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  • My name's Patrick Andrews.

  • I'm a distance tutor.

  • I work in English for academic purposes

  • and English for business English.

  • There are two kinds of audio-visual material

  • that students may encounter.

  • One is video material that is part of the course.

  • The second kind is

  • an online tutorial where students

  • talk to their tutors and fellow students.

  • Students may want to watch video

  • for various purposes.

  • One is to learn language that is

  • specific to their subject

  • and to extract information about their subject.

  • A second reason is that

  • they may want to watch videos

  • for a good example that

  • they can follow when they are talking

  • themselves.

  • A student should think about

  • why they are watching.

  • Are they watching to get particular

  • information that may be helpful

  • for them in writing they're going to do or

  • particular information that will be helpful

  • for them in giving a presentation?

  • One strategy is to think about

  • what they already know beforehand,

  • because the AV will be related

  • to what they'd studied before.

  • A second possibility is to

  • divide the video into shorter extracts,

  • so watch a little bit at a time.

  • Watch out for those words

  • that are said more slowly

  • and louder.

  • A third possibility

  • is to look at a transcript.

  • The notes can be very useful

  • for you in your later studies,

  • either for writing an essay

  • or for doing an exam or for giving a presentation.

  • A second reason is

  • that it helps you to focus

  • on the main points.

  • A third reason is that

  • you can compare your notes with the notes

  • that other people have taken

  • so you can have some sort of discussion

  • about -

  • about what you've heard.

  • Students need to prepare

  • two kinds of language

  • for an online tutorial.

  • One of these is the

  • specific language related

  • to the topic that's going to be covered.

  • The second is the kind

  • of language that is involved

  • in communicating effectively

  • within the tutorial,

  • so the words

  • like "This must be because…"

  • "I think it's this because…"

  • "Is this possible?"

  • "Why do you think that?"

  • "What about doing this?"

  • Go the distance.

My name's Patrick Andrews.

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