followed by the fall or autumn
the leaves on the trees change colors
They change from Green to red
Orange and Brown
the leaves fall off the Trees
the weather gets cooler
the days get shorter
we go back to school in the fall then winter comes again, the
Seasons follow one after each other other
You can watch the weatherman on TV to find out what the weather will be like
It might be a nice clear day with no clouds in the sky
The sun might be shining. It could be a cloudy day
Sometimes cloudy days are just dull on
Some cloudy days it begins to rain or snow
Some days are rainy
You need a raincoat umbrella and boots on a rainy day
rain makes the flowers and grass grow
The weather forecast might say that it will be Windy
You could have a gentle breeze
It might be very gusty so that the wind pushes you
it is dangerous if the wind is very strong a
Hurricane or tornado. It's very dangerous
Once in a while the weatherman says there will be hail
Hail stones are hard cold pellets of ice that fall from the sky
Sometimes the Weatherman will say that there will be snow flurries
Sometimes there just a light dusting of snow
Sometimes there is a Blizzard or snowstorm
It can be dangerous driving through a blizzard if there is a lot of snow the streets have to be plowed
You need a hat coat mitten and boots on a very cold day
Sometimes the weather forecast is wrong
The Weatherman might say that it will be a sunny day, but then the clouds come in and it rains that
Is not good if you are planning a picnic I?
prefer sunny days that are warm but not too hot I
Like to feel a gentle breeze to cool me down
House a
House is divided into different rooms in my house. There is a living room
There is a couch two chairs a coffee table and a television set in the living room in
The kitchen there is a stove and a refrigerator
There is also a sink and a dishwasher in the kitchen. There is a kitchen table and chairs
We eat most of our meals at the kitchen table
We have a dining room
There is a dining table and chairs in there
There is a washroom or bathroom
There is a toilet sink and Bathtub in the bathroom
There is also a shower in the bathroom. We have three bedrooms
The bedrooms are upstairs
My brother's room my room and my parents room all have beds in them
We also have dressers in our rooms
There are closets in all of the bedrooms. We keep our clothes in the closets
There is a basement in our house
We store things in the basement
There is a laundry room in the basement
There is a washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room
This is where we wash and dry our clothes
There is a garage attached to the house
We keep the in the garage
You drive up the driveway and into the garage
We also have a front yard and a back yard
There is a vegetable garden in the back yard
There are some flowers and a tree planted in the front yard cool
There are different types of schools
There is an elementary school
The children at the Elementary School are young?
There is a playground for them to play in
the classroom are bright and Airy
There are blackboards in a classroom
The children sit in desks to do their work
There is a parking lot for the teachers to park in
There is a cafeteria for the students to get food
The Principal has an office
Nobody wants to go to the Principal's office
It usually means that you are in trouble if you have to go to the Principal's office
When you finish elementary school you go to high school
Most of the students in High school are teenagers
There is a parking lot outside the high school
there is also a football field outside the
students go to classes in different
They move from classroom to classroom for each subject
There is a cafeteria where they can get their lunches or eat the lunches that they have brought from home
There is a gymnasium where students have physical education
dances are also held in the gymnasium
Some students go on to university from High school
Students at the University are older some of the students are even senior citizen
People come from all over the world to attend the university
There are lots of different things at the university
There is a theater where plays and concerts are held
There is a bookstore where students can buy their textbooks
There is a physical education building that has a swimming pool in it
the parking lot at the University is very big they call the land that the university is on a
campus some of the students live on campus in residence
Subject there are many subjects that you can take at school
My favorite subject is music. I like to sing and to play the Clarinet I
Also like art I am quite good at drawing and painting
History is a good subject. I like learning about the past
Geography is very interesting. We look at many maps in geography
We learn where there are deserts and mountains. I know the names of all the continents and all the oceans
Mathematics is my least favorite subject. I'm
Not very good with numbers. I am good at addition and subtraction, but I'm not good at division and multiplication
In my school we learn to speak French
We learn French because Canada has french and English speaking citizens
English Literature is a good subject I
Enjoy reading books I also like to write
composition and poetry
Science is my brother's favorite subject
He is interested in plants, and he likes to do experiments
We also take drama at my school. I like to act. I got the lead role in the school play
International students
We have many international students at my school
Some of the students come from England they speak English, but they have an accent that is different from a Canadian accent
Many students are from Japan they are learning our language and our customs
We have students from Germany Italy
China Korea and Iran
We try to make those students feel welcome here the students like to see what is here. They go sightseeing
They visit all the places that the tourists like to go to
Niagara Falls and Toronto are interesting places to visit
the students practice their English by talking to Canadians
When they first get here, we show them around
They do many exercises to learn the language they listen to English songs
They read story books that are written in English
They listen to English language tapes
The best way to learn the language is to talk to other people
It is good to ask questions in English
Canadians try to be helpful to International students
some of the international students live with host families
The host families have the students living in their homes?
It is a good way for the host families and the student to make friends
Many of the international students stay in contact with their friends and host families even after they have gone back to their homelands
the international students learn a lot from their host families
Because they eat canadian fruits and they learn what it is like to live in a Canadian household
interests and Hobbies
It is very rewarding to have different interests and hobbies
Some people like to play a computer game
Other people spend a lot of time watching television
There are people who would rather watch movies
Some people prefer more physical things
They would rather play a sport like baseball hockey or basketball
Some people do exercises at a gym or they just go for walks?
There are many ways to exercise they can ride a bicycle or lick weight
There are people who like to collect things
They can collect all kinds of different things you can collect stamps coins dolls
postcards movies Rock or posters
Some people even collect bugs or lead
Some piece are lucky enough to be able to travel
You can travel to a nearby place or you can travel far away to a different country
There are people who like to listen to music
People have different tastes in music
some people like rock music
classical music or folk music
There are many different types of music some people would rather play music than listen to it
You can play an instrument or you can sing?
many people learn to play the guitar or the piano
Some people join Bands or orchestras
There are people who like to read books?
There are a lot of different hobbies it depends on what you consider to be fun you
Can have more than one Hobby or interest?
