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  • Sarah thought she'd met the perfect man.

  • Aw, that's a cute photo of us.

  • Let me tag you.

  • -But what she got... -Oh, I'm not on Facebook. -was the perfect nightmare.

  • What?

  • Yeah, no, I'm not on any social media.

  • What the...

  • -Uh, this can't be happening. -Oh, I'm not on Facebook. -I can't find him anywhere. -Yeah, no, i'm not on any social media.

  • How am I supposed to find the pages of his ex?

  • So, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook - he's not on anything?

  • What, I don't, what, how does he send you a dick pic?

  • He doesn't.

  • I've only ever seen his dick... in person.

  • Oh my God!

  • I don't know what to do.

  • But I took a great picture of my boobs earlier, and I had no one to send it to.

  • It's gonna be okay.

  • Is it? Is it?

  • They don't know what he did last summer, because it's not on Facebook.

  • He is untraceable.

  • He's completely off the grid.

  • A ghost if you will.

  • He's not on Insta, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

  • And if you think he's on Snapmap, you're crazy.

  • I mean, the man has no digital footprint.

  • He's never even had on Myspace.

  • Who is he?

  • -I don't know. -Oh, I'm not on Facebook. Yeah, no, I'm not on any social media.

  • You know, when you have like an opinion on something, how do you voice it?

  • Well I suppose, I just tell it to the nearest person.

  • What is this?

  • I think it's an actual photo album.

  • Where is the comment section?

  • How does he know if people like them?

  • Oh my God, none of the photos have filters on them.

  • Get out of there, Sarah.

  • Get out of there now!

  • (inaudible) Sarah, clearly, he is cat-fishing you.

  • No.

  • In reverse.

  • Christ, Sarah, do you even know what he had for lunch today?

  • No, never gonna know.

  • Unless I ask him.

  • Think about it, if you can't tag him, does he even exist?

  • Hi, guys.

  • Okay, yeah, he exists.

  • Yeah, yeah, he's there.

  • Anti Social.

  • Coming soon to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, Myspace, Bebo, Linkedin, Foursqaure, Flickr, Periscope, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Viber, Reddit,, and even Google Plus

Sarah thought she'd met the perfect man.

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Anti Social - A Modern Dating Horror Story | Comic Relief Originals

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    Crystal Wu posted on 2020/07/18
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