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  • Good day. Deadpool is probably one of the better comic characters used in a video game

  • adaptation. Why? Because he's actually different from the base video game character hero norm.

  • He's actually completely bloody insane, but the hilarious kind of insane, not the kind

  • that makes you feel like a bastard for playing the game. Now, Deadpool is basically a character

  • that is kind of like Wolverine, just completely crazy. Even though one could that say Wolverine

  • himself is kind of crazy, but oh well. Essentially, he has a super healing factor that combined

  • with cancer and thus made him really, really ugly. so basically, he's got voices in his

  • head, he's ugly, and he can regenerate all damage. Hmmm. What makes him different from

  • the norm again?

  • Now the game itself ranges from mundane to completely awesome. Now, the cutscenes for

  • the game are really quite good. They showcase just how great a character Deadpool is and

  • can do a variety of things in the game that actually are quite hilarious, like slapping

  • the crap out of Wolverine. And the game just goes with this, cause it knows you don't want

  • to stop, so you just keep slapping and slapping until finally the game lampshades itself.

  • Now the base gameplay for Deadpool is completely industry standard, third person hack 'n slash,

  • BUT here is the main difference between this game and a lot of the other hack 'n slash

  • games out there: It, like Space Marine, allows you to switch between ranged and melee combat.

  • Now this game can be played entirely like a third person shooter and you just duel wield

  • machine guns and pistols and shoot all the enemies you see. Or you can just go the hack

  • 'n slash route if you want to be boring and just slice everyone up. Both are viable methods,

  • although there are times where you will have to mix it up a bit and use a little bit of

  • hacking and slashing and a little bit of shooting. For me, I like to just shoot everything. why?

  • Cause it's a lot easier than using the bloody combos and things of that nature. I am not

  • really a fan of hack 'n slash games. Never could really get into it, but I do like going

  • around and shooting various mooks here and there.

  • Graphically, the game looks really quite good. It looks current gen, blah blah blah blah

  • blah, every game these days has pretty much good graphics, except for the ones that don't,

  • and those we don't like to discuss around these parts.

  • Now in addition to all the other basic third person hack 'n slash elements, the game also

  • has... upgrades! And you can get them by collecting Deadpool points. And the game thankfully lampshades

  • this, as well, by saying it makes no sense that you could increase your abilities by

  • collecting little spinning tokens. You could of course get new moves, new weapons, all

  • the same stuff we've seen before.

  • Now what we're looking at here is the PC version of Deadpool and the controls are absolutely

  • perfect. Now you might think a third person hack 'n slash game might require a controller,

  • but when optimized appropriately, you don't actually need said controller to play the

  • game smoothly and accurately. The keyboard is mapped fairly well and everything is easy

  • to reach. Although the 'Counter' key is B, and it can be sometimes difficult to actually

  • get to it in time to pull off a counter.

  • In the end, Deadpool is a great game. Highmoon Studios did a great job bringing Deadpool

  • to the video game realm. It's got good gameplay, if a bit basic, it's got an excellent story

  • that is absolutely hilarious... overall, the game just has a sense of fun that's not really

  • seen in many games today. And so, this is Jon, signing off.

Good day. Deadpool is probably one of the better comic characters used in a video game

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