It is good to be interested in a lot of different things
movies I
Go to the movies almost every week
Sometimes I rent movies from the video store
my favorite films are action films I
like to watch car chases
I like it when the bad guy has a shootout with the good guys I
like the good guys to win I
also like science fiction movies I like things that take place in the future I
Like movies that have aliens from different planets in them
Some of the science fiction movies can be silly and unbelievable, I don't like those ones
my mother likes dramas
She has a lot of favorite actors and actresses. She
sometimes Watches sad movies that make her cry
She also likes comedies
She laughed out loud if the comedy is very funny
my Father likes horror movies
He likes movies with monsters in them
he also likes thrillers I
Have watched some thrillers that keep you tense and on the edge of your seat
Sometimes I have to shut my eyes if the movie gets too scary
my brother likes animated films in
Animated films, there are no actors just cartoon characters
My brother goes to the movies on Saturday afternoons with his friends
He goes to the matinee
He gets Popcorn Candy and Pop
He usually comes back with a stomachache because he eats so much
sometimes my father watches documentaries
Documentaries are about real things
You can learn a lot from watching a documentary I?
Watch documentaries with him sometimes, but I would rather see a good action film
There are hundreds of different types of flowers
most people like roses
Roses grow on bushes and they smell beautiful
You have to be careful that you don't prick your finger on a rose thorn
Roses come in many colors
There are red pink yellow and white roses in
The Spring Tulips are in bloom in
Ottawa there are many tulips
Some people go there just to see all the tulips in the spring
Forget-Me-nots are also spring flowers
they are tiny and blue
lilies of the Valley look like white Bells
Where I live many of the trees have blossoms on them in the springtime?
The Apple and cherry Trees look particularly beautiful when they are in blossom
We have a blossom festival in my town
My neighbors like to plant geraniums, Petunias and marigolds in the summer
some people plant sunflowers
sunflowers grow very tall
They have bright yellow petals
All of those flowers grow best in the sunshine if your garden is shady you have to plant different things
Hostas grow well in a Shady Garden
Chrysanthemums are fall flowers
Chrysanthemums come in many colors also
There are purple yellow and white Chrysanthemums
Flowers are good to give as gifts women like to receive a dozen roses on Valentine's day
carnations also make a nice gift
They have a very sweet smell
many people give away lilies for Easter
Poinsettias are very festive at Christmastime if
Someone goes to a dance they often give their partner a flower to wear
sometimes a girl will get an orchid from her date if
You go to a wedding you will probably see a lot of flowers there the shopping mall
There are many different stores in the shopping mall
There are ladieswear stores
They sell dresses blouses and many kinds of clothes for women in
The menswear stores there are suits ties shirts and slacks
There are also clothing stores that appeal just to teenagers
Some clothing stores, only sell children's clothes
There is even a store that sells bathing suits and cover-ups for the beach, or pool
There are lingerie stores that sell ladies underwear and nightwear
There are hardware stores that sell tools
There are shoe stores
You buy shoes and boots in a shoe store
There are book stores
You can buy a book on almost any topic at the book store
There are stores that sell compact discs
Those stores also have tapes and videos
There are sports stores that sell special shoes and clothes for sports
They also sell sports equipment and t-shirts and hats with the logo of your favorite team
There are gift stores that sell all kinds of things that someone might want for their house
There are kitchen stores where you can buy utensils and pots and pans
Those kinds of stores also sell aprons and napkins and anything you might need for your kitchen
There is a movie theater at the Mall
There is a jewelry store that has a lot of gold and silver jewelry
There is a hairdresser in the mall sometimes I go in there to get my hair cut
There are fast food places in the mall
You can get a quick lunch like a hamburger or some french fries
There are also fancier restaurants in the mall
You can sit down for a nice meal
There is a furniture store in the mall
You can buy a new sofa or bed at the furniture store
There are bulk food stores at a bulk food store. All the foods are in bins
You take as much as you want and pay for it at the counter
There is even a telephone store and an electronic store at the mall
My brother's favorite store is the toy store. He could spend hours in there
There are also department stores at the Mall
Department stores sell all kinds of things
They sell perfume clothes shoes kitchen utensils or just about anything you might need
You can get almost anything you want at the shopping mall travel
It is fun to take a trip to a faraway place
My brother just went to Italy and france
He got on a plane at Toronto airport
He took a flight to France
He stayed there for a couple of days
He visited the Eiffel tower
He was in Paris
He said that he enjoyed the food in France
He then traveled to italy
He saw many towns and Villages in italy
He went to rome and visited many of the tourist attractions in
Venice he saw the canals
He tried to speak Italian, but he is not too good at it
He said that the people were very helpful
They tried to understand him
He bought Souvenirs for us when he was in italy
He ate Italian food
He said that pizza in Italy is quite different from the pizza. We eat here in Canada
He saw many streets that were made of Cobblestone
He saw many old buildings a lot of people in italy travel around on scooters
He stayed at a very nice hotel in Italy
He was sorry when it was time to come home
My brother likes to travel
He likes to fly in airplanes
the Airlines lost his luggage once
He was not too pleased about that
Next year. He was like to travel to England the farm
My uncle is a farmer
He lives on a farm
He has many different types of animals in the barn there are horses and cows
The cows Swish the flies away from themselves with their tails it
Sounds very loud if a cow says moo when you are standing there
The cows eat the Grass from my Uncle's field
He gets milk from the cows I
Put a saddle on one of the horses and went for a ride
There are pigs in the pigpen
He has goats
He says that the goats will eat just about anything
He has a chicken coop with chickens in it
the Chickens lay eggs
Have you ever seen baby chicks?
