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We're just starting out,
Trying to find that "something",
Bound for lands uncharted
You'll find, once you try,
You might just feel happy,
More than when you started
At times, we're struggling;
Sometimes, we're laughed at and teased
That's alright, there's no way we won't come out okay,
Even if we cry, (just dry your eyes)
And see our future's bright!
Rather than expressing what we dream with words,
Let's leave our impression, and sing it in a song
Because what we're feeling right now,
Don't you feel it's something you'd be singing aloud?
Put our dreams to lyrics, set to melody
Put in our true feelings,
So when we sing, it comes naturally
These emotions taking root in my heart
Are all of our dreams, all our melodies,
All dear and precious to me
So I'm not running away,
Now's the time for me to stay,
To find new horizons with you!
Singing my song for my dream
Singing my song for my dream!
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Yume Kataru Yori Yume Utaou (TV size english cover)

93 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on November 1, 2017
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