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Connecting your Laptop PC to a wireless network gives you the advantage of being able to move
around inside your house, while you remain connected to the internet. In this video,
let us see how to connect your Lenovo PC to an existing wireless network.
Before we begin, make sure your Wireless Router is turned on, and is connected to the internet.
Power up your PC and click the Wi-Fi icon in the System Tray near the clock. You should
now see the list of Wireless networks available for you to connect. Select your wireless network
from the list. If your network is not listed, it is possible that it is a hidden network.
If so, scroll down to select Hidden Network. Check “Connect automatically” if you want
the laptop to automatically connect to this network when it is available. This will ensure
that you need not repeat this process every time. Click Connect. You will be prompted
to enter the Network Name or SSID in the next screen. If your wireless network is secured
and has a security key or a PIN, you may be prompted to enter that. Type the Security
Key and click Next. The first time you connect to a Wireless Network, you may be prompted
to choose if you want to enable sharing. If it is a Home or Personal network, you may
choose to Share files and folders or even printers. But if it is a hot spot or public
network, Do not enable sharing. That’s it, your system should now be connected to the
wireless network. If you are connecting to a hot spot or a wireless network in an airport
etc., you may have to complete the authentication formalities using a web browser. But if it
is your home network, you should be online. Thank you.
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Lenovo Self-Help: How to connect to a wireless network

185 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on November 1, 2017
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