They are very cute
My Uncle Collects the eggs every morning
There is a rooster, too
the rooster crows when the sun comes up
My Uncle also has a goose
The goose makes a honking noise. I
Don't think that the goose likes me it knits me when I go near it
Many cats live in my Uncle's barn
They are stray cats, but he lets them stay there because they keep the mice away
My uncle feeds the cats my uncle says that he would like to get some sheep for his farm
You can get wool from sheep
There are a lot of animals on my Uncle's farm transportation
Every family that I know has at least one car
Some families have two or even three cars
Most people get their license to drive when they are 16 in
my house, we just have one car if
my father takes the car to work my mother will take the bus I
Ride in a school bus to school
my sister works in another Town
She gets on the train to go to work
The train Station is not far from my house
the train Tracks run right by my house
My grandfather from Ireland comes to visit us
He came over by boat
He had to cross the ocean
We went to Florida last year
We flew on a plane
the plane Flew right through the clouds
my friend's brother drives a motorcycle
He wears a helmet I
wrote on his motorcycle once I
had to sit on the back and hold on tight I
ride my bicycle when the weather is nice, I
Also, have a scooter that I used to travel around I
took a helicopter Ride once
the helicopters propellers were going around when I got on I
went straight up in the Air I
enjoyed The Ride I
would like to learn how to fly a plane or a helicopter I
like flying through the air
Canada we have many different days that we celebrate on
The first day of January there is New Year's day
That is when we ring in the new year, and say goodbye to the old year in
February there is Valentine's Day
That is the day when you tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you love them
You can buy them flowers or candy or take them out to dinner in March there is st.. Patrick's Day
Everyone pretends that they are Irish on St.. Patrick's Day
They all wear green
Stur comes in the spring
Easter is a religious holiday
Some people celebrate by going to church
Some people think that the easter bunny comes and leaves chocolate eggs for them in
May there is Victoria Day
We celebrate this day in honor of England's, Queen Victoria
There are fireworks on Victoria day
July the first is Canada day in September. There is labor day
This is the day that we honor the working man or woman in October there is thanksgiving
We give thanks for all the things that we are fortunate enough to have
We usually have the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day on
The last day of October there is Halloween
The children dress up in costumes and go from door to door collecting candies
Remembrance day is in November
People wear red poppies, and they remember all the people that died for their country
Christmas comes in December
Christmas is also a religious holiday, but many children believe that Santa Claus arrived on Christmas Eve in a sleigh pulled by reindeer
They believe that Santa Claus fills up their stockings with toys and goodies
He gets in and out of people's houses through their chimneys
We don't get off work or school for all these days, but many of them are holidays from work and school diseases
There are many diseases
Some diseases are very deadly and some are not so serious
most people catch a cold sometimes a
Cold makes you cough and sneeze
Colds can be passed on from person to person
Some people get the flu
With the flu you get chills and a fever
If beaver is a high temperature if you have the flu you will feel very bad
You have to stay home in bed
there are diseases that children get
The mumps make you have lumps in your neck
chicken pox and measles leave you with red itchy dots on your skin
older people sometimes get arthritis
their bones get stiff and sore
There are people who get heart disease in many cases a healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease
Cancer can attack different parts of the body
many Smokers get lung cancer
Some diseases are treated with pills or medicine
Other diseases need to be treated in the hospital
Sometimes doctors need to give you tests to find out what kind of disease you have
The doctor might have to do a blood test or an x-Ray to find out. What is wrong with you
Most diseases can be cured by a doctor jobs
there are many different jobs that you can choose from
You can be a doctor or a nurse
You could work in a hospital or doctor's office
you might be a firefighter and put out fires a
Policeman enforces the law an
actor plays roles on stage or in the movies
You could drive a taxi or be the pilot of an airplane?
What kinds of things do you like to do?
You might want to be a sales clerk in a store?
Maybe you are good at a sport
You could be a baseball player or a hockey player
being a dentist is a good job a
Just fix his teeth if you are good at arguing you might want to be a lawyer
Do you like to fix people's hair?
You could be a hairdresser or a barber
if you are good with your hands you might want to be a carpenter or a mechanic if
You like to travel you could be a stewardess or a travel agent
You could be a teacher or a photographer are
You artistic or creative
You might want to be an artist or a writer?
You could work on construction and build houses
You could look after animals and be a veterinarian if you like to cook you could be a cook or a chef
There are so many places to work and so many jobs to do
Maybe you could fix computers, or work in a library
You could wash windows or be the captain of a ship?
There is no limit to what you can be my body
On the top of my head I have hair
below my hair is my face I
have two eyes I
Have eyebrows and eyelashes
Below my eyes I have a nose
my mouth is below my nose I
Have lips if I open my lips, you will see my teeth and my tongue
Below my mouth is my chin on the sides of my head. I have two ears
My cheeks are on either side of my nose
My neck holds up my head
My neck attaches my head to my chest on
Either side of my chest are my shoulders
my arms hang down from my shoulders I
Have wrists on my arms
My hands are attached to my wrists
my fingers are part of my hands I
have ten fingers and ten fingernails
My back is at the back of me
Further down there is my waist
if I wear a belt, I put it on my waist my
hips are below my waist my
legs come down from my hips
My legs are made up of my thighs my knees and my calves
my knees can bend
My ankles are below my legs
My feet are attached to my ankles
My toes are part of my feet. I have ten toes and ten toenail I
Am me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes
I change my clothes a lot if I am going somewhere Fancy. I wear a dress I
Wear stockings on my legs, and I wear a pair of nice shoes
I am going to play sports. I wear sweatshirt and jeans
If I am going to the beach, I wear a bathing suit or a bikini
My brother wears swimming trunks to the Beach
At work, I wear a skirt and a blouse
underneath my clothes I wear underwear a
lady wears a bra and panties as underwear a
Man wears boxer or Jockey shorts as underwear
Today, I am wearing a blouse and a pair of jeans over my underwear I
Have socks and shoes on my feet in
The summer I often wear sandals on my feet in
the summer the tops that I wear are usually sleeveless I
usually wear shorts in the summer
Sometimes I wear a sweater or a jacket if the weather is cool. I
Wear a cap or a hat on my head I
Wear a belt to hold up my jeans or my slacks
Women sometimes wear a dress or a skirt
men wear a pair of slacks and a shirt
some men wear a suit in a shirt and tie
If it is very cold outside I wear winter coat
If it is cold, I like to wear gloves or mittens on my hands
Sometimes I wrap a scarf around my neck to keep warm I
wear a to con my head in cold weather I
Wear boots on my feet in the winter if it is raining, I wear a raincoat
The way that I dress depends a lot on the weather colors
Red is a vibrant color roses are sometimes red blood is red
White is the color of snow clouds are very often white
Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean?
Black isn't really a color at all tar is black a crow is black
Green is the color of grass it is also the color of leaves on the trees in the summer
Brown is the color of dirt
many people have brown hair
Yellow is a bright color most people use yellow when they draw a picture of the sun
Orange is an easy color to remember that is because an orange is orange
Pink is the color that we dress baby girls in we dress baby boys in blue
Purple is the color of some violets the Canadian flag is red and white
What color is your flag months?
There are 12 months in the year
January is the first month of the year. It is usually cold in January
February is the second month of the year it is still winter when February comes
They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb that
Means that it is still usually cold and sometimes stormy when March begins
By the time that March ends the weather is starting to get a little better
April is the rainy month April showers bring may flowers
Many of the Spring flowers bloom in may the Weather can be quite mild in May
June is usually a nice warm month many people get married in June
July can be hot people have vacations in july it is a month to do summer things it
Is still summer in august but the summer is winding down?
August is the time to have last-minute vacations in
September we go back to school the autumn winds begin to blow
October really feels like autumn
October is Halloween time
November is when we really start to feel the chill
December is the Christmas month most people do a lot of Christmas shopping in December
They spend quite a bit of time getting ready for Christmas all of the months are different which month were you born in
days of the week
There are seven days of the week
Sunday is a day of rest for some people
But many people still have to work quite a few people go to church on a Sunday on
Monday morning
We go back to school after the weekend many people say they don't like Monday because it is the beginning of the work week
Tuesday is a school day and a working day. I don't think that there is anything special about a Tuesday
Wednesday is the middle of the work week on
Thursday many of the stores and Malls stay open later. It gives you a chance to run some errands on a Thursday night on
Friday you feel like the work week is nearly over some people say thank goodness it is Friday
They look forward to the weekend on Saturday
many people can sleep in late
People get errands done on Saturday you see a lot of people in the grocery store on a Saturday
Most children look forward to Saturday so that they can play with their friends then
Sunday comes again the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years
time goes by quite quickly
describing things
Some things are different shapes. They can be described by their shape a circle is round a
compact disc is a circle a
square has four equal sides a
rectangle is similar, but two of the sides are longer a
Triangle has only three sides
Have you ever seen anyone play a triangle in an orchestra the word?
triangle can stand for an instrument or a shape an
Oval is rounded, but it is not round an egg is an oval shape
The floor is flat. If something is smooth. It has no bumps or lumps silk is smooth
some things are rough sandpaper is rough if
Something is dull
It is not sharp or pointed a dull knife will not cut bread because the blade is not sharp
if something is pointed it has a sharp end a sharp pencil has a pointed end a
Pencil that has been used a lot and hasn't been sharpened has a dull end
Some things are soft a Teddy Bear is soft
It feels good to touch some things are hard a rock is hard
soft can also represent a noise level if you have a soft voice it is not very loud if
Someone tells you to speak softly they want you to speak quietly
Loud is the word used to describe
Noises that hurt your ears a big truck will make a loud noise
Sometimes your mother will tell you that your music is too loud
Rose on Trees
Apples grow on Trees you can get red yellow or green?
Apples some apples are green until they ripen then they turn red
peaches grow on Trees
Peaches have a fuzzy skin
Cherries grow on trees you can climb a ladder and pick cherries from the tree?
Cherries and peaches have pits inside them the pits are not edible pears also grow on trees
Lemons grow on trees. They are very sour
Have you ever picked strawberries?
Strawberries, do not grow on trees you have to bend down to pick strawberries
Have you ever tried strawberry shortcake it is very good?
grapes Grow on Vines
People use grapes to make wine
There are many types of berries there are blackberries blueberries
raspberries and cranberries just to name a few
Some fruits are more exotic. There are mangoes and papayas they don't grow in Canada
bananas and oranges don't grow in a Canadian climate either
But we are able to buy them here
Some fruits have to be peeled and some can be eaten as they are it
Is always a good idea to wash fruit before you eat it?
The Farmers spray the crops with pesticides to kill bugs, so it is good to wash that off
Many people are afraid of bugs some bugs do bad things like eating crops or clothes
Some bugs such as termites even eat wood other bugs can be good
Spiders catch flies
Flies are not good because they carry germs
insects get caught in the Web that the spider builds
Ants get into homes and eat food
bees are good because honey comes from bees it is not good if you get stung by a bee a
Caterpillar turns into a butterfly
Butterflies can be very beautiful
You can find grasshoppers outside on a sunny day
grasshoppers hopped through the Grass
Crickets make a noise by rubbing their legs together
Dragonflies usually live near water they have large colorful wings
Ladybugs are red with little black dots. There are many types of beetles
Nobody wants to have cockroaches in their house
Centipedes have many legs fleas get onto your pets and bite them. They make your dog or cat itchy
Mosquitoes can make you itchy when they bite you have you ever had a mosquito bite the kitchen
Kitchen is where we make and eat our meals there is a stove in the kitchen
Inside the stove there is an oven where you bake things you can put a cake into the oven to bake on
Top of the stove our burners the burners get hot you put pots or pans
on the Burners the
Refrigerator is where we store the food that needs to be kept cold. We keep milk eggs cheese and
Vegetables in the refrigerator at the top of the refrigerator is the freezer the freezer?
Keeps things frozen we have frozen vegetables ice cream and ice cubes in the freezer
We have a toaster in the kitchen you put the bread in the toaster and it turns into toast
We have an electric Kettle we boil water to make tea in the kettle
There is a double sink in the kitchen that is where we wash the dishes
We turn on the hot tap and put some dish detergent into the sink to wash the dishes
Sometimes we put the dishes into the dishwasher and the dishwasher washes the dishes
There are other things in the kitchen there are utensils like Knives forks and spoons
There are tea towels and dish cloths there are oven mitts and pot holders to take hot things out of the oven
There are pots to cook and boil things in there are pans to fry things
We have dishes that we eat from we have plates for our dinner and balls that we can put our soup in
We drink from cups or coffee mugs or glasses
We keep our juice in a pitcher or a jug
There is a timer that you can set when you are cooking the timer buzzes when the food is ready
We also have a microwave oven in the kitchen if we are in a hurry we cook our food in the microwave
Edge two bowls
Vegetables are very good for you. They say that you should have three servings of vegetables every day
I like green peas peas come in Pods
I also like snow peas you eat the pods on the snow peas. I like corn when it is on the cob
Carrots are good to eat raw
Beans are good for you. There are many different types of beans there are string beans Kidney beans
baked beans and lots of other types of beans
Some people don't like Green vegetables like broccoli and Brussel Sprouts
I like broccoli and brussel sprouts. You can make a salad and put lots of different vegetables into the salad in my
Salads I like lettuce tomatoes celery
Cucumber Radishes cauliflower and spring onions. I try to have a salad with dressing on it every day
My dad likes root vegetables like beets and parsnips my brother will only eat potatoes
He likes his potatoes baked
My mother likes to buy her vegetables at the market. She says they are fresher there my mother buys a lot of onions
She puts onions in almost all the meals that she cooks some children won't eat their vegetables
I didn't like some vegetables at first, but I have become used to them
I like having vegetables with my meals pets
There are many different animals that you can have for pets the most common pets are cats and dogs I
Think the second most common pets are birds and fish
You can hug a cat or a dog you can play with a cat or a dog?
But it is difficult to play with a bird or a fish
Some birds are very smart and they can be taught to do things parrots are very clever some of them even talk
Birds usually stay in Bird cages
Fish have to stay in the water in a tank or a fishbowl
Some people have gerbils or guinea pigs as pets. There are even people who have ferrets as
I have a friend who has a lizard for a pet she has to buy live crickets for her lizard to eat
Another friend of mine has a pet snake. I don't think I would like to have a pet snake
there are different types of dogs some dogs are very big and some are small a
Labrador retriever is a big dog a poodle is usually a small dog although there are some large poodles
Some dogs are noisy and they bark a lot other dogs are quiet and obedient
I once had a dog it was a cocker spaniel. I used to take it for Walks
There are different types of cats too. My favorite type of cat is a siamese cat
siamese cats have blue eyes
My mother had a persian cat it was very furry
My mother said that it used to shed fur all over the house
Pets are a lot of fun
But they are a lot of work to to be a good pet owner you have to be very responsible parties
Parties can be a lot of fun people get invited to parties
You can have a party because it is a special occasion or just because you want to have a party
Sometimes people wear paper hats at parties these are called party hats
Some people decorate with streamers and balloons at some parties. There is a cake
Sometimes there are just snacks and drinks at some parties people play games
There are also parties where people just stand around and talk
people wear different things to parties you can go to some parties in casual clothes at
Other parties you need to be dressed up in good clothes there are other parties where you are supposed to wear a costume
There are many different kinds of parties there are Christmas parties birthday parties
Going-away parties and parties for no reason at all
I have been to parties for people who are retiring or for people who have just had a new baby
there are hundreds of reasons for having a party at some parties you take a gift if
It is a birthday party then you take a gift and a birthday card to the person who is having the birthday
Sometimes people will ask you to bring food or drinks to the party all
Parties are different it is nice to be invited to parties
grocery shopping
What do you see when you go to the grocery store the aisles are filled with food there are also?
refrigerators and freezers
filled with food
There are sometimes things in bins in the middle of the aisles there are different departments in the grocery store
There is the bakery in the bakery there are sweet things such as cakes pies cookies and tarts
There are also things that you would eat with your dinner like bread and buns
There are other things in the bakery department like bagels and biscuits the baker works in the bakery
There is the canned Goods section. This is where you might find sauces and soups
vegetables and fruits also come in cans
There is the section for dairy products here. You would find milk and cream
The Dairy Section would also have cheese and butter
yogurt is also found in the dairy section in
The meat Department there is beef and pork poultry is also found in the meat department
Poultry is chicken duck and goose
There are also cold cuts in the meat department
Cold cuts are the meats that are sliced up for sandwiches some examples of cold cuts are ham and bologna
the butcher works in the meat Department
The police Department is full of fruits and vegetables clerks spray water on the fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh
There is a section in the grocery store for personal hygiene. This is where you would find Shampoo and toothpaste
Soap and skin products would also be in this section
There is even a section for your pets you can buy cat food and dog food
There are toys for cats and dogs fran says
Are you tall or short?
Are you big or small people come in many different shapes and sizes some people were size small clothes other people?
We're size medium clothes there are people who wear large size clothes some people even wear extra-large clothes
Some people are thin some people are fat some people are in between
There are people with short hair other people have long hair some people have no hair at all
No, two people are exactly alike some people have long legs. I have short legs
I don't walk as fast as a person with long legs. I am not a tall person in fact
I am quite short my feet are a size 7 my mother has size 5 feet my father has size 12 feet
We are all different sizes it is not a bad thing it is a good thing that we are all unique a restaurant
when you go to a restaurant
you might see a sign that says please wait to be seated a
Host or hostess will ask you
How many people are in your party then they will want to know if you want to sit in the smoking or non-smoking?
Section the host or hostess will take you to your seat
You might sit at a table or at a booth the host or hostess will give you a menu to look at
Sometimes there are different menus for different meals there can be a breakfast menu a lunch menu and a dinner menu
Sometimes there is also a wine list and a dessert menu the food and the prices of a food are listed on the menu
On your table there will be cutlery cutlery is the knives forks and spoons
There will also be a napkin you are supposed to put your napkin on your lap when you eat your waiter
Or waitress will take your order you might want an appetizer before your meal some people want a salad or soup before their meal
After your meal you might have a dessert or tea or coffee
When it is time to go you will pay your bill and leave a tip for the waiter or waitress?
traffic moves along on the streets and highways
There are rules that drivers must follow to make the traffic flow smoothly you must wear a seatbelt
The seatbelt helps to keep you safe
you must stop and all stop signs you must also stop at a red light a
Green light means go and a yellow light means to be careful
If you see a sign that says school crossing you have to be careful because you are near a school and children might be
crossing the Street
Some places are crosswalks those are places where people cross the street
people who are walking have the Right-of-way if you hear a siren behind you you must pull over an
Emergency vehicle like a police car or an ambulance might need to get somewhere fast
When a school bus puts on its flashing signals you have to stop
You can't go past the school bus because children may be crossing the street from the bus
You should always obey the speed limit it
Is not good to drive too fast?
People should never drink and drive
Driving is a serious business you have to obey all the rules to be a good driver
If you are in an orchestra, what would you play would you play a Tuba a trumpet or a saxophone?
Perhaps you would prefer a stringed instrument like a violin or a cello
Maybe you would enjoy percussion more you could play the Kettle drum
There are instruments that have keyboards a piano and an organ have keyboards
There are instruments that have strings on them a guitar Banjo & Mandolin have strings on them
there are instruments that you blow into a flute a french horn and a harmonica are all instruments that you blow into
there are instruments that you hit with a stick a drum and a cymbal are two things that you would hit with a stick if
You are in an orchestra. You have to watch the conductor
He will lead you through the piece of music you might just want to be in a band for fun
You could join a rock band or a dance band
Some people learn to read music
Music notes are written on a staff each notes represents a sound
There are whole notes half notes?
Quarter notes and eighth notes each one of these is held for a different number of beats
it is good to learn about music you have to learn your scales and learn about sharps and flats if
You want to learn how to play an instrument? It's best to take music lessons
Who what where and why?
These are important words
They're all words that begin questions who is about a person who?
Is a girl with the blue dress on who stole my watch who will come with me to the game?
Who is driving us to the party?
What is about a thing?
What is that big thing on the sidewalk? What should I do when I get to your house?
What kind of clothes should I wear to the party?
What shall I buy you for your birthday?
Where is about a place? Where are you going for your vacation? Where did I leave my glasses?
Where did my brother go where on Earth is timmins?
Why is the word that asks for an explanation?
Why did you take the last piece of pie?
Why is the world round?
Why should I give you any money? Why did the chicken cross the Street?
They say that you should answer all of these questions
If you are writing a good story you have to give the who what where and why to write a good story?
which direction
Which direction should I go in should I go up?
If I go up, I will head toward the sky I can go up the stairs
Should I go down I can go down the stairs to the basement I can climb down into a hole?
Should I go left or right? I am right-handed, so I know which way right is
Should I go backwards I would be going away from the things that I am facing now
If I went backwards if I went backwards from the thing that I am facing I would go away from it
Should I go forward I will just go straight ahead if I go forward if I am facing?
Something and I go forward then I will go toward the thing that I am facing
Maybe I should go sideways
But which side left or right it?
Sounds very complicated, but it is not
Directions are very easy to follow if you just stop and think about them the office
Some people work in an office there are special tools that people in an office need to do their work
There is a computer in the office there is a telephone most of the time the secretary answers the telephone
the secretary sits at a desk
The secretary has pens and pencils on the desk the secretary writes on a notepad
some other things that you would find in an office would include the following a stapler to Staple Pages together a
photocopier to Copy Pages a
pencil sharpener to Sharpen pencils a
water cooler where the employees could get a drink of water a hole punch to make holes and sheets of paper and
Liquid paper, which is used to blank out errors on a page
Some offices have many employees in them all of the employees have their own desks other
offices just have one person at a desk in some offices there is a secretary or a
Receptionist and then there is the boss in another room there are often many important papers in an office
important Papers can be called documents
You might have to sign a document or fill out a form in an office
Some offices have bookshelves filled with books the books are filled with information that the people in the office need
You will have to visit an office sometime. Maybe it will be a doctor's office or a lawyer's office
There are many different types of offices funny
I keep my money in the bank. I have saved up my money
I saved all my pennies in a jar a penny is only worth one cent
I have nickels a nickel is worth five cents a dime is worth ten cents a quarter is worth 25
cents A
Quarter is a quarter of a dollar four quarters make up a dollar a dollar is worth 100 cents
I saved up all of my dollars our
Dollars used to be paper, but now they are coins. We call our dollars loonies. It's a funny name
We also have two dollar coins. We call those two knees
we have five dollar bills and ten dollar bills if you are lucky you will have twenty dollar bills 50 dollar bills and even
hundred Dollar Bills our
Bills in Canada are different colors that makes them easy to recognize if you go somewhere to spend them it
Is wise to save your money if you save enough? You can have hundreds or thousands of dollars?
It is good to be polite people like you more when you are polite
Always say please and thank you if you ask for some milk, you should say please may
I have a glass of milk when someone gives you the milk. You should respond with thank you
It is not difficult to be polite
You should not push or shove people you should cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
You should address people properly if you are trying to get someone's attention. You would say excuse me you wouldn't say hey you
There are table Manners
That is where you eat properly and politely at the dinner table. You don't shove food into your mouth
You don't reach over other people's plates you don't talk with your mouth full all of these things are common sense
Being polite is mostly thinking about how you would like to be treated you wouldn't want people to be impolite to you it
Is not polite to point at people it is not polite to burp out loud
It is not polite to you someone else's things without asking first
Being polite just comes naturally if you have been brought up in a home where everyone was polite the two sexes
There are two sexes or genders
There is a male gender, and there is a female gender males and females are different both, physically and mentally
Humans are both male and female and animals are both male and female
If you have a dog it is either a girl dog or a boy dog
Boys grow up to be men men grow hair on their faces and are usually more muscular than women
Men dressed differently than women men are Males males are masculine
Girls grow up to be women only women can have babies
Women are females females are feminine another word for women is ladies
It is good that we have males and females your father is a male your grandfather brother and Uncle are males
Your mother is a female your grandmother sister and Aunt are female me
I am special
Nobody in the world is exactly like I am
They might have the same hair color and eyes that I do but they are not exactly like me I
Am the only person in the world who thinks my thoughts
No, two people in the world are exactly alike it
is good to be your own person it is good to be creative and be
People have to follow the laws and the rule
people should always be kind to others I
Try to follow all the rules. I am kind to others. I am a lot like many other people yet
I am different I
Am like my friend jane, but she has red hair and I have dark hair
She has a loud voice and I have a soft voice
She likes to eat vegetables, and I do not
Jane and I are the same height
We both like movies and we are both afraid of spiders
We wear the same size shoes, and we both have the same favorite color
We are best friends, but sometimes we disagree about things
we are alike in many ways and
Different in many ways if we were all exactly the same the world would be a very
Boring Place I
Am myself and I am glad that I am special
You are special to
Use your own special talent and take the time to meet other people
The world is made up of a lot of different people, and that's what makes life exciting
I cap
I got my cat when she was just a tiny kitten. I named her puff because her fur is soft and fluffy
She has white fur, but her tail paws and ears are black
She has a little pink nose and yellow eyes
She says meow whenever she wants a bowl of milk. I feed her cat food and treats
She washes her face with her paw when she is finished eating
My whole family loves her and we can tell that she loves us
She loves to curl up in our laps
She purrs whenever we pet her
She is very playful
We sometimes roll off a piece of paper and throw it to her. She loves to chase the paper and hit it with her paws
She also chases bugs
Last night she chased a spider, but she was afraid to touch it at night. She curls up in my bed with me
She likes to be warm I have given her a blanket of her own
But when I put her on it her tail twitches her tail twitches whenever she's upset or Angry I
Know she doesn't want to be on her blanket. She wants to be in my bed. I
Let her into my bed, and she falls asleep
purring loudly
My family is very
musical my father plays the guitar
He plays in a band
the Band Plays country music
My mother is a singer in the band
She also plays the piano I
Took the flute in music class at school. I played the flute in the school band
I also sing in the school choir I have a low voice
My sister has a high voice. She is a Soprano at
Home I like to practice the drums but my mother says that it's too loud
Sometimes I play so loudly that I break a drumstick I
practice whenever, she goes out I
Would like to be in a rock band
Some of my friends and I are thinking of starting our own Rock band
My sister is a very good piano player
She has won many awards at music Festivals
She likes to play classical music, but sometimes I get her to play rock music with me
She is also a very good singer I
like to sing with her
We sing in Harmony I?
Listen to Music all The time on The Radio
I know a lot of songs I can sing along with most of the songs that come on the radio I
Memorize The lyrics of the songs
My sister and I sometimes get together and sing our favorite songs
Maybe someday we will start our own rock band, and I will be the drummer
It rains a lot in the spring the trees are full of buds and the flowers are starting to bloom
My favorite spring flowers are tulips and Daffodils
The Birds come back from the south I can always tell that spring is here when I see my first robin of the season
the Robins pull worms from the wet ground
When it isn't raining my friends and I go outside and toss the ball around
We look forward to the summer, but we are glad to get outside after the long winter
The Air smells so fresh in the spring my mother always tells me not to track mud into the house
It's very muddy in our yard in the springtime. I wipe my muddy feet before I go into the house
There are a lot of puddles in my yard
I sometimes splash in the puddles and I get wet and cold so I have to go into the house I
Like it when the snow has melted the rain has stopped and the sun comes out on
Sunny days, I always get together with my friends on
Those days we either ride our bikes or play ball
My parents like to go for walks on spring evenings. They also like to clean up the yard in the spring
Everyone seems to be outside the spring time brings people out of their houses
the birthday party
Yesterday I went to a birthday party
My friend Jane had her 10th birthday
Her house was decorated with balloons and streamers
Her mother had baked a big birthday cake the cake had happy 10th birthday Jane Written on it
There were 10 candles on the cake
Jane Blew out the candles and made a wish I
wonder what she wished for
Your wish won't come true if you tell anyone what it was
we sang happy birthday to you at
the party we played some games I
Won one of the games so I got a prize
We also clam in Jane Swimming pool
Jane opened her gift her gifts were wrapped in Bright paper and bows. She got lots of nice gifts
She got some compact discs some clothes and some computer games
Jane thanked everyone
We ate a lot of food at Jane's party. We had hot dogs
I put mustard and ketchup on my hot dog then we ate cake and ice cream
We had pop to drink. I think I had too much cake and ice cream
I was very full by the time the party was over
We thank Jane and her mother before we all went home. It was a very good party everyone had a good time
I hope Jane had a happy 10th birthday
my classroom
Classroom is a large room
It's full of brightly colored pictures my teacher hangs pictures up all over the walls
There are blackboards at the front of the room my teacher always has writing all over the blackboards
sometimes the chalk squeaks when she writes on the blackboard we cover our ears when that happens our
Classroom is full of desk
There are a lot of students in our class our desks are full of books notebooks and pens
I try to keep my desk neat but I have a lot of things in there
my ruler and pencils are always falling out of my desk at
The back of the room is a bookcase full of books we can sign those books out and take them home to read I
have read a lot of the books I like mysteries and
Biographies, so I have taken many of those home. There are also tables at the back of the room
That's where we do our artwork. We spread out big sheets of paper and use paints or crayons to make pictures
Sometimes we cut things out of magazines with scissors, and we glue pictures to the paper. I like art class
After school my friends and I often erase the blackboards for the teacher
Then we take the erasers outside and clap them together to get the chalk dust out of them
My friends and I walk home together and talk about what we did in school, and what we're going to do after supper
My family and I went on vacation to Lake Huron the water is beautiful and blue there and the sand is nice and white
the week that we were there was very hot the sun was hot but the water was still very cold I
Went swimming and tried to catch little fish in my hands. I was careful not to get sunburned
We stayed at a hotel that had a pool and a game room. I played pinball and video games sometimes I
Like to swim in the hotel pool, but I like the beach better
I would lie on a big beach towel and get warm then I would jump in the water and cool off
Sometimes I would just lie on the sand and watch the waves roll up on Shore I
Found some seashells and saw a crab walking on the sand at
First I was a bit lonely because I didn't know anyone there. It wasn't long before. I met some other kids my age
We built Sandcastles together and swam in the lake
The other kids were from Different towns
So we told each other stories about our schools and friends
We found that we had a lot in common even though we were from different places our
Families got together and went to restaurants together
we played volleyball on the beach, and we sat around the campfire at night and sang songs at
The Campfire we would roast marshmallows on a stick. I always burn my marshmallows
That is ok I like them that way
Mostly we just swam in the lake until we were very tired. I was sorry when our vacation was over
I had a good time at Lake Huron. I met some very good friends there. We still write to each other
Maybe we'll see each other next summer
my House I
Live in a two-story house the bottom of the house is painted white
the upper part of the house is made of Red Brick the Chimney is also made of Red Brick if
You go through the front door and turn right you'll see the living room the living room is very large and comfortable
There are easy chairs
Table and a sofa in there, I like to sit in there and relax
Next to the living room is the dining room?
There are a dining table and chairs in there we use this room whenever we have visitors over for dinner
Beside the dining room is the kitchen the kitchen has a stove and a refrigerator in it
There's also a kitchen table with some benches added most of the time we eat in the kitchen upstairs
There are three bedrooms
My parents bedroom is very big they have a large queen-size bed in there, and there are two closets for their clothes
My room is smaller my room is painted pink
And I have ruffled curtains on the windows from my bedroom window. You can see the front yard
There's a pine tree in the front yard my brother's bedroom is painted blue. He has blinds on the windows
He has a bunk bed in his room
If he has a friend stay over one of them can sleep on the top bunk and the other can sleep on the bottom bunk
You can see the backyard from his bedroom window
There are rose bushes and a picnic table in the backyard there is also a white fence that has a gate in it in
The basement there is a recreation room
This is where we watch television and have friends over to visit the laundry room is also in the basement
There's a washing machine and a dryer in there
Beside our house is a garage
We keep the car in the garage
Whenever the weather is bad our hose is just the right size for our family?
Friends are always welcome at our house
my family
My grandparents are coming to visit us from Calgary, Alberta
My father is very happy because they are his parents, and he's glad that he will see them
We don't see them very often because Calgary is a long way from Toronto
My grandparents have two sons my father and my uncle bill
Uncle Bill is married to my aunt Susan they have a daughter who is my cousin?
My cousin is a lot older than I so we do not have a lot in common
They also have a son who is the same age as me?
He is my favorite cousin because we both like the same television shows and the same games
I have two brothers and one sister my
Brothers are both younger than I they are twins so they have the same birthday
My sister is one year older than I
People say that my sister, and I look alike. We both have blonde hair and blue eyes
My mother's parents lived near us. They are my grandmother and grandfather
Who visit us often my mother does not have any brothers or sisters?
She is an only child. I like it when all my family is together
I don't have a lot of cousins like some people do but I have fun with my relatives
my Uncle will often take my cousin and me to the movies I
Like to take my grandparents for walks so they can see my school and they can meet my friends my parents
Talked to my brothers and my sister and I a lot we are a very close-knit family
People who have close families are very lucky
Once the fall is over and the snowflakes start to fall I get very excited
I can hardly wait for the ground to be covered with a blanket of white snow
I put on my mittens my scarf my hat coat and winter boots and I run out into the fluffy snow I
Have to be careful, not to slip on the ice
It can get very icy and cold in the winter the first thing that I do is to build a snowman
I sometimes build a snow fort too my friends and I have a good snow ball fight
We laugh a lot and our cheeks and noses get very red
When we get too cold we go into the house and have a cup of hot chocolate
My father fills the backyard with water that freezes and turns into an ice rink
When the ice is hard enough my friends and I get our skates and we go out on the ice to play hockey
all of my friends own hockey sticks
I am usually the goalie and I have to keep the puck from going into the net
My sister and her friends don't really like to play hockey. They would rather just skate around on the ice
I took skating lessons
So I don't usually fall down my little brother is just learning to skate, so he falls down a lot
My father has to shovel the snow off the paths and the driveway in the winter. I help him
Shoveling snow is hard work when my dad, and I finished shoveling the driveway
We go into the house and warm our hands and feet in front of the fireplace
There is probably nothing more beautiful than fresh fallen snow on the trees in the morning when the sun Shines on the snow it
Glistens, I like to leave my footprints in the snow
Winter can be very beautiful and exciting
Some people call autumn the fall you can call it either one
Autumn is the time when the leaves change color they change from Green to
Beautiful shades of gold orange and red it looks like an artist has come along and painted all the trees
The air starts to get a little colder in the autumn we begin to wear jackets or sweaters
We go back to school in the autumn the teachers sometimes gets us to make leaf collections
We collect different types of leaves and make a display of them
Autumn is the time when old friends get back together and talk about what they did on their summer vacations
Halloween comes in the autumn. We dress up in costumes some of them are scary and some of them are funny
We go from door to door and say trick or treat and people give us candies
We wear masks on our faces, and we have a lot of fun
The Autumn winds start to blow the wind blows believes right off the trees until the trees have bare branches
My friends, and I have a lot of fun outside before the winter leaves us shivering. We play football and soccer at school after
School we ride our bikes through the piles of dry leaves the leaves go flying through the air as we drive through them
My parents rake the leaves up and put them in a big pile
I like to jump in the big piles of leaves
But then my parents just have to rake them up again
The skies get a little cloudier in the autumn and we know that soon there will be snow
So we enjoy the brisk autumn weather while we can
Yeah, ooh
School is over. We are free for the summer my friends
And I run out on the last day of school into the bright summer sun
We sing a song about no more pencils and no more books
We can hardly wait to do all the summer things that we like to do we go swimming we play baseball
We ride our bikes and we go to the beach
We go on vacations or some of us go to summer camp?
It is just nice to run barefoot through the grass or lie on your back and look up at the clouds
Summer days are lazy days. We don't have to do schoolwork
We listen to the buzzing of the bees. We watch the birds as they fly from tree to tree
We go down to the pond and toss rocks into the water we eat ice cream and we have barbecues
Some of my friends parents have boats so we go for rides in their boats
Some of my friends go to their cottages they have cottages on legs
Some of my friends even have summer jobs
My best friend works at a supermarket
My father pays me to do jobs for him I?
Cut the grass take out the garbage and wash the car. I like to be outside in the sunshine on
Sundays my mother will pack a picnic lunch and we go down to the park
Sometimes we play baseball
There is also a tennis court at the park. I'm a
very good tennis player
My sister just likes to swing on the swings and slide down the slide
We eat our sandwiches and watch out for the ants that always seem to be a picnics
After we have our lunch my sister
And I run off to play with the other children my dad has a nap and my mother reads her book
My skin gets brown from the sun in the summer summer is my favorite season
I like the sounds smells and feelings that come with the summer sun
Summer is a lot of fun. I wish summer could go on forever
the doctor
Didn't feel very well last week. I had a sore throat and a fever
my mother took me to see the doctor when
We got there the nurse took my name and said that the doctor would be with me soon
The doctor was a very nice man in a white jacket
I had seen the doctor before when I had my tonsils out at the hospital the doctor took a light and looked in my ears
He put a stick on my tongue, and he shon his light into my mouth. He looked at my throat
He said that my throat was a bit swollen and red
He felt my neck and said my glands were swollen. He took my temperature and said that it was quite high
He listened to my heart and he made me cough
He asked me some questions
He said he might have to do some tests. He sent me to get some blood taken out of my arm
I was scared
But it didn't really hurt the doctor gave me some pills and told me to take one in the morning and one at night
He told me to drink lots of fluids. He told me to get plenty of sleep
I did exactly what the doctor told me to do it wasn't very long before I was feeling well again
I think that I might like to be a doctor when I grow up
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